A Week Without

Patience was not a virtue that Jacinta held too strongly but this week she had tested herself to the limits. The impending weekend was one she had promised herself to wait for. It was only Wednesday afternoon and she was daydreaming at her desk, thoughts floating through her head about the plans she had made for herself. An entire week without masturbation. She had last cum the previous Sunday, twice she had played with herself in the hopes of making it through the week.

She had become bored of her usual bedtime ritual, the routine was leaving her unfulfilled. Each night she would shower off the day’s grime, she would remove her makeup, brush out her long hair, strip off her pyjamas and climb into bed. She would reach over to her nightstand next to the bed, open the top drawer and pull out her trusty vibrator. Each night was the same, the vibrator would be placed firmly on her clit and she would ramp up the power until she had cum. Each orgasm was much like the previous, they raised her heartbeat, they got her wet, but they left her wanting something more. Something intangible and hard to describe.

Months it went on for, each night an unfulfilling orgasm, each night wanting more but never getting it. One day she had been having coffee with the girls when she confided to them that she was having trouble in the bedroom. All sorts of suggestions came out from getting a new man, to trying a different vibrator, to watching porn at the same time. Then her friend Jessica made a wholly unique suggestion.
“Don’t masturbate for a whole week. No touching, no rubbing, nothing. The release will be exquisite.”
Jessica assured all the girls that the best way to get an intense orgasm is to deprive yourself of any release for a couple of days.

So here she was, sitting at her desk in the small IT office where she worked trying her hardest to not think about anything sexual. It was Wednesday, only two nights without orgasm, and already she was feeling as horny as a teenager. Snapping out of her daze again she realised that she had spent the last half hour or so picturing one of her co-workers in a sexually compromising position. Somehow the pent up energy in her body had led her to picturing Jason, a handsome man with broad shoulders, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a chiselled jaw, standing before her naked, his erect cock in her eager mouth as she used one hand to squeeze and grope her breasts while the other was between her legs, spreading her lips while her middle finger danced inside. She could almost feel his hands on her head as he had held her while he thrust himself in and out of her mouth until he had cum. She had snapped out of it just as the first spurt of milky white cream had splashed onto her outstretched tongue, she’d been on the verge of orgasm but it was not to be. As horny as her daydream had made her, she had promised not to touch herself.

She needed a walk to clear her head. As she left her desk she looked at the chair, was that a damp patch on the seat? It couldn’t be, could it? As she walked away her thighs felt slick, ducking off to the bathrooms she was surprised to find just how wet she was. Jacinta’s own mental stimulation had soaked her panties and had made her thighs damp with arousal. She quickly grabbed some toilet paper and dried herself off as best she could before practically running from the building to stand in the sun outside. The cool air breezed over her body as she began to calm down.

An hour later she returned to the office, her walk had refreshed her and she was focused again on the task at hand. She only had four more sleeps until her date with her orgasm.

Thursday passed in much the same fashion as Wednesday had, she had found herself daydreaming about Jason again, his face planted firmly between her legs, her thighs on either side of his manly head as he ate her pussy with pure abandon, she was again forced to dry herself off before going for another mid-afternoon walk to get her through the day. Friday, normally a day to celebrate as it meant no more work for the week was less than exciting. She wouldn’t be at work tomorrow but at the same time, being at work helped her control the almost insatiable urge to snake a hand down her front, between her legs, and to rub at her continually aroused pussy.

Jacinta’s dreams on Friday night were pure torture. Flashes of scenes popped through her head, one moment she was on all fours, Jason behind her, his cock buried deep in her pussy, one hand wrapped firmly around her ponytail, the other gripping her hip as he forced himself in and out of her, the next moment she was on her knees as a dozen men all stood around her, stroking their tumescent poles, all vying for her attention as she spun around and around. All the time she felt a fire in her belly, she needed the sweet sensation of her fingers on her inflamed flesh or the energetic buzz of her slim vibrator on her hardened clitoris. She awoke in the morning, covered in sweat and her own lubrication, her sheets stinking of sex, but her body unfulfilled.

Jacinta got more chores done on that Saturday than in the previous 3 months combined. Such a state she was in, she needed to distract herself from any thoughts of sex. She had only one night to go before she could let herself tip over the edge.

Saturday night Jacinta was on edge, she had completed all her chores and only had the TV to distract her. Flicking channels found a documentary show on wildlife, something safe that would help her through the night. Less than 15 minutes in and the host was narrating the mating cycles of the animals shown on screen, instantly her thoughts went to her own mating cycle and the pleasure that was to come. Exasperated Jacinta turned off the TV, threw the remote on the couch and took off for bed. It was just after 9 pm when she crawled into bed, she had a glass of red wine and her favourite book. A book she knew contained no hanky panky.

Jacinta’s sleep was better than the previous night but she was still tormented with sexual imagery. Her arousal levels on Sunday morning were at an all time high. However, unlike previous mornings, today she could indulge herself. As she awoke with the sun peeking in through the blinds, she threw back the covers on her bed to expose her warm air to the cool morning air. Instantly her exposed nipples hardened, both from the change in temperature and from the thoughts that now filled her wakeful mind. The urge to reach over and grab her vibrator was strong but a sudden thought took hold. Instead she ran her hands down her body, feeling her round breasts, the firm flesh supporting her pointed nipples, a shiver going through her body as the palms of her hands pressed over her erogenous zone. Lower still she ran, feeling her stomach rise and fall as she breathed deeply. Even lower until her hands brushed through the downy soft hair above her aching pussy.

First one, then two fingers slide down her body, her firm clitoris is ready to be touched, shiny from her own lubrication as she continues to slide down, feeling her own lips, already engorged and parting in preparation for sex. Dipping one finger inside, she is wetter than she can ever remember. Returning her focus to her clit, she rubs a finger on either side of her sensitive button, up and down, as slowly as she can stand. The electric charge sends spasms out through her body, her legs twitch, her arms, she feels herself getting light headed as she continues the slow pleasuring of herself.

Jacinta picks up the tempo as with one hand she massages her own breasts, her nipples hard between her fingers as she gently rolls them around, occasionally pulling, like a man would. Her other hand, fingers already slick, slides faster and faster over her clit. She can feel a wave building inside her as she works herself towards her release. She needs something inside her, she takes a quick break to get out her vibrator. Without turning it on she slides it into her pussy, with her left hand she holds it inside, with her right she resumes stimulating her clit. The feeling of being filled and stimulated drives her closer to her orgasm. She feels the wave reaching its crescendo. It starts in her legs, a jittery sensation washes down over her thighs, over her knees and down to her feet before bouncing back up, stronger and stronger her muscles twitch and spasm. The sensation has also spread north, a warm feeling radiating from her belly, her breasts are tingly, her arms twitchy, her breathing short and sharp. The sensation bounces from her hands and her head back down her torso, coursing through her body, both waves of excitement meet squarely between her legs. She grunts as the explosion hits her body, she tries her best to keep her finger on her own clit but she is thrashing around harder than she’s done before. The vibrator is expelled violently as the muscles in her vagina clamp and release and clamp down again as her orgasm tears through her body. She feels breathless, her lungs won’t take in more air as she has lost complete control of herself, she grunts, she moans, she yells out in ecstasy as she finally gets the release that she promised herself a week ago.

As her body regains control, as the waves of pleasure ebb and flow through her body, she takes in a deep breath. In the quiet contemplation of her post-orgasmic bliss she promises herself another week without. She can make it another week knowing that her Sunday morning will be dedicated to staying in bed and finding nirvana between her legs.

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