It Started Against the Wall

How it started has always eluded me but the memories of last night will be burned in my brain for the rest of my life. I would never have thought a game of Dungeons and Dragons would have led to my waking up in a different bed with two people next to me.

Yesterday started off innocently enough with an invite from my friend Anna to her house with her D&D clan. They were looking for some new blood and I was keen to get out of the house and meet new people. When I arrived we headed to the lounge room to await the last arrivals, I mingled with new people feeling slightly out of place, I was the new guy in a crowd of five people that had been playing together for months. I also stuck out like a sore thumb, I towered over the others and my sheer bulk made them look like small waifs, even the sole gentleman there looked innocently feminine next to me, his long silken hair contrasting against his soft creamy skin. My first impressions of the group proved true, they all worked office jobs with little to no physically demanding outside work at all. My own career had led me to working outside and loading and unloading industrial gear had caused me to muscle up.

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Making New Friends

I’d made a new friend on the internet. I had been looking for someone who was up for the occasional guys night, two or three guys, beer, snacks, and.. well… porn. You see, I’m happily married to the woman of my dreams but I am bisexual, an interesting predicament in a monogamous situation. Knowing my bi tendencies, I’d been allowed a porn buddy in the past, we would catch up occasionally, put some porn on, jerk each other off, the occasional blowjob. You know, guy stuff. But then he got a new partner and she was not keen on sharing.

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Double Surprise

Your girlfriend had bought us both a new sex toy, it was a buttplug with a cock and ball ring attached to it. She knew that we have our porn nights, our little escape from our heterosexuality so she thought she would surprise us with matching toys. It turned out that she was the surprised one when she came home early and found us nude on the couch. Continue reading “Double Surprise”

Letters Home

I’ve been away for so long, posted to this remote corner of the world for my research thesis. I miss you Tim, and our new girlfriend, I hope I can inspire you to some naughty fun with my words.

I want you to think about your ass filled with our favourite buttplug, your cock wrapped up tightly by a cock ring, me wearing the same thing. Our legs are entwined, my right leg over your left, your right leg over my left, our cocks together pressed together, shaft rubbing against shaft as Katie pulls and pushes on the buttplugs inside us, her tongue running over both of us, trying to take us in her mouth at the same time, causing us to twitch and shiver as she sucks on the heads of our leaking cocks. Her pussy is soaked as she plays with us, two firm cocks in her hands. As she strokes and licks us we both reach behind her and slip our fingers in and out of her. Both holes accept our slippery digits, she moans loudly on our cocks as we play with her labia, engorged and hot with her arousal.

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A Honey Covered Treat

For this story I was given a challenge. It had to be a scene that included handcuffs, a zucchini smeared with honey, and a blindfold. There must be three totally naked people and one must have a multiple orgasm.

Here is what I came up with.

Jessica had been walking around the Fruit Market for some time, contemplating the various phallic objects available for purchase.  Her thoughts drifted to the naked and helpless husband she had locked to the four poster bed with her handcuffs that she had left at home. He was in for a surprise when she found a suitable vegetable. She was in a state of great arousal as she paced the aisles, her thighs were damp as her nectar oozed from her inflamed pussy. Pausing before the zucchinis she moaned as a throb of excitement crashed over her body, she knew this would be the object that would suit her purpose. Gathering up three of various sizes she headed towards the checkout, collecting a jar of honey on the way. If only the checkout chick knew of her plans.

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