Beach Borne Freedom

Under the deep shade of the pandanus trees I sat, watching the waves rolling in, their constant roar drowning out my daily worries. The cool breeze was blowing onshore, the salty wind cooling my skin. I was nude and completely at one with the sea.

There were others at the beach, all in their own shady spots sheltering from the midday sun. Bodies in every wondrous shape and size. The Old man with leathery skin, the results of a few score years of bare exposure to the sun, his partner as well, though not as thick skinned showed her experience of being nude more often than clothed. Muscled men with shiny Brown skin, drenched in tanning oil as if to attract a mate, male or female I could not tell. A timid young woman, barely in her 20s walked the beach, her breasts thrust forward as if daring people to look, her first time nude perhaps judging on her pink cheeks.

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The Initiate

Available now, The Initiate is my first stand alone story to be published in eBook and paperback. You can order it now from all your favourite book stores.

 Jacinta has found her sex life has dwindled to nothing, her nights alone are unfulfilling and she turns to her friends for help. A naughty suggestion from Jessica leads down a path of masturbation denial, crazy fantasies, and an office dalliance. Has Jacinta bitten off more than she can chew?

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Let’s talk about Sex

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen multiple discussions in the media regarding sex education for children. There were news articles on websites, documentary style shows on TV, and it was even mentioned on a “news” show called “The Project”. And in each one I am amazed to learn that parents have this fear of talking to their children about sex. On “The Project” one of the guest hosts, Fifi Box, mentioned that she didn’t know what to call her, “down there” area to which Carrie Bickmore said, “vagina”.

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The IVF Series

I am currently going through one of the hardest parts of my life as my wife and I are experiencing the ups and downs of IVF. I am predominately an erotic writer but I feel that I need to share our experiences in the hopes that others who are also going through IVF can learn from what we have gone through. This is also for those people who have never had to feel the heart wrenching emotions of IVF but maybe they know someone who is going through it.

I can’t promise that there will be regular posts on this topic but I will be posting them all under the IVF Series.

Making a Decision

This started off as an article written for a publication regarding major life decisions and how they affected one’s life. After submitting it I then went to edit it again and found more and more words flowing and since the content posted here was not restricted to the publication limits I could make it more explicit.
In the article it revolved around a theme. “What one big decision did you make in your life and how did you get to it?”

I consider myself to be a computer focused nerd with tendencies towards heavy metal and living large. I’ve been told I’m an outrageously confident person who doesn’t back down from any situation. This is mostly bluster as I can feel quite shy sometimes. A staunch agnostic, I question everyone’s belief structure, including the radical atheists. I am a naturally curious person who has to investigate everything, Wikipedia and Google are close friends of mine. I am also the one friend that every group has that has an ability to make everything sexual. I actually think everyone else makes it sexual but uses me as a scapegoat as I am more open about sex. Currently married with plans to have children soon, I have recently become god-father to close friend’s son. Growing up in a Defence Force family I have moved around the country quite a bit, my home territory ranges from Far North Queensland to Tasmania. Have spent the past 15 years living in Sydney in both family homes and out on my own.

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Bright Desire

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to be granted access to a paid porn site unlike any other porn site that I have ever encountered. Run by a sex loving woman, you can feel the welcoming nature of the content to those of us who are less into the traditional straight porn scene.

Bright Desire is a celebration of sex. It’s a deliberate attempt to show all the good stuff that we love about sex – intimacy, laughter, connection and real pleasure. It’s also about enhancing and exploring fantasy because our brains are just as important to our sex lives as our genitals. I want to making “thinking porn” – erotic material that engages your mind as well as your heart and your libido.

That quote is direct from the About page at Bright Desire, it is an admirable goal for any decent pornographer to have. All to often porn is focused solely on the money shot, that final expression of male sexuality, the cum shot. And while you will see a cum shot or two on Bright Desire, it is more about the journey to that cum shot.

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