Watching Her Play

I’ve been a writer of smut for a while now, its almost therapeutic for me to get my saucy ideas down on paper and I take inspiration from everywhere so when a friend of mine gave me an idea my imagination built on it and it grew and grew. Once I had finished it I showed it to my friend. Nicky is a new friend, I’ve only known her a few months, and I was as surprised as she was to discover the source for a new story coming from her. She’s fairly conservative you see. So I wrote a story, I thought it was pretty hot in a romantic kind of way and once I had finished it I sent her a copy, never expecting her to read it.

The day after I had sent it to her I had need to swing by her house to pick something up for an unrelated matter, I’d told her I would be around some time in the afternoon and if she went out she could leave it on the front step. As I approached the front door I saw the package on the steps, assuming she had gone out I knelt down to pick it up. With my hands around the package I readied myself to lift it and as I did I looked up, my gaze peering through the open blinds of the front window. And as I gazed it took me a moment to realise that I could see Nicky on the couch in her living room, she had her phone in one hand, obviously viewing something on the screen but it was the location of her other hand that took my breath away. It was the unmistakable positioning of her arm that informed me that her other hand was firmly and vigorously moving between her legs.

I stopped, frozen to the spot by the intrusion into her self pleasure. I felt embarrassed at catching someone in so intimate a moment, I also felt shame at my overwhelming desire to continue watching. Her hand was hidden beneath her skirt, her legs parted slightly as her arm slipped beneath the waistband, the pale green material giving some modesty to her lewd act. My eyes travelled over her body, the taboo of spying upon her drowning out the voice in my head telling me it was wrong to watch her, thoughts of leaving overpowered by thoughts of warm flesh, firm breasts, wet lips and other such erotic compulsions. 

She continued to play, her eyes glued to her phone as she stood for a moment, one hand pulling her skirt down to join her panties, already around her ankles. Sitting back down again she resumed her playing, her legs spreading wider, and this time I could see it all. Her thighs opening and closing as her fingers slid over glistening lips, red and engorged, the occasional dip of two of her fingers between her lips, pushing inside herself, her body lifting off of the couch as she reached deep inside herself before slumping down as she withdrew and circled her clit, so hardened with excitement that I could see through the window. As she repeated this motion her movements grew faster, her face grew flushed as she plunged her fingers into her wanton pussy, my breathing increased in speed along with hers as I watched, helplessly caught in this moment. I shifted my weight as I continued to watch, my engorged cock throbbing in my pants as I watched her. I ached to pull it out but I couldn’t, not at the front door of her house. 

She was close, I could tell that even from my distant vantage point. She had abandoned the phone, one hand still plunging between her thighs, the other now free she pulled her blouse open and started to massage her own firm breasts, no bra to constrain her access she pulled and played with her nipples, hard and visible against the pink areola surmounting the milky white skin of her perky breasts. Her lower hand a blur of movement as she fingered and rubbed herself closer and closer to orgasm, her back arching, her face red and shiny with sweat, my own breath racing as fast as my heart was beating in my chest. Shifting my weight again I stumbled forward, my head clanging against the window. The noise stark in my ears, I watched as her eyes caught mine as she hit her peak. Three fingers buried in her clenching pussy as she watched me watching her cum, her sweet nectar running down her thighs as my cock throbbed in my pants, a torrent of precum flowing forth from the head to soak my clothing as she locked my gaze with hers. Her body twitched and moved around as her fingers coaxed the last tremor of pleasure from her body as I knelt at her window, caught like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck, the thrill of being caught watching such an intimate act pushing my excruciatingly teased cock over the edge, spurt after spurt of cum rocketing forth to fill my constricting underwear.

Finally averting my eyes I stay kneeling as I sense in my peripheral vision her movement towards the door, the click of the latch announcing her presence. A mumbled apology is laughed off as she tells me she was reading the story I had written and she was not perturbed by my unannounced enjoyment of the aforementioned story.

I quickly collected the parcel, stood and turned to hide the growing wet patch on my pants before she could notice. Bidding her adieu I guilty slunk away, my mind filled with images of her body and the thoughts of more stories to write.


“Hello?” Picking up the phone Owen answered the unknown number as he roused himself from his slumber.
“Hi, yeah, you might not remember me, it’s Nicky from school”, a feminine voice stammered out.
“Oh yeah, I remember, what’s happening?”
“Would you like to get a coffee some time, catch up on old times?” Nicky asked him.
Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he glanced at his bedside clock, it was late enough in the morning for coffee.
“Sure, I can meet you around the corner in an hour”, he replied.
“Great”, she said with flustered enthusiasm.
Hanging up the phone Owen considered this event. He hadn’t seen Nicky for years, not since shortly after high school. They’d kept in touch sporadically via social media, updating each other on life achievements, new jobs, marriages, even his own divorce but they had not seen each other for years.

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Making New Friends

I’d made a new friend on the internet. I had been looking for someone who was up for the occasional guys night, two or three guys, beer, snacks, and.. well… porn. You see, I’m happily married to the woman of my dreams but I am bisexual, an interesting predicament in a monogamous situation. Knowing my bi tendencies, I’d been allowed a porn buddy in the past, we would catch up occasionally, put some porn on, jerk each other off, the occasional blowjob. You know, guy stuff. But then he got a new partner and she was not keen on sharing.

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Standing Up Meal

I’m picturing us in your room, I’m taking off your clothes, first I pull your shirt over your head, then pull your pants down, reaching around and unclasping your bra, feeling your breasts fall free against my chest. Pulling the bra free and stepping back I take in your body before dropping to my knees, hooking my fingers into your panties, sliding them all the way down your legs before running my hands back up the insides, parting them far enough for me to run my tongue along your moist slit and then using my fingers to spread your lips so that i can encircle your clit with my mouth.

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Picturing You

“I’m picturing it..”

It being you playing with your dildo

“And what else?”

I am seeing you on your bed, your face flushed, your nipples hard and pointing through your nightie, pulled up the slightest amount to allow your hand access between your legs. I can just imagine how wet your lips are as they part to allow your dildo access to your tight, wet, pussy.

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Together at Last

You feel his arms around your shoulders, your head rests on his chest, listening to his heart beating. The warmth of your embrace keeping you cozy. One hand resting in his lap, the other behind him as you embrace him. His hand on your hip, the other caressing your head. Occasionally he leans down to kiss your head, he whispers sweet nothings to you between kisses. The deep murmuring thumping through his chest.

The TV you are both watching is turned down low, it’s a romance film, the title you’re not sure of but it’s a gentle distraction from the thoughts running through your head. Could it be real? Sitting here with the man of your dreams, finally he is yours. Years of torment for both of you, unhappiness experienced from dwindling marriages, the strength you got from this man sustained you. And now he’s yours, whispering his love to you right now. Continue reading “Together at Last”

First Date

This is a collaboration story that I wrote with a friend of mine, Adelyn Diamond, who is new to the erotica scene. I initially wrote the story based on a late night conversation which she then edited to insert her own flavour. I then went through it again, added a couple of final details and here we are. We both hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it.

I’ve been looking forward to this date for months. We’ve both just come out of rough relationships and the support we got from each other is all that got me through. There’d always been a strong sexual attraction between us, ever since we first met at work years ago, yet I wasn’t one to admit it in its entirety until much later in our friendship. His marriage was hard, and not fair to him, but I wanted to continue to be there for him. Mine was just dwindling away and I was unsure of what to do, he was there to pick up the pieces when I finally made that hard decision. Now, with two separations complete, a new relationship can begin – though I have to admit, after fifteen years in my last relationship, I was a little nervous. Continue reading “First Date”

Nudism Gets Naughty

I had worked with her years ago in a part time job, we’d both work the same late night shifts, the ones where it was quiet enough to have many long conversations about anything and everything. There’d been some attraction, when you spend five hours a night working side by side someone you inevitably do. We’d never acted on it though. Fast forward ten years, we’re no longer working together and we haven’t seen each other for years. Our only source of contact was the phone. Texts and the occasional phone call. I can’t remember who suggested it but when we’d run out of things to talk about, one of us suggested truth or dare. An interesting game to play via text, it was almost always truth. The questions started off tame but then they became more risque. We learned more about each other’s sexual likes and dislikes than I ever thought possible. Continue reading “Nudism Gets Naughty”

Eating Out

I’d known her for a while, a friend of a friend kind of situation. We’d never really run in the same circles but recent change in employment had resulted in more communication via online mediums. We’d talk on and off about various topics, all staying safe and above board until one fateful night when a couple of beers on my end loosened my fingers until I disclosed some more intimate details. That conversation revealed that my friend hadn’t had her pussy eaten in more than five years. My heart went out for her but cock snapped to attention.

I never thought it would progress beyond my overstimulated imagination until the next social gathering. Catching up face to face, the memory of our conversation shot through my brain. I’d never really noticed the way she carried herself before, confident and strong, her short stature belied a strength of character few could dismiss. Her auburn, shoulder length hair framed her pale face, brown eyes full of mischief always looking for trouble. Her hips were wide and her waist small, her large breasts completed her hourglass figure perfectly.

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Double Surprise

Your girlfriend had bought us both a new sex toy, it was a buttplug with a cock and ball ring attached to it. She knew that we have our porn nights, our little escape from our heterosexuality so she thought she would surprise us with matching toys. It turned out that she was the surprised one when she came home early and found us nude on the couch. Continue reading “Double Surprise”