Making a Decision

This started off as an article written for a publication regarding major life decisions and how they affected one’s life. After submitting it I then went to edit it again and found more and more words flowing and since the content posted here was not restricted to the publication limits I could make it more explicit.
In the article it revolved around a theme. “What one big decision did you make in your life and how did you get to it?”

I consider myself to be a computer focused nerd with tendencies towards heavy metal and living large. I’ve been told I’m an outrageously confident person who doesn’t back down from any situation. This is mostly bluster as I can feel quite shy sometimes. A staunch agnostic, I question everyone’s belief structure, including the radical atheists. I am a naturally curious person who has to investigate everything, Wikipedia and Google are close friends of mine. I am also the one friend that every group has that has an ability to make everything sexual. I actually think everyone else makes it sexual but uses me as a scapegoat as I am more open about sex. Currently married with plans to have children soon, I have recently become god-father to close friend’s son. Growing up in a Defence Force family I have moved around the country quite a bit, my home territory ranges from Far North Queensland to Tasmania. Have spent the past 15 years living in Sydney in both family homes and out on my own.

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