Eating Out

I’d known her for a while, a friend of a friend kind of situation. We’d never really run in the same circles but recent change in employment had resulted in more communication via online mediums. We’d talk on and off about various topics, all staying safe and above board until one fateful night when a couple of beers on my end loosened my fingers until I disclosed some more intimate details. That conversation revealed that my friend hadn’t had her pussy eaten in more than five years. My heart went out for her but cock snapped to attention.

I never thought it would progress beyond my overstimulated imagination until the next social gathering. Catching up face to face, the memory of our conversation shot through my brain. I’d never really noticed the way she carried herself before, confident and strong, her short stature belied a strength of character few could dismiss. Her auburn, shoulder length hair framed her pale face, brown eyes full of mischief always looking for trouble. Her hips were wide and her waist small, her large breasts completed her hourglass figure perfectly.

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Double Surprise

Your girlfriend had bought us both a new sex toy, it was a buttplug with a cock and ball ring attached to it. She knew that we have our porn nights, our little escape from our heterosexuality so she thought she would surprise us with matching toys. It turned out that she was the surprised one when she came home early and found us nude on the couch. Continue reading “Double Surprise”

Fireman Fuck

Just a quick one based on a suggestion from a friend.

Lisa had no idea where she was or what was happening but as she woke up she knew one thing, it was very hard to breathe. It felt like there were two hands around her neck, squeezing and pulling her around. She also felt like her sex was on fire, as she regained consciousness she became aware of someone with her, someone pinning her down. And that someone was inside her, spreading her apart. Opening her eyes she sees someone wearing a helmet, his face contorted in pleasurable pain, he’s breathing hard. She can smell smoke, the heat of a fire, is it her house? The last thing she remembers is falling asleep in her own bed but now it looks like she is in her backyard, flames tearing through her house as she struggles to breathe whilst being fucked. She reaches a hand out to the man inside her, he looks at her with burning lust in his eyes. He chokes her again, the spots forming in her vision as he sinks himself to the hilt in her pussy. How long has he been fucking her like this in her own backyard?

He loosens his grip again and she breathes deeply, she should be outraged but instead her body is willing her to enjoy this. She hasn’t had a man for a few months and now a fireman is ravaging her body, her knickers have been torn down her legs, still hooked around one ankle, her nightie has been hiked up to allow him free access to her wet cunt. He’s sliding in and out of her, his thick cock stretching her out as he pushes into her. His hands are on her throat, his face grimaces in pleasure as he chokes her, he sees her fear as she can’t breathe and he increases his tempo, her breasts bouncing in her nightie as he pounds her body. When he relaxes his grip he slows down, the lack of oxygen and the impressive girth are pushing her to orgasm.

The roof of her house crashes in, collapsing under its own weight as the fire eats through the support beams. As it crashes his beam feels like it is on fire inside her pussy, no longer caring about how or why but instead intent on making this man, this beast of a man, making him cum inside her. She needs to feel his cum coating her insides. She moans now as he fucks her, a total stranger, a fireman, his body covered in sweat. She’s close, she can feel it.
She begs him, “Please, cum inside me, I need you to put out this fire with your thick hose”.
He grunts, his hands once again close around her neck, he pushes her down into the dirt as he looms above her, massive muscled arms, a six pack that goes on and on, and a tight ass, all pistoning in and out of her. Just as she starts to lose consciousness again he cums. His eruption deep inside triggers her own release. He holds still, the cum boiling up from his balls, it pulses through his dick and sprays forth from the purpled head of his cock. She can feel him pumping inside her, the walls of her vagina suddenly whitewashed as he unloads his heavy balls inside her willing cunt. She screams, as best she can with his hands on her throat, as he thrusts in and out of her, each thrust driving more of his seed deep into her, his guttural groaning driving her own orgasm on. All she can do is convulse as he continues to fuck her, five, six, seven shots of cum and he starts to come down from his orgasm. Completely spent he pulls back, his cock pulling free from her well fucked cunt with a slop sound, a gush of semen rushes forth from her, spilling down between her asscheeks to pool on the ground below her.

He stands up, zips his pants back up and picks her up, his cum running down her thighs as he carries her to his fire truck. He offers her first aid as other firefighters arrive to help put out the blaze. Little do they know that a fire of passion has been started between her legs and water alone will not put it out.

The Initiate

Available now, The Initiate is my first stand alone story to be published in eBook and paperback. You can order it now from all your favourite book stores.

 Jacinta has found her sex life has dwindled to nothing, her nights alone are unfulfilling and she turns to her friends for help. A naughty suggestion from Jessica leads down a path of masturbation denial, crazy fantasies, and an office dalliance. Has Jacinta bitten off more than she can chew?

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Babydoll Part 2

This is part two of the Babydoll challenge series. I am still working on a name for this series, Babydoll simply refers to the challenger. I’m starting to develop some supernatural themes in this series, my imagination is taking us on a wild ride so lets see where we end up.

If you’ve not read it yet, you should check out Babydoll first.

Sarina had had a lonely childhood. The sole daughter of a county judge in Gwent she’d not wanted for anything but friendship. Unfortunately social media and easy friendship were 400 years away. Her father was a strict, religious man. The term sober as a judge was coined from men like him. Sadly for Sarina his sobriety included emotions. Being in the upper echelons of society meant that Sarina was often confined to the manor house, visitors her own age were few and far between.

Having spent her youth indoors Sarina was a pale girl with white skin like pure china, under-developed muscles gave her almost a ghostly appearance. Her love of reading alone in silence had formed in her a desire to be quiet in her movement, she often startled the house-staff with her almost ballerina gracefulness when moving about the house. She was tall for a girl, nearing 6 feet but she was slender, her height only exaggerated her small bosom and slender body. She had eyes of the purest blue, when she looked at you it felt like she was looking into you at your very self.

It was not until she had reached the age of twenty that she was permitted to venture from the manor grounds, albeit with a chaperon to care for her purity. Given her confinement at home she had mastered many sewing disciplines and it was a passion of hers. On her journeys into the world she often went directly to the houses of various sewing artisans to learn more. There was one particular artisan, a mysterious woman by the name of Melissa, whom she often visited. Melissa was welcoming of Sarina, they would spend hours together stitching and weaving thread and cloth, creating such fashions that would be the top of the town in bigger cities like London and Oxford.

After some time the two set up a permanent arrangement, twice a week Sarina would venture down with her chaperon who would attend to various chores while Sarina was in the capable care of the older Melissa. During their time alone they would talk, Sarina would recall the tales she had read in the books her father had purchased for her. Melissa would regale her with tales of the world. Sarina would find herself daydreaming of Melissa and their time spent together when she was home alone in her room. They would be stitching a piece and she would be listening to Melissa talking, her voice hypnotic. Over time the dreams became more erotic in nature. Sarina would picture herself sitting closer to Melissa, inhaling her intoxicating scent, the occasional moments of physical contact as they moved to remain comfortable on the bench together. Sarina would feel a jolt of excitement each time Melissa’s leg moved against hers, her heart would skip a beat when she felt Melissa’s arm upon hers. They would both reach for a spindle of thread and their hands would connect and they would turn and stare into each others’ eyes. Sarina would lose herself in those eyes, she would feel her will melt away.

For weeks her dreams progressed from the innocent touches to more deliberate sexual advances. Melissa had been away for a week attending to some errands in another town and Sarina had not seen her for some time when she had the most explicit dream. Twas the night before their next scheduled get together.

In her dream Sarina saw Melissa sitting before her, Melissa’s arousal was obvious as her hardened nipples jutted out through the thinnest of material that was her shirt. Sarina felt a compulsion to cover Melissa’s breasts with her hands, she knew not why but it felt the right thing to do. She looked at Melissa who reached out and took Sarina’s hands and placed them upon her breasts, her pointed nipples pressing into Sarina’s palms. Fingers entwined Melissa used Sarina’s hands to massage her sensitive chest, grabbing at her own flesh she couldn’t help but utter a moan of pleasure. Sarina felt her own arousal washing over her body, she sensed her own sensitive nipples hardening and a warmth spreading through her body starting from between her legs. Leaning forward she would place her lips upon Melissa’s, the delicate sensation of the illicit kiss would wake her from sleep, her heart throbbing, her brain awash with conflicting emotions, and her pussy on fire with lust.

With her dream still fresh in her mind Sarina made her way to Melissa’s shop. It had been more than a week since they had last seen each other and Sarina was feeling nervous. Her chaperon delivered her and after some small talk with Melissa left to run her errands. Sarina struggled to maintain eye contact with Melissa, instead finding her eyes drawn downward, resting upon Melissa’s plain shirt. A shirt that modestly covered her ample breasts. Not wanting to be caught staring where she should not, Sarina kept her eyes darting around the shop between gazing at Melissa’s breasts. It may have been a trick of the light but every time Sarina looked it appeared like Melissa’s nipples were becoming more and more noticeable through the material covering them.

Feeling the heat in her face Sarina excused herself for a moment, when she returned Melissa asked her if there was anything bothering her, Sarina mumbled a barely perceptible “Nothing” before returning to her seat and her stitching. Sarina returned to her observations only this time her gaze was caught on her first glance towards Melissa. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of Melissa’s exposed cleavage. She knew she was caught when Melissa broke the silence.

“I know you’ve been looking”.
Sarina’s heart raced, the blood flowed to her face, she glowed a bright, crimson red. Seeing the look of panic on her face Melissa continued.
“I’m not bothered that you are looking, I am flattered by your attention. If you would like to see all you needed to do was ask”.

With that she pulled on the strings of her clothing and bared her breasts in one move. Sarina could not help but stare at the most glorious display of womanhood that she had ever seen. Her own chest paled in comparison and due to the strict modesty of her chaste parents she had never had occasion to see another woman baring herself in such a way. The brazen exposure generated a tingling warmth between Sarina’s legs, her lips grew moist as Melissa cupped herself and tweaked a nipple while her other hand ran up her leg pulling her dress higher up to expose more of her flawless, creamy white thigh.

Hypnotised Sarina could manage the smallest of nods as Melissa continued to lift her dress, she was feeling light-headed from holding her breath as the soft, downy pubic hair between Melissa’s thighs was revealed. She let out the lungful of expired air as Melissa parted her legs, her visibly engorged lips glistening in their arousal as she ran a finger between them. Sarina unconsciously licked her lips as Melissa spread herself open with her fingers, she moaned as Melissa slid a finger inside herself for the first time. Melissa spoke softly to Sarina, “Come closer my girl, can you not see that I want you? Don’t you want to taste me as much as I want you to?” With a split second of guilty hesitation, Sarina knelt before her closest friend as her primal needs overwhelmed her and she breathed deep the heavenly scent of inflamed passion. With Melissa’s hand upon her head she was guided towards the throbbing pussy, flush with arousal. Mere centimetres away from her delicate target Sarina poked out her tongue and took her first sip of sweet nectar. When her tongue met Melissa’s aching clitoris a shiver exploded through her body, her own soaking pussy beat with desire, her nipples hardened like diamonds and she knew this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. To kneel before this goddess and to worship at her temple.

Emboldened by the reaction that Melissa was showing to her oral ministrations Sarina explored her friend in greater detail wanting to please her as much as she could. Using her hands she pulled on Melissa’s wet lips, spreading her open like a flower greeting the warm morning sun. Melissa’s inflamed cunt spread before her, Sarina slid a finger deep inside her lover, she could feel the tight canal pulling at her bringing her deeper. As an experiment she leaned forward to suck on Melissa’s clit as she wiggled her finger inside eliciting a grunt of raw need from Melissa. Melissa’s head was flung back, her eyes tightly closed as she reached the brink of long over release. Through gritted teeth she commanded, “Insert another finger and fuck me!” Sarina complied, her middle finger already slippery from rubbing against Melissa’s flowing fountain. With two fingers inside her and her tongue flicking her pleasure centre she adjusted her position on the floor between Melissa’s splayed legs. At that exact moment Melissa throbbed with passion, heaving herself off the chair she was in for a moment, when she came down Sarina found that during the movement her fingers had left Melissa’s pussy and when Melissa came back down one finger returned to her pussy but her middle finger found itself lodged deeply in Melissa’s ass.

The sudden intrusion was like a spark set to a cannon. A deep explosion welled up in Melissa’s body, Sarina continued her attack between spasming legs. Unaware of the orgasm ripping through Melissa’s body Sarina kept sucking, her fingers still reaching deep into Melissa. Melissa let out a mighty grunt as her orgasm hit her, every muscle twitched, her eyes crossed, her spasms forced Sarina to withdraw her fingers or they would be crushed. Sarina knelt back on her feet looking at Melissa as her pussy gushed with a clear liquid. She reached up to her face to find her cheeks slick with Melissa’s cum. She looked up to see Melissa passed out on the seat, her limbs hanging limply as her body recovered from its intense ordeal.


This was written in answer to a challenge. I liked the story line so I think I will get more stories out of these characters. I wanted to get something out now but the rest will have to wait.

Charles had been working in IT at the local high school for the past few months. He’d recently finished high school and had scored the job on his last days as a student when the previous IT guy quit. He was self-taught IT genius but didn’t have any of the certificates that all the big companies demanded but the high school was small and they just needed someone to keep the servers humming and the desktops working.

He had been a typical nerd in high school, not many friends in the real world but online he was a star. His coding exploits were well known. He was skinny and tall with his long, red hair often unkempt and covering his face. He was not considered physically attractive by any means. His attempt at a beard showed his young age more starkly than his recently acquired photo ID. He’d never had a girlfriend but thanks to the internet he had seen plenty of photos. Continue reading “Babydoll”

The Cruise to Remember (A Preview)

I’ve been working on this story for a while and wanted to offer you a preview so here is the first chapter.

It was their 5th wedding anniversary so Sean had planned out an epic South Pacific Cruise to celebrate. Sean was an IT Support Consultant, he made an average wage but careful saving and budgeting had allowed him to surprise Kristy with a three week cruise. Sean was a tall man with shoulder length dark blonde hair which he normally had pulled back in a ponytail. He had crystal clear blue eyes that could quite often pierce you to your very soul. Often described as a hippy, he was often sloppily dressed but could occasionally clean himself up for formal occasions. Kristy was a casual office worker. She was a bit shorter than Sean with with fair skin, dark green eyes and hip length, curly dark blonde hair.

Sean had planned out the cruise for months, squirrelling away money as best he could to surprise his wife. They had a typical life, board games with their friends on Friday nights, sleeping in on the weekends, and the 9-5 jobs during the week. Their sex life had become a bit stagnant, only occasionally making love and always in the same position. Sean was hoping that the cruise would change that, allow them to spice up their lives. Continue reading “The Cruise to Remember (A Preview)”

Catch A Load

I really enjoy the thought of us taking off our clothes, you sitting on my couch and me kneeling between your legs, running my hands up your thighs until I reach your thick cock and your full balls and then wrapping my fingers around your shaft and lowering my mouth onto your shiny head, licking around the tip, and then taking you deep into my mouth.

I want to be the best cock sucker that you’ve ever had. I put my hand right next to my mouth and around your shaft making my mouth feel deeper. As I move up and down my hand twists around your shaft, your hot skin slick from my saliva. Continue reading “Catch A Load”

Letters Home

I’ve been away for so long, posted to this remote corner of the world for my research thesis. I miss you Tim, and our new girlfriend, I hope I can inspire you to some naughty fun with my words.

I want you to think about your ass filled with our favourite buttplug, your cock wrapped up tightly by a cock ring, me wearing the same thing. Our legs are entwined, my right leg over your left, your right leg over my left, our cocks together pressed together, shaft rubbing against shaft as Katie pulls and pushes on the buttplugs inside us, her tongue running over both of us, trying to take us in her mouth at the same time, causing us to twitch and shiver as she sucks on the heads of our leaking cocks. Her pussy is soaked as she plays with us, two firm cocks in her hands. As she strokes and licks us we both reach behind her and slip our fingers in and out of her. Both holes accept our slippery digits, she moans loudly on our cocks as we play with her labia, engorged and hot with her arousal.

Her clit is hard and exposed, her pussy is open like a flower to the sun, she can’t take our teasing any more and she stands up. Our cocks, still pressed together, are both pointing straight to the sky as she steps over us. Dropping to her knees she lowers herself until we can feel the heat from her sex. Sinking lower and lower she lines us up with her hand and impales herself on the both of us. Her pussy is stretched beyond anything she has felt before, the girth of our cocks complement each other, the thick base of yours, my thickness near the head. She screams in sudden orgasm as she comes to rest with us buried to the hilt. Our digital stimulation had her on edge, the penetration forcing her over. We can both feel the walls of her vagina contracting around us, the intense pleasure of your cock against mine inside her is pushing me to my limits.

You’re thrusting now as she kisses you, her breasts pushed into you as she starts to rock on our poles. I sit up a little as I reach around her body, one hand running up and down her side, the other making contact with you. Little by little we build up speed, our cocks taking turns to fill you, first you withdraw a little as I push in deep, then I pull out as you push in, her pussy never feeling empty but instead feeling stretched as we both fill her together.
She’s begging us now, “cum together, cum inside me boys, please”.
I look around her and I catch your eye, you know I’m close, you’ve seen me like this before. I feel your balls against mine, slick and coated in her juices, I can feel them as they tighten up and I know you’re on the edge too. I thrust, as deeply as I can and a groan escapes my body. The semen in my balls boils up, pulsing through my cock and out the engorged head, “I’m cumming”, I grunt as my orgasm washes over me. Katie moans her approval. You just twitch, your own heavy balls feeling the pressure erupt as your cum mixes with mine in Katie’s pussy. Katie can feel us pumping our seed into her at the same time, it tips her into another orgasm. We become a groaning, moaning, twisted pile of fucking flesh, our thrusting cocks now lubricated with our cum slide over and under, occasionally we pop out of Katie but her well fucked cunt accepts our re-entry easily, she’s so turned on that we slip in and out with ease. As our orgasms abate we collapse, Katie falls forward onto your chest, her body still twitching as she kisses you, I look down to see her asshole looking at me, winking as she feels the aftershocks of her orgasm rippling through her body, below it my cock, slick with our juices is softening inside her, a hint of your cock is visible as she twitches. Complete exhaustion takes over us and we all fall asleep, still joined by our genitals, one perfect loving human experience.

Until I can make it back home, I will picture this as I pleasure myself. Three months to go..

Day Dream

My mind is wandering today, I’m bored and horny, and when I see your name pop up online, this pops into my head.

You on your hands and knees, me on my knees behind you, hands on your waist as I line the head of my cock up with your asshole. The way I’d slowly lean forward, the pressure against your ring growing until it opens to allow the entry of my purpled head. As I mount you I sink into you, my arms around your sides as I crawl over you, entering you deeply. My chest against your back as I come to rest, my balls against yours, my chin over your shoulder, my flesh against your flesh. Continue reading “Day Dream”