Nudism Gets Naughty

I had worked with her years ago in a part time job, we’d both work the same late night shifts, the ones where it was quiet enough to have many long conversations about anything and everything. There’d been some attraction, when you spend five hours a night working side by side someone you inevitably do. We’d never acted on it though. Fast forward ten years, we’re no longer working together and we haven’t seen each other for years. Our only source of contact was the phone. Texts and the occasional phone call. I can’t remember who suggested it but when we’d run out of things to talk about, one of us suggested truth or dare. An interesting game to play via text, it was almost always truth. The questions started off tame but then they became more risque. We learned more about each other’s sexual likes and dislikes than I ever thought possible. Continue reading “Nudism Gets Naughty”

Beach Borne Freedom

Under the deep shade of the pandanus trees I sat, watching the waves rolling in, their constant roar drowning out my daily worries. The cool breeze was blowing onshore, the salty wind cooling my skin. I was nude and completely at one with the sea.

There were others at the beach, all in their own shady spots sheltering from the midday sun. Bodies in every wondrous shape and size. The Old man with leathery skin, the results of a few score years of bare exposure to the sun, his partner as well, though not as thick skinned showed her experience of being nude more often than clothed. Muscled men with shiny Brown skin, drenched in tanning oil as if to attract a mate, male or female I could not tell. A timid young woman, barely in her 20s walked the beach, her breasts thrust forward as if daring people to look, her first time nude perhaps judging on her pink cheeks.

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