Eating Out

I’d known her for a while, a friend of a friend kind of situation. We’d never really run in the same circles but recent change in employment had resulted in more communication via online mediums. We’d talk on and off about various topics, all staying safe and above board until one fateful night when a couple of beers on my end loosened my fingers until I disclosed some more intimate details. That conversation revealed that my friend hadn’t had her pussy eaten in more than five years. My heart went out for her but cock snapped to attention.

I never thought it would progress beyond my overstimulated imagination until the next social gathering. Catching up face to face, the memory of our conversation shot through my brain. I’d never really noticed the way she carried herself before, confident and strong, her short stature belied a strength of character few could dismiss. Her auburn, shoulder length hair framed her pale face, brown eyes full of mischief always looking for trouble. Her hips were wide and her waist small, her large breasts completed her hourglass figure perfectly.

As I looked at her thoughts of my head between her thighs came unbidden to me, blood draining from my body towards my crotch as we talked about eh weather and other trivial matters. As the booze was flowing freely our conversation somehow returned to the topic of sex. I don’t know why I mentioned it but I brought up the fact that her partner had not gone down on her for so long again and the look on her face was one of sadness. Jokingly I suggested that if it was required, I would be honoured to go down on her. The reaction on her face was priceless.

“Seriously?” She asked me, her voice sounded nervous.
“In a heartbeat”, I responded confidently, “Right here and now in fact”.
She pondered for a moment before, almost as a whisper she said, “Let’s do it”.

All the thoughts of what we should be doing and what we were doing blew out the window as I grabbed her hand and dragged her from the full room to find somewhere quiet and out of the way. As we walked through the office block where this party was being held we found a dark office, the light barely filtering in. I pulled her inside, asked her once more if this is what she really wanted, and as soon as she nodded her consent I dropped to my knees before her.

Her skirt was loose enough that I was able to lift it right up to reveal her lacy lingerie, an unexpected surprise. With my face close to her I could already smell her arousal, the time between me offering and us arriving at the location was enough for her imagination to take hold. Covered as I was in her skirt she couldn’t see what I was about to do. I ran my hands up the insides of her legs, starting at her feet and slowly creeping higher, past her knees, up her delicate thighs until I reached her hips, the flimsy material of her panties under my fingers. I leaned forward to kiss her through the material before licking her, the taste of her pussy flowing through the cloth. As I licked and licked she parted her legs a little more for me. I was teasing her relentlessly until I decided to pull down her panties to reveal her engorged sex, my breath upon her sending shivers as I exhaled, the air cool against her hot, slippery lips. I moved back a touch to gaze at her pussy, her labia coated in her juices, her hardened clit poking out at the top just begging for attention. Seizing the moment, I leaned in and placed my lips upon hers, sucking her clit into my mouth as I slowly spread her lips and pushed a finger into her burning hole.

I slowly made a come hither motion with my finger inside her as I gently sucked, pressure applied to her clit as I stimulated her g-spot with my finger. As I sucked, her knees buckled in pleasure, I held her up with my other arm as I continued to massage her pussy and suck on her clit. She stumbled backwards onto the desk that was just behind her, her ass resting on the edge as I continued to lick and suck at her clit. She lay down on the desk and spread her legs giving me full access to her. I licked her up and down, all the way from her clit, down over her lips, gently dipping inside her pussy, down almost to her asshole before licking back up again. My well lubed finger hovered over her asshole as I sucked her clit, as I pressed it against the forbidden orifice she moaned her approval. Sucking hard, I pressed against her asshole until my middle finger slipped inside up to my knuckle. The sudden intrusion caused her legs to shudder as she almost came from the taboo act and my mouth upon her clit. Sliding my index finger inside her pussy, she was now being fingered in both holes as I licked and sucked on her clit. She moaned louder and louder as I pushed in and out of her, both fingers slick from her arousal as her juices flowed freely.

I felt one hand on my head as she attempted to guide me, her other hand holding her breast as I continued my ministrations. She was breathing hard and moaning rapidly, her legs and my face were coated in her arousal. It was time to finish this. I pushed both fingers deep inside her as I stepped up my attack on her clit, I started to hum, as deep as I could go, against her pussy, my fingers moving and squirming inside her and then I sensed it, her body tensed up as her orgasm approached. Then the peak hit, her thighs clamped down on my head as my tongue rode over and over her sensitive clit, my index finger rubbing her g-spot as my middle finger filled her ass. Both holes clenched and released and clenched again as I pushed her orgasm through her body. She quivered and shook and screamed out, “Fucking eat my pussy”, over and over again.

As she came down from her orgasm I slowly pulled my fingers free from her before giving her one last, long lick from her asshole to her clit. I pulled her panties back up, removed my head from her skirt, the stood up, a very obvious tent in my pants from my erection.

Not a word was said as we returned to the party but my erection remained as I continued to inhale her scent from her juices left on my face.

Fireman Fuck

Just a quick one based on a suggestion from a friend.

Lisa had no idea where she was or what was happening but as she woke up she knew one thing, it was very hard to breathe. It felt like there were two hands around her neck, squeezing and pulling her around. She also felt like her sex was on fire, as she regained consciousness she became aware of someone with her, someone pinning her down. And that someone was inside her, spreading her apart. Opening her eyes she sees someone wearing a helmet, his face contorted in pleasurable pain, he’s breathing hard. She can smell smoke, the heat of a fire, is it her house? The last thing she remembers is falling asleep in her own bed but now it looks like she is in her backyard, flames tearing through her house as she struggles to breathe whilst being fucked. She reaches a hand out to the man inside her, he looks at her with burning lust in his eyes. He chokes her again, the spots forming in her vision as he sinks himself to the hilt in her pussy. How long has he been fucking her like this in her own backyard?

He loosens his grip again and she breathes deeply, she should be outraged but instead her body is willing her to enjoy this. She hasn’t had a man for a few months and now a fireman is ravaging her body, her knickers have been torn down her legs, still hooked around one ankle, her nightie has been hiked up to allow him free access to her wet cunt. He’s sliding in and out of her, his thick cock stretching her out as he pushes into her. His hands are on her throat, his face grimaces in pleasure as he chokes her, he sees her fear as she can’t breathe and he increases his tempo, her breasts bouncing in her nightie as he pounds her body. When he relaxes his grip he slows down, the lack of oxygen and the impressive girth are pushing her to orgasm.

The roof of her house crashes in, collapsing under its own weight as the fire eats through the support beams. As it crashes his beam feels like it is on fire inside her pussy, no longer caring about how or why but instead intent on making this man, this beast of a man, making him cum inside her. She needs to feel his cum coating her insides. She moans now as he fucks her, a total stranger, a fireman, his body covered in sweat. She’s close, she can feel it.
She begs him, “Please, cum inside me, I need you to put out this fire with your thick hose”.
He grunts, his hands once again close around her neck, he pushes her down into the dirt as he looms above her, massive muscled arms, a six pack that goes on and on, and a tight ass, all pistoning in and out of her. Just as she starts to lose consciousness again he cums. His eruption deep inside triggers her own release. He holds still, the cum boiling up from his balls, it pulses through his dick and sprays forth from the purpled head of his cock. She can feel him pumping inside her, the walls of her vagina suddenly whitewashed as he unloads his heavy balls inside her willing cunt. She screams, as best she can with his hands on her throat, as he thrusts in and out of her, each thrust driving more of his seed deep into her, his guttural groaning driving her own orgasm on. All she can do is convulse as he continues to fuck her, five, six, seven shots of cum and he starts to come down from his orgasm. Completely spent he pulls back, his cock pulling free from her well fucked cunt with a slop sound, a gush of semen rushes forth from her, spilling down between her asscheeks to pool on the ground below her.

He stands up, zips his pants back up and picks her up, his cum running down her thighs as he carries her to his fire truck. He offers her first aid as other firefighters arrive to help put out the blaze. Little do they know that a fire of passion has been started between her legs and water alone will not put it out.


This was written in answer to a challenge. I liked the story line so I think I will get more stories out of these characters. I wanted to get something out now but the rest will have to wait.

Charles had been working in IT at the local high school for the past few months. He’d recently finished high school and had scored the job on his last days as a student when the previous IT guy quit. He was self-taught IT genius but didn’t have any of the certificates that all the big companies demanded but the high school was small and they just needed someone to keep the servers humming and the desktops working.

He had been a typical nerd in high school, not many friends in the real world but online he was a star. His coding exploits were well known. He was skinny and tall with his long, red hair often unkempt and covering his face. He was not considered physically attractive by any means. His attempt at a beard showed his young age more starkly than his recently acquired photo ID. He’d never had a girlfriend but thanks to the internet he had seen plenty of photos. Continue reading “Babydoll”

The Cruise to Remember (A Preview)

I’ve been working on this story for a while and wanted to offer you a preview so here is the first chapter.

It was their 5th wedding anniversary so Sean had planned out an epic South Pacific Cruise to celebrate. Sean was an IT Support Consultant, he made an average wage but careful saving and budgeting had allowed him to surprise Kristy with a three week cruise. Sean was a tall man with shoulder length dark blonde hair which he normally had pulled back in a ponytail. He had crystal clear blue eyes that could quite often pierce you to your very soul. Often described as a hippy, he was often sloppily dressed but could occasionally clean himself up for formal occasions. Kristy was a casual office worker. She was a bit shorter than Sean with with fair skin, dark green eyes and hip length, curly dark blonde hair.

Sean had planned out the cruise for months, squirrelling away money as best he could to surprise his wife. They had a typical life, board games with their friends on Friday nights, sleeping in on the weekends, and the 9-5 jobs during the week. Their sex life had become a bit stagnant, only occasionally making love and always in the same position. Sean was hoping that the cruise would change that, allow them to spice up their lives. Continue reading “The Cruise to Remember (A Preview)”

Movie Night

Friday night was movie night for the gang. Three couples would rotate houses to watch a movie and keep in touch. We’d been doing it since leaving high school, three school friends and their partners. We’d all met our partners in uni many years ago and we’d just kept up the tradition as long as we could.

James and I had been best friends at school, he is a slim built man, about average height with short-cropped hair, and he is rather nerdy. Not much to look at if you believe social media’s opinions but he was attractive to the fairer sex. His greatest feature was his tight stomach. We’d spent many an afternoon hacking away on our computers, working on various software projects all while downloading and looking at porn in the background. He had met Kristie shortly into his Computer Science Degree at uni. She is equally nerdy, shorter than James and with shoulder length brunette hair. Even after fifteen years since high school her handful sized breasts were still perky and her ass tight. Continue reading “Movie Night”

At the Nightclub

Trevor hadn’t been to a nightclub for quite a while, in his twenties he’d been a weekly visitor but having just hit thirty he’d found less and less time for it. Standing at a respectable 6 foot tall, he was skinny despite his bachelor diet of takeaway food and beer. Long brown hair ran down just past his shoulders when he didn’t have it pulled back in a ponytail for work.

He hadn’t been to this nightclub before, it had multiple floors all dedicated to a different genre of music. He was on the metal floor as he was expecting company. Being single, he’d taken the plunge and downloaded a dating app on his phone. Whilst browsing through it during a particularly dull day at work he’d stumbled upon Kristie. A fellow IT professional, she was also nearing thirty, was single, used to go to nightclubs, and was interested in revisiting the scene of her youth. When Trevor had first sent her a message he’d felt nervous. He’d berated himself for feeling that way, people do this all the time so why was he nervous about asking a girl out. Once he’d broached the dating topic she’d suggested the nightclub and he’d happily accepted. Continue reading “At the Nightclub”

Picture Me Naked

Claire had been stuck in meetings all week, as the company came up to the end of financial year they’d been running over the budget. Claire was not a critical member of the finance team but as the head of a department she was required to sit through the tedious week long meeting to discuss which teams were getting what money. Monday had left her drained, Tuesday had sapped the remaining will to live, Wednesday and Thursday were just a blur of faces and graphs. Friday was shaping up to be just as bad as the rest but at least she had the weekend to look forward to now. Continue reading “Picture Me Naked”

Happy Birthday Baby

Claire had been a typical country girl moved to the city. Living out west she’d dreamed of one day moving to the big smoke to live amongst the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Sitting in a small kitchen in the little apartment that she shared with her boyfriend Bonham, she sipped her tea as she considered his latest request. Both had had limited sexual experiences before they met but since discovering the pleasure of shared sexual moments they had made an effort to try new things.

Bonham’s latest request was also his most bold request. He wanted a threesome. With Claire and her friend Natasha. As Claire drank her tea she was texting Natasha about meeting up for coffee so that she could broach the idea.

Continue reading “Happy Birthday Baby”

Angela’s Seduction

Chris was a shy guy, not traditionally handsome or attractive to the ladies, he had had a few high school girlfriends who had made out with him but since hitting university his time had been taken up with study and work. He still noticed the fairer sex but they didn’t seem to notice him. It was until his economics class in his 2nd year that he started getting noticed. Not by a lot of women, just one in particular. Angela was a perfect 50s pinup girl. Perfectly styled hair, intense makeup, big boobs, wide hips, narrow waist, and an impeccable 50s dress sense that somehow was also ultra modern. Chris was a nerdy guy, short and skinny, he often wore shirts from the metal gigs he’d been to with his dark, baggy trousers. He had no idea why she was attracted to him but since the start of their class together she’d been working her way to him getting closer and closer. She would volunteer to be on his team for group projects or he’d find her sitting next to him in class. He found her exceptionally attractive but was to shy to act upon it. Angela finally made her move during a two person group project when she realised his shyness was stopping him. Continue reading “Angela’s Seduction”

A Week Without

Patience was not a virtue that Jacinta held too strongly but this week she had tested herself to the limits. The impending weekend was one she had promised herself to wait for. It was only Wednesday afternoon and she was daydreaming at her desk, thoughts floating through her head about the plans she had made for herself. An entire week without masturbation. She had last cum the previous Sunday, twice she had played with herself in the hopes of making it through the week.

Continue reading “A Week Without”