This is one of the first stories I ever wrote, it is close to 12 years old now and shows the inexperience of a fresh out of high school boy trying to express a sexual fantasy. It is short and is not the best work but I’ve always liked reading it and seeing how I’ve grown as a writer from this beginning. I’ve included it here so that you may see where I started and how I’ve grown as an author.

Sitting around my room, I stare at the two women lazing on my bed. My girlfriend, her gorgeous ass barely covered by her short skirt, our friend lying next to her, her heaving breasts barely contained by her new lacy bra. I try to hide my arousal as the girls read the erotic letters contained with a porn mag. Discussing the models bodies, their breasts and glistening pussies being critiqued by the girls.

As the girls continue their judgement, my mind begins to wander. I see them, reaching for each other. Sitting up, they pull off each other’s shirts, exposing their bras to my hungry eyes. Eagerly the reach for each other, mouths meeting. Softly moaning the hug each other, kissing as they reach behind to unclip both bra straps.

Parting slightly, they remove their bras, breasts falling free and bouncy. Bras removed, they come together, breasts meeting, tongues roaming over each others, exploring, probing.

Looking towards me, they wink at me as Ash kisses her way down. Starting at her ears, she nibbles softly on her earlobes, down her neck towards her hardening nipples. Encircling one nipple, she bites down gently, sending shivers through Tanya’s body.

Tanya stands up to allow Ash to remove her her skirt and panties. Exposed, I drink in the vision of Ash, gently lapping at Tanya’s glistening cunt. Following Ash’s sensual curves, I see movement between her legs, the naughty girl was playing with herself in her panties. She notices my attention and quickly removes her moist panties, the cool air having a visible effect on her hot cunt.

Both women return their focus on each other, getting into a 69er. Spreading lips and tasting each other.

While the girls are preoccupied with each other, I pull my already hard dick out and start to slowly rub it, up and down. Watching the girls fingering each other, I wish it could be my cock being inserted, in and out of warm, pulsating pussies. But instead I decide that tonight I will just watch. Watch these two beautiful women, exploring each other, licking each other. Breathing becomes faster, shorter, more frantic. Orgasms close in upon the interlocked women, pussies getting wetter, more fingers probing warm holes, tongues sliding over clits, causing pleasure and encouraging passion.

Harder and faster they go, orgasms building up deep inside, being drawn out by tongues. teased out by fingers. Tanya is the first to let go, moaning and groaning, she hits her limit. Ash’s finger slides over her G-Spot, the last straw, her orgasm washes over her like a wave at the beach. Tanya’s orgasm causes her pussy to gush forward her delicious nectar. The taste of her brings Ash to climax. Her face covered in juices, her finger deep inside Tanya’s warm pulsing cunt, she feels the wave of pleasure reach its peak and come crashing down. Ash’s own pussy explodes, juices flowing freely from her amazing orgasm.

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