Early Morning Sunshine

I open my eyes to realise I am in a sunlit room on a white bed, the sheets crumpled up in one corner barely covering my naked form. I can feel the sun warming my skin. The door creaks open and I see him walk in. I don’t know who he is but I do notice his chest. Bare and catching the sunlight. He walks towards me as I take in more of his naked body, my eyes linger over his thighs, sleek and powerful as they bring him towards me.

He crawls onto the bed over me, bringing his face close to mine. A soft kiss and then he cuddles into me, his head on my chest as he lowers his body onto mine. The weight of him is oddly comforting. I can feel his manhood resting on my leg. I run my hand down his strong back arousing a small moan. I continue my single handed massage as I feel him starting to harden. Thinking about what is to come is causing a stir in my own loins. I caress his face and pull him towards me. I lean in for another kiss; his lips on mine feel so natural. I could really get used to kissing this fine specimen of a man.

I gasp as he places his hand on my leg. He slowly runs it up my flesh; I shiver with desire knowing where his manly hand is going. Higher and higher his hand is moving while his tongue explores my mouth. Never before have I been kissed by a man, never has a man explored my body as he is now.

I realise I am hard with anticipation, I want his hand on my cock, I want to experience this forbidden pleasure. He pauses on the tops of my thighs; I can sense his hand near my manhood mere seconds before I feel the firm grip encircling me. His first tentative strokes bring forth a groan of deep longing from me.

We break our kiss as I inhale deeply, feeling him squeezing me. He kisses my face and trails down my neck. I know where he is headed and I know I want this more than anything else.

But he has different plans. He knows I am completely at his mercy. He circles my nipples with his mouth, alternating between them. As he centres on each nipple he quickly strokes my cock and then backs off again, just holding me, teasing me. He keeps heading south; his kisses are more passionate, lingering upon my torso. He has reached his goal.

I beg him, “Please, please take me in your mouth, I need you to suck it.” He hovers above me, his tongue tantalisingly close to my sex. I run a hand through his hair, I try to guide him onto my cock but he’ll have none of that. He grips my cock in one hand as he licks from my balls to the head of my swollen cock. I groan in ecstasy, I am putty in his hands. He repeats the manoeuvre over and over. I writhe on the bed.

Finally he takes me into his mouth. I feel his lips around me, warm and wet against the throbbing, burning hot flesh of my sex. I feel absolute pleasure as he takes more and more of me into his mouth. I look into his eyes and he stares into mine. I can see the pleasure he is getting from pleasing me. He isn’t doing this because I want him to; he is making love to me because it gives him joy.

I know I won’t last long under his ministrations. He kicks it up a notch, I feel him run a hand up my thighs towards my most sacred of spots. He lubes up a finger and I feel him gently pressing against my ass. Bobbing on my dick, he presses in as he swallows my cock, my ass parting as he probes me gingerly. His knuckle pushes past my tight ring; he is deep inside me as my cock is deep inside his mouth. He finds my prostate, and with a gentle rub he calls forth a gush of precum.

He pulls off my cock long enough to smile at me, the look in his eyes shows a burning urge for my cum. I know I am close already, the combination of his finger in my ass and his mouth on my cock are doing extraordinary things to me.

Working in tandem, his mouth and finger work a treat on my pleasure centres. My ass clenches trying to keep his probing finger inside my wanting hole as he pulls out. His mouth has made my cock slick with his saliva. I feel it running down my shaft and over my balls, lubricating his finger further.

He penetrates me deeply, faster and faster. My cock is practically a hose of precum, filling his mouth. I can feel my orgasm building, he knows exactly where and how to touch me.

I run my hands through his hair as my cock begins to pulse. He opens his mouth further, my cock in his throat as his tongue massages my throbbing shaft. I arch my back. A moment of silence falls upon us as I feel the cum boiling from my tight balls and my cock starts pumping. I explode in his mouth.

It feels like I am emptying everything from my balls into his mouth. He just keeps sucking and working his finger inside me as my orgasm overwhelms me.

After what feels like ages I stop twitching from the pleasure and look down. My cock is still in his mouth and I can see my cum dribbling from his lips. Finally releasing my cock he crawls up next to me again and leans in for a kiss. I can smell myself on him. And I taste my salty cum upon his lips and his tongue as we embrace.

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