Nudism Gets Naughty

I had worked with her years ago in a part time job, we’d both work the same late night shifts, the ones where it was quiet enough to have many long conversations about anything and everything. There’d been some attraction, when you spend five hours a night working side by side someone you inevitably do. We’d never acted on it though. Fast forward ten years, we’re no longer working together and we haven’t seen each other for years. Our only source of contact was the phone. Texts and the occasional phone call. I can’t remember who suggested it but when we’d run out of things to talk about, one of us suggested truth or dare. An interesting game to play via text, it was almost always truth. The questions started off tame but then they became more risque. We learned more about each other’s sexual likes and dislikes than I ever thought possible.

We’d occasionally make plans to catch up in person but it never worked out until one day I was passing through the area for work and had stopped at the beach near her house. It just happened to be a nudist beach too. I’d sent her a message telling her I was going to the beach not expecting her to reply as she was still at work. I went down to the beach, stripped off, and strode into the cool water. I must have stayed out there for an hour just enjoying the way the currents pulled and pushed on my body, the complete lack of clothing exposing me completely to the ocean’s power. As I started to feel the sun getting to hot on my skin I headed for the shore.

Standing up in the water I got quite the surprise, walking onto the beach at that very moment was Clare, a towel around her shoulders and her work uniform still on. I was still waist deep in the water when she caught sight of me and waved. Now I was stuck, did she know I was naked, would she be OK with seeing me naked? Was she going to get naked herself? I stayed where I was until she drew level with me on the shore, she called out to me but I couldn’t hear her.

Taking a deep breathe to steel myself, I headed for shore, painfully aware that as the water got lower, more of my body would be exposed to her. I watched her face as her gaze drifted over my naked form. I stopped before her, naked as the day I was born, whilst she stood completely clothed. My only defence was my sunglasses.
“Well”, she said, a smirk on her face, “Looks like you’re fully enjoying the freedom on this beach”.
I just giggled and did a quick twirl.
“Where’s your stuff?”
I took her over to where I’d shed my clothes high up on the beach under some trees. The trees offered some privacy and more importantly, some shade.

Sitting down we just looked at each other before asking the other how our day was going.
“So far so good, the water is lovely”, I advised her, “How about your day?”
“It was rubbish but it has certainly picked up in the last ten minutes”, she purred at me, her eyes roaming my body, lingering upon my cock.
“Going in for a swim?” I asked her.
Now it was her turn to look a little nervous, she’d obviously been enjoying the dominant position of being fully clothed whilst I sat there, nude and exposed.
“Yes I am”, she replied as she stood up.
Clare began to unbutton her business shirt, unsnapping each button from top to bottom, slowly releasing the strain from holding her impressive bust within. One of our many truth questions had been how big her breasts were. I had admitted I had always wanted to see them and now I was getting that wish. Pulling her arms free of her shirt she stood there watching me as I took in the view of her black bra with the gold trim holding in her milky white breasts.

Next she reached behind herself and unzipped the back of her skirt, leaning forwards as she slid it down her legs, her heavy breasts straining the bra straps that tried to hold them in. Standing up again I could see a tiny g-string barely covering smooth pussy. She was standing with her legs parted slightly, as if daring me to look.
“Seems someone’s day is getting better and better”, she smirked again. As I had been drinking in her body I hadn’t realised that my growing penis was betraying my excitement.
“I better get in the water and quickly”, I commented, moving to hide my swelling cock.
Hearing this, Clare quickly undid the clasps on her bra and let it fall forward, her pendulous breasts bouncing free causing my cock to go from growing to solid rock in an instant. Giggling again, Clare removed her underwear and turned for the water.

As she walked away I was mesmerised by her ass. Turning towards me she just waved and I snapped out of my reverie, jumped to my feet, and quickly walked to the water’s edge, trying my hardest to ignore my bouncing erection as I headed for the escape of the ocean. Catching up to her on the water’s edge I kept walking, the stares from the other beach goers compounding the the stare from Clare. Diving into the water I felt the cold water cooling my molten hot flesh. Surfacing again I look back to see Clare perform the same dive under a wave, her body glistening with water as she broke the surface, water pouring down her body, over her face and breasts. Standing there with her breasts pushed out firmly, her nipples hardened from the shock of the cold, I could feel my erection returning. As she moved closer I hoped that the water would hide it.

We floated in the ocean for some time, idly discussing our day and what we’d been up to. Sure, we knew it all already having already discussed it but it helped us deal with the fact that we were both naked. Eventually we almost forgot about our shared nudity, that was until a wave pushed us into each other. I had been facing towards the shore behind her when I got slammed by a big wave, it pushed me into her. As I fell I wrapped my arms around her to stabilize myself, in the process I felt hard nipples against my palms and I felt my flaccid cock resting between her ass cheeks. The instant my cock realised what was happening it grew to maximum hardness. I froze, my erect cock nuzzled between her ass cheeks, my hands on her breasts. I waited for her response.

Clare just put her own hands over mine and wiggled her ass until my dick slipped between her legs. Standing behind her, I was trapped. I could feel the heat from her sex against me as the cold water swirled around between our legs. Leaning back she whispers, “I think we should head for the beach”.
I gulp and just nod.

As we walk out of the water towards our secluded spot she has her hand on my cock, guiding me like a dog on a leash. Ducking under the branches that offer us a modicum of privacy she releases my dick and drops to all fours, her legs spread, her ass pushed up, and her smooth pussy exposed. I can see she’s wet, not from the salt water we were just swimming through but from arousal. I drop to my knees between her legs, my left hand upon her ass, my right holding my cock steady as I line it up with her wanton hole. Running the head of my dick up and down her wet lips I hear her moan, I pause just at the edge of her pussy before pushing myself in, slow and steadily spreading her apart. We both moan as our bodies meld together, her vagina stretching to accommodate my penis, in an act as old as time. Just before we are joined completely I thrust hard into her, a guttural grunt forced from her mouth as my balls slap against her clit.

I collapse forward onto her, resting for a moment as the enormity of what we are doing sinks in. I flex my cock inside her as her pussy muscles squeeze and massage me. Pulling myself upright behind her again I start to thrust in and out of her, as we fuck I look around, I can see other people walking near us, we are thrusting slowly but Clare is still moaning. I know they must be able to hear us. Clare is in her own world of pleasure as I catch the eye of a passing woman, she tilts her head, I nod mine, then she moves towards us. She hovers at the edge of our spot peeking through the leaves as I continue to slowly fuck Clare. I watch her as my cock slides in and out of Clare’s soaking wet pussy, our audience lowers a hand to her own pussy to massage her clit.  Looking around I see more people walking along the beach, their attention drawn to us from Clare’s moaning and the woman standing near us.

I lean over Clare and whisper in her ear, “Can you see her watching us?”
Clare tenses slightly and looks around, making eye contact with the woman as she plays with her clit, she relaxes as I continue to fuck her. The woman stands at the edge, watching us fucking like animals on all fours. My cock feels huge, the rush of fucking Clare is enhanced by being watched by a naked stranger. There are other people on the beach, I know they know what is happening in our secluded spot, Clare is moaning and I’m giving a grunt or two as she pushes back on to me. I pull Clare upright to show off her body to our audience, as her heavy breasts sway from our fucking our audience slips one, then two fingers inside herself, a low grunt coming from deep within her. I push Clare back down so I can put my hands on her hips, forcing my cock hard and deep. Her moans change to grunts each time I slam into her.

Clare is getting closer, I can tell from her breathing and the way her pussy is clamping down on my dick trying to keep me inside. Our new friend is nearing her peak too, her fingers are a blur, I lock eyes with her. Clare is cumming on my cock.
“Keep going Clare, I’m close to filling your pussy”, I grunt, all whilst keeping my eyes locked with our stranger.
Clare moans, “Please, fuck me deep, cum inside me”.
“Do it, fill her now”, our audience member speaks for the first time.
I grunt as I feel my semen boiling up from my balls, along my shaft, to rocket from the eye of my cock to coat her insides with my seed. As I watch, our audience collapses to her knees, grunts of pleasure flowing from her body as her orgasm rips through her. Clare drops low as the strength leaves her body, as she falls forward my cock pulls free from her cum-filled hole, my creamy white semen leaking from her well-fucked hole.

Standing up, I help Clare to her feet before helping our new friend to hers. With a still erect cock I head to the water to cool down and clean up.

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