This was written in answer to a challenge. I liked the story line so I think I will get more stories out of these characters. I wanted to get something out now but the rest will have to wait.

Charles had been working in IT at the local high school for the past few months. He’d recently finished high school and had scored the job on his last days as a student when the previous IT guy quit. He was self-taught IT genius but didn’t have any of the certificates that all the big companies demanded but the high school was small and they just needed someone to keep the servers humming and the desktops working.

He had been a typical nerd in high school, not many friends in the real world but online he was a star. His coding exploits were well known. He was skinny and tall with his long, red hair often unkempt and covering his face. He was not considered physically attractive by any means. His attempt at a beard showed his young age more starkly than his recently acquired photo ID. He’d never had a girlfriend but thanks to the internet he had seen plenty of photos.

Charles had developed a crush on one of the teachers that had started during his final year. She was an unusual woman, very regal in mannerism with short, dirty blonde hair, pale skin, and a confidence about herself. She was not a very tall woman but the way she conveyed herself demanded respect. Her simple nose piercing and 50s glamour attire reminded Charles of the naughty librarian videos that he had on his computer. Her colourful shirts hinted at an ample bosom, her swing skirts clung enhanced her curves, and her fashionable shoes accentuated her legs and ass in a way that had the men staring as she walked past and had the women envious of her figure.

Charles had first seen her as a teacher during his last year of high school. Being a younger teacher she had been the topic of discussion amongst the boys for a few months. He first met her when he had set about getting her computer up and running for her first class of the new year. It had been one of the first jobs he had been out to do on his own so he was already quite nervous before he had seen how beautiful she was, not as a teacher but as a co-worker. She had taken his offered handshake and since that first contact he had found her irresistible, he would dream about her at night, he would catch a hint of her perfume if she had been in the room before him, and every time he thought of her his heart started to race and his blood would flow southward. She was invading his fantasies on a nightly basis, he wasn’t even able to watch porn without seeing her face.

Charles’ constant fantasising about about Melissa was becoming a problem, he found himself drawn to her classroom every day where he would stand at the door and inhale her scent. He was waking up every night with the vivid images of her naked form burned into his eyes as he recovered from a nocturnal emission. It was like a spell had been cast over him.

One dream in particular occurred more frequently than others. It always started the same, he’d been called up to her classroom to work on her computer but when he got there he would find the room empty and Melissa would be leaning against her desk, a flimsy blouse left open and barely covering her breasts and her skirt hiked up about her waist. She had a burning desire in her eyes. In every dream he would go to her, kneel before her and he would gently kiss her through her exposed panties, her arousal already obvious through the thin cotton. He would place his hands upon her hips, hook his thumbs in the waistband of her knickers and slowly pull downwards, revealing her engorged lips and delicate clitoris. His tongue would find its way south to her warm lips, already moist with desire, he would suck upon her hard clit between licking up and down her wet slit. She would moan softly and place her hands on his head, directing his tongue over her pussy. Melissa controlled his actions until she had cum, her juices covering his face. The taste of her would drive him wild, his already throbbing penis would turn to forged steel, hot and burning. As she would come down from her orgasm she would pull him upwards for a long kiss. She would hug him and whisper in his ear, “Cum to me”. Her hand would find its way to his bulging pants, one slow stroke over his pants and he would explode. His orgasm broke the dream and he would find himself back in his bed, his belly sticky with his nightly spending.

Each night it seemed that her command to “Cum to me” was getting stronger and stronger, he imagined walking to her room and telling her what he’d been thinking but his awkwardness prevented him from making the leap from dreams to reality. It wasn’t until he received a support ticket, the title was innocuous but the contents had three simple words that stunned him.

Cum to me”.

Wanting to avoid the school children Charles was forced to stay back at work, his heart beating faster and faster as he walked the halls, dodging the few children still around from after school detention. As he reached out his hand to knock upon her door it opened just before his knuckles made contact with the wooden surface. It swung open and the first thing he noticed was her scent, just like in his dreams, it was like a drug working upon his body, his already racing heart felt like it would explode, his palms got sweaty, and most embarrassingly, his penis become hard, jutting out like some sort of perverse sign of his sexual urges. He hoped she wouldn’t notice the bulge in his pants.
“Hello”, he stammered.
She looked him up and down, her eyes hovering on his crotch.
“Good, you’re ready then.”

He could feel the heat race over his body as his blushing cheeks bloomed into an unspoken confession of his arousal. Melissa caught his eye with hers and he suddenly found that he couldn’t look away, he couldn’t move, he was frozen in place as if putty in her hands.

“Close the door and undress.”
He wasn’t sure if he had heard the words come from her mouth or if he was just dreaming. She certainly hadn’t moved her mouth but the look she was giving him convinced him he had heard her command.
“What are you waiting for?”
He heard her again in his mind, he felt compelled now to do as she requested. He removed the tie from around his neck and unbuttoned his shirt. After placing the discarded clothing on a chair he looked again at her standing with her hands on her hips, waiting for him to remove the rest of his clothing. Unbuckling his belt he felt his heart catch as he unzipped his fly and let his pants drop. She raised an eyebrow to question his reluctance to remove his underwear. Taking a deep breath he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and slid them down, his achingly hard penis bouncing free and smacking into his stomach.

He was now completely exposed before her, every inch of his pale body open to her inspection. Gazing upon him she nodded to herself smiling, she could feel his energy, he was primed and she was hungry. This would be an easy meal.

Charles was stunned at himself, standing completely naked before Melissa, his cock jutting out in a salute to her power over him. He watched as she approached. She was still clothed in her business suit as she kneeled before him. He jerked back in shock when her hand wrapped around his shaft, her touch was surprising to him. She could feel his pulse pounding through his shaft, she noticed his precum was leaking from the slit at the end.

Looking up towards him, she leaned forward and ran her tongue along the bottom of his shaft from his balls to the purple head. He was so close already, she had chosen well.
“Cum for me”, he heard in his head as she cupped his balls with her hand.

He was close already, weeks of dreaming about her had him hovering on the edge already. Still a virgin, the lightest touch felt exquisite. She squeezed his shaft and pulled on his balls and started to stroke his throbbing member. Wrapping her tongue around the head of his cock, she stroked his shaft and he was there. He could feel his orgasm rushing through his body, the cum was boiling up. Just as he was about to feel that release of his first spurt he felt teeth on the side of his cock. She was biting him. Suddenly his orgasm was leaving him, he felt like the life was being drained from his body. He looked down and could scarcely believe what he was seeing. He could feel his body contracting as if it was pumping his semen from his body but he was not ejaculating at all, Melissa on the other hand looked to be in the throes of a mind-bending orgasm, her eyes were wide open and glowing a bright blue as she continued to bite down upon him. His head felt extremely heavy and the urge to sleep overwhelmed him.

Waking up in a panic he found himself in Melissa’s office, he was fully dressed and she was asking him how to recall an email. Had he had a hallucination? He was not sure, he felt so tired and confused. He answered her question as best he could and left as quickly as politeness would allow.

He had to check for the email, he had to find out if he had been dreaming. Checking through the various mailboxes he could only find one email from her asking for assistance with her email. What the hell was going on?

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