The Cruise to Remember (A Preview)

I’ve been working on this story for a while and wanted to offer you a preview so here is the first chapter.

It was their 5th wedding anniversary so Sean had planned out an epic South Pacific Cruise to celebrate. Sean was an IT Support Consultant, he made an average wage but careful saving and budgeting had allowed him to surprise Kristy with a three week cruise. Sean was a tall man with shoulder length dark blonde hair which he normally had pulled back in a ponytail. He had crystal clear blue eyes that could quite often pierce you to your very soul. Often described as a hippy, he was often sloppily dressed but could occasionally clean himself up for formal occasions. Kristy was a casual office worker. She was a bit shorter than Sean with with fair skin, dark green eyes and hip length, curly dark blonde hair.

Sean had planned out the cruise for months, squirrelling away money as best he could to surprise his wife. They had a typical life, board games with their friends on Friday nights, sleeping in on the weekends, and the 9-5 jobs during the week. Their sex life had become a bit stagnant, only occasionally making love and always in the same position. Sean was hoping that the cruise would change that, allow them to spice up their lives.

When Sean surprised Kristy with the cruise on their anniversary night she was left speechless. He’d never been the most romantic man and the time and dedication he had put in surprised her. The alcohol she was drinking had her tipsy and on the car ride home she had given him a handjob as they drove along. Already the extra spice that Sean was looking for was taking shape.

A week later they had arrived at the port in Sydney to see the magnificent vessel that awaited their embarkation. Walking into the Grand Foyer they were each greeted with a glass of bubbly. With much excitement they toured the ship, finding all the bars, the pools, and the giant entertainment hall. The bubbly they had had, the excitement of the cruise, and the sheer joy of not having to work for another three weeks had the couple’s passions aroused. Rushing off to their stateroom they burst through the door and tore each others’ clothes off. Sean ripped Kristy’s dress off of her body to reveal her matching black bra and panties, her heavy breasts barely contained by the sexy lingerie. He had not seen her in sexy lingerie for some time. Distracted by her breasts Kristy took advantage of him and removed his shirt and pants before he woke up to what was happening. Standing before her in just his underwear, his growing erection was obvious from the tenting in his boxer shorts. Whilst coyfully biting her lower lip, Kristy dropped to her knees before him and reached up to hook her thumbs in the waistband of his boxers. Pulling downwards slowly, she revealed more and more of his cock until just the head was hidden, with one quick movement she pulled the elastic waistband down and his erection snapped to attention, grazing her cheek with the already wet head. Fully revealed, Kristy couldn’t help but wrap her hand around the base, pointing the head towards her mouth as she parted her lips and took the engorged head in her wet mouth. It had been months since last she had tasted his cock, Sean was in heaven as she slobbered all over him, taking him deep in her mouth over and over again. Sean was getting closer and Kristy sensed it. His balls tightened, his breathing became shallow, and his shaft throbbed in her mouth. Kristy let him slip from her mouth as she stood up and took off her bra. He was memorised by her breasts, he’d always been a sucker for big ones and Kristy’s were big. “Huge” was the word that his friends had used after they had first met her all those years ago. Kristy knew he was under her spell as his eyes glazed over and he sank to his knees as she pushed his head down. Removing her panties Kristy spread her legs a little and pushed his head between her thighs. When his tongue made contact with Kristy’s clit she almost collapsed to the floor. Thankfully Sean had positioned himself in such a way that the bed was right behind her so she fell back onto that, as she did her legs spread further and he was able to access more of her pussy. As he parted her lips with his tongue he was able to probe her hole whilst rubbing her clit with his nose. He kneaded her muscular thighs as he lapped at her box, savouring the delicious nectar that coated his face. Kristy pulled her legs up further exposing more of her sex, her ass cheeks parting slightly to reveal her asshole. He slid a finger into her and felt her wetness, his oral ministrations were having the desired effect. Feeling a bit adventurous, he quickly lubed up his middle finger with her natural juices and with only the slightest warning, he started to circle her arsehole. He leaned in and wrapped his lips around her clit and while driving her mad with the suction, he pressed his middle finger against her forbidden opening and felt it slip in. There was resistance at first but as Kristy’s pelvis was rocking from the oral attention her muscles loosened enough for him to push his finger all the way in. The sudden intrusion was surprising to Kristy but added to the stimulation of her pussy and his sucking on her clit, it was not altogether unwelcome. He sensed that she was ok with his backdoor penetration and started to work both fingers in and out of each slippery orifice. The new sensation was something that Kristy had not experienced before and it drove her crazy. Sean felt Kristy drawing closer to orgasm, both fingers were being squeezed tightly as he continued to tongue her clit and suck on her lips. He grunted into her pussy, “Cum for me”. He’d never been one to issue commands and upon hearing it and realising what he had said, a barrier broke within Kristy and a powerful orgasm hit her body. She almost broke his fingers as her muscles contracted, her vagina milking one finger, her ass squeezing the other. His face, already coated in her juice was assaulted as she erupted in pleasure. Contraction after contraction wracked her body as he kept up his movements, fingers and tongue worked as one. Fifteen seconds of orgasmic bliss coursed through her, though she would later recall it being hours of pleasure. He pulled back, withdrawing his fingers from their hot sheaths, his face dripping, his hand hurting from the exertion, he collapsed next to her on the bed. He was still hard as he hadn’t cum but he didn’t have the energy to move, so involved with her orgasm he felt as drained as she did. They felt the bed rocking and realised that the ship they were on was moving. Not wanting to miss the Leaving Port party they redressed, Kristy wistfully holding his softening cock as she looked forward to feeling it buried in her later.

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