Bright Desire

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to be granted access to a paid porn site unlike any other porn site that I have ever encountered. Run by a sex loving woman, you can feel the welcoming nature of the content to those of us who are less into the traditional straight porn scene.

Bright Desire is a celebration of sex. It’s a deliberate attempt to show all the good stuff that we love about sex – intimacy, laughter, connection and real pleasure. It’s also about enhancing and exploring fantasy because our brains are just as important to our sex lives as our genitals. I want to making “thinking porn” – erotic material that engages your mind as well as your heart and your libido.

That quote is direct from the About page at Bright Desire, it is an admirable goal for any decent pornographer to have. All to often porn is focused solely on the money shot, that final expression of male sexuality, the cum shot. And while you will see a cum shot or two on Bright Desire, it is more about the journey to that cum shot.

My favourite part about the site is that it is more than just boy-girl, jizz on her tits porn. Solo female masturbation is a staple of most video sites, solo male masturbation gets almost no air time unless you are on a gay site. Bright Desire brings both male and female masturbation together to show that self-pleasure, no matter which gender, is a beautiful thing.

Gender queer porn is gaining traction as people start throwing off the social shackles passed down to us by our forefathers. The porn scene is only just catching up to the fact that when someone looks for bisexual porn with two guys and a girl they aren’t looking for the pay-for-gay actor who is struggling to stay aroused while going down on another guy who is only interested in having sex with the woman. We are looking for two men that genuinely want to touch each other and experience the intimate pleasures that a member of the same sex can provide. Who better to please a man than another man? While a woman lends a hand.

Whilst not flush with new content every day the site does provide a behind the scenes look with interviews with the performers. You can get to know the men and women that are creating porn and find out why they are doing it. Most people will be surprised that it is not because they are hooked on drugs and need the money but more because they enjoy sex and want to share that enjoyment.

Tags available on Bright Desires
Tags available on Bright Desire

As you can see from this screenshot I took of the tags section on the Bright Desire site there is a lot more than the usual on a porn site.

Overall I’d have to give Bright Desire a 9 out of 10, it is classy sexy porn that caters to open minded folks, it is well made, works great on a mobile phone too, is easy to navigate, and the content turned me on. It doesn’t get the full 10 as I don’t feel like there was enough bi and gay porn on there at this time but having followed the webmistress on Twitter for a while now, I get the feeling that she wants to include more content like that. And I hope she succeeds.

So go and visit now!

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