“Hello?” Picking up the phone Owen answered the unknown number as he roused himself from his slumber.
“Hi, yeah, you might not remember me, it’s Nicky from school”, a feminine voice stammered out.
“Oh yeah, I remember, what’s happening?”
“Would you like to get a coffee some time, catch up on old times?” Nicky asked him.
Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he glanced at his bedside clock, it was late enough in the morning for coffee.
“Sure, I can meet you around the corner in an hour”, he replied.
“Great”, she said with flustered enthusiasm.
Hanging up the phone Owen considered this event. He hadn’t seen Nicky for years, not since shortly after high school. They’d kept in touch sporadically via social media, updating each other on life achievements, new jobs, marriages, even his own divorce but they had not seen each other for years.

As he flopped back on his pillow Owen recalled memories of Nicky from high school, she’d admitted it once that he had been her high school crush but he’d been oblivious to it at the time. Pictures of her flashed through his mind and as he thought more on it, he had to admit to himself that had she said anything, he would have gone out with her at the time.

Strolling up to the local shops he spied her sitting out the front of the cafe, she fidgeted nervously in her seat until her eyes caught his and a faint blush rose through her cheeks. He drank in the sight of her, since high school she hadn’t grown much physically but there was an air of maturity about her now that he found attractive. Her back was straight, shoulders were back, her hair was long and below her shoulders, framing her face. As she stood to greet him he noticed the curves of her body too, a brief naughty thought flickered through his head as his eyes roamed over her breasts before lowering to her hips.

Embracing in a strong hug they exchanged pleasantries, both a bit awkward in their reunion. Friends in high school after so long apart and an out of the blue contact left them uneasy. As they ordered coffee from the waitress they both went through the usual questions. How’s the family, have you heard from so and so, where are you working now, the default questions that everyone goes through as they grope towards the connection they had in the past. Eventually Owen asked the ultimate question.
“So what’s bothering you?”
He’d deduced that behind all the inane questions there had been something bothering Nicky
“I’ve separated,” she mumbled. His eyebrow shot up.
“It had been coming for a while now, the details are not important but I had to check something for myself before I got back out into the singles market”, her words were no longer mumbled as she leaned forwards.
“I want you to take me out on a date. I should have asked you in high school but I was but a shy and nervous girl. Now I want to know. Where are you going to take me?” she asked him.

Owen was taken aback. He had not expected this outcome from a coffee. Immediately a whole host of emotions raced through him, the affection he had felt for her as he went through his own divorce and she’d been there to support him, the strange attraction he had felt for her at the time, one he had put down to the “rebound’ effect from his own relationship breakdown returned only this time he knew it wasn’t because he was seeking solace but from a genuine attraction to the woman before him.
“I’ll pick you up at 6”, he replied confidently, a plan forming in his mind. Addresses were exchanged and as they parted he placed a chaste kiss on her cheek, once again noting the faint blush inflaming her face.

Working quickly Owen organised a booking at his favourite fancy restaurant, got out some fancy clothes, had a shave, and then sat on the couch watching the time tick down. He was surprised at his nervousness, he hadn’t been on a date for years and was surprised to be in this situation, he’d never been bullied into dating someone before. His thoughts again wandered to Nicky, his memory assimilating the high school years with today’s encounter, some how he had never noticed her body before in the same way that he had noticed today. Prior she had been a school friend, one of the many girls he had known but today she was a woman, with curves in all the right places and a confidence that enchanted him. The more he thought about those curves, the more flushed he felt until he woke from his stupor, looked down and noticed his growing manhood. Definitely time for a cold shower he thought to himself.

He still had an hour before pick up time so he could luxuriate in a hot shower, the water running over his muscled frame. He was no gym junkie by any means but chose to keep himself in shape with regular walking and exercise. As the water warmed his body the thoughts of Nicky returned, as did the throbbing between his legs. A quick change in temperature dashed those thoughts as he turned off the water. Quickly dressing he collected his things and his thoughts and left for Nicky’s address.

Pulling up at the address he took a deep breath the quell his nerves, a knock on the door and it opened to reveal Nicky in what could only be described as a stunning dress. Pale lavender, it was a simple dress, it hung just below the knees, it hugged her waist just enough to show off her figure without being blatant. Short sleeves to cover her shoulders rounded out what would have been a very demure ensemble were it not for the plunging neckline, a less than subtle indication that contained within this material was a very confident woman. Owen felt his eyes were as close to falling out as Nicky’s firm, round breasts were to falling out of her dress, he fought with his primal desires to focus his attention on her face. He hoped Nicky hadn’t noticed his lecherous observation. Offering his arm he escorted her to his car and took off for the night’s entertainments.

Throughout the evening they caught each other up on the details of their lives. Between ordering and the entree he caught her up on how the divorce had gone, his current job status and his single status, entree to mains saw her recounting the many minor issues that had culminated in her own separation, their experiences similar and their grief over it bringing them closer together. Mains to dessert found them discussing the future. He went first, going on about where he wanted his career to go and how he was going to adapt his plans for a family now that he was single. As they finished dessert Nicky spoke of her own plans, her desire to find someone to settle down with that she could talk to, someone that could express his emotions and knew how to listen.
“Someone just like you”, she purred before putting the last bite of chocolate cake in her mouth.
The predatory look in her eyes surprised him.

Their meal complete, they returned to the car, making small talk as they drove. When they approached her house she asked if he wanted to come in for a coffee. Walking through to the kitchen she popped the kettle on to boil and turned towards him.
“This has been a most fantastic night, I’ve really needed this”, she gushed at him.
“There is just one more thing I need from you tonight”.
Eyebrow raised again, “Go on” he murmured.
“I need you to take off your clothes, come over here, and fuck me.”
Owen’s breath caught in his chest, “Come again?”
“That’s the plan. Now come over here and fuck me!” Nicky growled at him.

With stunned disbelief on his face Owen watched as Nicky reached behind her back and slowly pulled the zipper of her dress down, the fabric falling away to reveal her breasts, milky white in the kitchen light, her hardened nipples casting little shadows as they stood erect under his gaze. As she continued to unzip he felt his heart racing, his chest tightened along with his pants as he grew more erect. A quick shake of her hips and her dress fell away to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy, the downy fuzz just covering her glistening lips, her arousal obvious to Owen.

Still staring at her body Owen suddenly felt overdressed. Quickly shedding his jacket and shirt, he started on his belt but Nicky stepped immediately in front of him, the sight of her nude form mere inches from him, the heat from her body and the sweet smell of her sex drove him to greater heights of desire. Nicky reached out to unbelt his pants, letting them drop to expose the tent in his underwear, his hardness evident and his arousal obvious from the small wet patch forming around the head of her very engorged cock. Grazing her fingertips along his shaft from the base upwards before squeezing the head she whispered in his ear, “Let’s get rid of these,” and in one quick motion she tore them off his body. His cock, freed of its constraints snapped upwards against her stomach, the heat of her body pressed against his shaft caused his knees to buckle. As he stumbled forwards her breasts made contact with his, the feminine curves of her body stoking his fire.

Demurely, Nicky turned herself around, not once breaking contact between their bodies. As she turned she leaned forward, her hands resting on the counter top as she arched her back and pushed her ass towards him.
“Please fuck me”, she purred.
Stepping closer Owen’s cock slid between her taut ass cheeks, the heat of her sex radiating over him, stepping up on her tiptoes he felt his cock slip between her legs, the wetness of her lips preparing him for entry, as she sank down he felt the head of his cock penetrating her pussy, her engorged lips slipping around his shaft as she sank herself down, feeling his hardness stretching her in ways she hadn’t felt for a long time. She moaned as she impaled herself on his throbbing appendage, finally taking a deep breath when she had taken him completely.

Standing there motionless, his cock enveloped in her soaking wet pussy, he placed his hands on her hips as she squeezed him with her powerful muscles. She continued to massage him as he stood there until he leaned forward, one hand reaching around to grasp her breast, the other still on her hip, a passionate kiss upon her neck and then he started to move, slowly at first, almost with agonising deliberateness he teased her. Holding her in place with his arms so she couldn’t move he withdrew almost completely before pushing back into her body, his fingers pinching one nipple as he kissed and nibbled on her neck, the occasional deep grunt in her ear as he felt the divine pleasure of her quivering pussy.

Nicky looked back at him, watched in awe as the strength of his body worked to pleasure her body. She needed it more than she had known.
“Fuck me. Hard. Please”, she moaned as he entered her again. Hearing the wanton need in her voice he increased his pace, thrusting hard enough to almost lift her off the ground as hung on to the bench for support. Her moans drove him on, the pleasure from pleasuring her equalled the growing pressure in his own body, he could feel her edging closer to her first orgasm as he continued to thrust within her, as he felt the muscles in her pussy start to tighten he moved from her hip to her clit, his fingers making contact with her most sensitive part and causing her dam to break. 

Her muscles tensed up, she held her breath, and then tipped over the edge, grunting and growling as her orgasm tore through, pleasure wracked her body as years of pent up sexual energy was released. She thrust back at Owen, wanting him to keep thrusting as she twitched through her first good orgasm in ages, he kept up the steady pumping, letting her calm down slowly, the occasional tremor convulsing through her body. As she calmed down he withdrew from her, spun her around, picked her up and lowered her onto his upright cock. Kissing her deeply he started to thrust in earnest now, having given Nicky her release it was time for him to fuck her.

Thrusting into her as hard as he could he felt the pressure building in his balls, he was close to orgasm. He hesitated a moment, Nicky opened her eyes.
“Cum inside me”, she whispered, knowing just what he was thinking.
All restraint lifted from him, Owen focused his energy towards making this amazing woman cum again before he did. Wrapping his arms around her tightly he held her as he fucked her, his lips tasting hers as they kissed passionately, the whole worlding fading away to nothing more than their bodies moving as one as they came together, his cum pumping into her body as she quivered around him. Still standing he stopped thrusting as she collapsed against his body, tears of pleasure in her eyes as she felt the last twitching remnants of his orgasm pulsing through her body.

Lowering her legs Nicky tentatively stood up as Owen lifted her off of his now diminishing erection, a flood of emotions washing over both of them as the realisation of their coupling descended upon them, a cheeky smile on both faces as both flushed red with contentedness and happy thoughts for the future.

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