Making New Friends

I’d made a new friend on the internet. I had been looking for someone who was up for the occasional guys night, two or three guys, beer, snacks, and.. well… porn. You see, I’m happily married to the woman of my dreams but I am bisexual, an interesting predicament in a monogamous situation. Knowing my bi tendencies, I’d been allowed a porn buddy in the past, we would catch up occasionally, put some porn on, jerk each other off, the occasional blowjob. You know, guy stuff. But then he got a new partner and she was not keen on sharing.

I got introduced to a friend of a friend, he’d never done anything like this before, didn’t even think of himself as bisexual but within the realms of the bi-curious. The plan had been to get together and just watch some porn at his house with no women around.

So Mike and I were at his house, his partner and my friend who introduced us were out and about. We were watching porn, just he and I sitting next to each other on the couch exploring the various genres, trying to work out where our tastes joined up. We started off just watching, our pants tightening until our throbbing erections demanded freedom. Having been in a similar situation before I felt more confident as I pulled mine out and, taking my cue, he followed shortly after. Whilst still staring resolutely at the TV we would sneak glances at each other, drinking in the sight of our hard cocks and marveling at the different ways that we stroked ourselves.

We were still clothed, flies undone and dicks out but a lot of detail was hidden. Grunting something about being uncomfortable I removed my clothes and sat down again, my body fully exposed for him to see. I had caught him staring directly at me, I realised that whilst I had jerked off with another man, this was his first time.
Looking towards him I asked him, “Want to touch me?”
Mike didn’t say anything but he stood up, removed his clothes and sat down right next to me, his hand on my thigh and drifting slowly upwards. His nervousness apparent as he closed in on his first time stroking another man. He gave me a few slow strokes, I moaned a little and he calmed down, his confidence in himself growing.

Taking advantage of his cock now being free, I snaked my arm through his and started to stroke him in time with his strokes. This is an amazing sensation that every man needs to try. You can feel the throbbing heat of a cock in your hand but as you squeeze and stroke the movements are not felt by your own cock.

As we sat there stroking each other to porn we started talking about how we had wound up in this situation, how one mutual friend had gotten us here. As we played we talked about her and how she’d been talking us up to each other, one got the impression that she really wanted to see two men together. 

I suggest we tease her with a photo or two, I move Mike to his knees between my legs, the height of the couch just right for his dick to line up perfectly with mine. We pressed our hard cocks together and snapped off a couple of pictures for that special woman. And for Mike’s wife Kara. It took us a while to get the hang of it but eventually we got a perfect shot of our meat pressed together, precum dribbling down and over each other, shafts red and pulsing, shiny from precum.

We hit send and then the intense sensations from frotting together distract us. We take turns wrapping our hands around our shafts and stroking, the precum from our engorged members mixing and coating us. As we stroked we heard the phone ding but we were too caught up in exploring our new friendship to check it.

Mike is still on his knees, our cocks are still together, when we hear the door opening, peeking through we first see Kara’s face followed by Adelyn’s. The knowledge that we were on the couch stroking each other was too much for them, they both had to see us and since we weren’t responding on the phone they both came to see us.

I gestured for both ladies to join me on the couch, Kara sits on one side, Adelyn takes the other. Sitting next to me they look down and watch as Mike continues to stroke us both.
“Fuuuuuuuuck” Kara whispers.
The ladies both realised for the first time that both men are naked and suddenly the room feels excessively hot, Kara starts to undress first, her breasts falling free from her bra as Adelyn follows suit until we are all naked, flesh pressed against flesh on the couch.

Kara’s hand is buried between her legs, I noticed how hard her nipples were, and then I looked to Adelyn’s, pointed like diamonds and one hand was snaking its way between her legs, over her neatly cropped pubic hair to her wet lips. 
“Adelyn, guide my cock into Mike’s mouth”.
“Kara, teach him how to pleasure a man”.
Tentatively Adelyn slides her hand down my body, her fingers circling the base of my cock as Mike falls back a bit, Kara looks him dead in the eyes, “Now baby, it is time for you to suck your first cock”.
Mike swallows hard, his throat has gone dry at the thought of his first cock. Kara leaned forward to kiss him, her breast swinging over my cock as Adelyn slowly strokes and squeezes me. Breaking from her kiss, her hand still on the back of his head she guides Mike down as Adelyn held my erection steady, his lips parted as my flared head passed his lips.

Kara encourages him, “Go on honey, suck that cock”, she’s got two fingers buried in her pussy as she watches her husband pleasuring a man with his mouth. His cock is throbbing as he kneels between my legs, doing as he is told. I turn to face Adelyn, her hand complimenting the pleasure from Mike’s mouth as he tries to take more and more of me into his mouth. Adelyn is squeezing my balls as I place one hand on her thigh, tracing upwards I can feel the heat from her sex as I get closer and closer. I do the same to Kara.

My hands eventually find their goal, two wet pussies, legs spread, lips parted in aching arousal. Kara grabs one hand, pulling me hard against her clit, Adelyn’s hand is still on my dick but she moaned at me, “Please touch me”.

Mike is sucking more and more of my cock into his mouth, he’s almost down to the base where Adelyn’s hand is, she moves it slightly to grab my balls, almost feeling my cum boiling around, ready to explode. I turn further towards Adelyn and take a nipple in my mouth, hard and erect, it tastes sweet as I suck upon it. I suck and roll her nipple in my mouth as I run my fingers over her clit and Kara’s. 

Kara suddenly leaves me side and kneels down next to Mike, she wants to show him how to properly suck a cock, pulling my shaft free from his mouth she dives on it. As she sucks my cock she has Mike lick my balls whilst he reaches back to finger her from behind, meanwhile I have two fingers in Adelyn’s pussy and I am nuzzling at her pendulous breasts.

My cock is aching to explode. I tell Adelyn to get on her knees too, all three of you have been pleasuring me and all three of you will get the reward. As Adelyn sank to her knees, Mike took my cock in his mouth, sucking the head, Kara licked and sucked one side of the shaft and Adelyn leaned in to lick and suck the other side. 

I don’t know who it is but someone slides a finger in my ass, finds my p-spot, and then it happens. My orgasm is triggered, three people all sucking my cock and I explode. Mike gets his first ever mouthful of cum, his inexperience causing him to pull backwards, my second volley lands on Kara’s face, my third I am for Adelyn’s breasts as I stroke my orgasm out on to three willing partners. I see stars as my orgasm overwhelms me.

Mike is choking down his first load of cum, Kara is enjoying the feeling of my hot sticky load on her face and Adelyn is rubbing my seed into her breasts. As I flop back onto the couch I realise there are three more explosions yet to happen. Now that I have cum, the ladies will cum next, and eventually Mike may be allowed to cum if he is a good boy.

Still coated in my cum, Adelyn and Kara return to the couch next to me, Mike knowing his place stays on his knees stays. Kara takes charge and tells him to start cleaning up my cock as she tells Adelyn to clean her up. Using just tongues Adelyn licks all my cum from Kara’s body as Mike licks my cock and balls clean. When we are both clean Mike is ordered to clean Adelyn’s body with his tongue.

Still on his knees, Kara guides Mike’s head between her legs. Dropping to my knees myself, I assume the same position but between Adelyn’s legs. My tongue makes contact and Adelyn’s head rolls back on the couch, watching Mike sucking me and then joining him with Kara has her wetter than Adelyn thought possible. Kara moans as Mike gets into his own tasty meal.

Sitting next to each other, naked bodies pressing together, both women turn to each other and kiss, strongly and deeply, each woman can taste my cum on each others’ lips. Adelyn has never been eaten this deeply by a man before, my tongue is parting her silky folds to probe deeply, her breasts are pressed against Kara’s, tongue against tongue as both women make out whilst two men eat them to heaven.

Mike and I are in a race, each to make the woman he is eating cum. His cock is dribbling precum, the taste of Kara driving him wild after having had his first taste of cock. Even as close as I am to my previous orgasm, a lengthening is occurring as I drive Adelyn closer to orgasm with my tongue. Feeling she is on the precipice, Adelyn’s thighs are starting to squeeze me, I attack her clit with my tongue and then slide two fingers deep inside her wanton pussy. 

Kara bites down on your closest nipple as Mike slides his fingers inside, her orgasm tearing through her body as Adelyn’s body begins to quake in ecstasy. I stand up, my hardening cock right before Adelyn’s face, she reaches over and kisses it just as Mike stands up, his cock is purple and shiny, he needs to cum. He’s the only one who hasn’t experienced relief.

“Ladies, look at poor little Mike on his knees, doesn’t his little cock look fit to burst?”
Kara reaches down and gently strokes the full length, her fingers wet from his precum. 
“Let’s let him sit down on the couch here.”
I push him down on the couch, as he goes down I direct Kara to one side and Adelyn to the other, both women instinctively pressing their breasts into his face as one grabs his balls and the other wraps her fingers around his steel hard cock. Standing before him, my cock, already stiffening again, is pressed against his lips until he parts them to take me in his mouth again. As both women watch him, four hands tease his cock and balls, just enough to edge him without letting him cum.

He needs to earn his orgasm. 

But first the torture. I drop to my knees between his legs, knock everyone’s hands out of the way and swallow his cock till my chin is resting on his nutsack. The sudden contrast from teasing fingers to a hot, wet mouth tipped Mike towards orgasm but a firm pull on his scrotum pulls him up short.
I tell Mike, “You’re not allowed to cum until i think you deserve it”, before I lower my head again to enjoy his cock.
Kara is in pure heaven watching her husband’s cock disappearing into another man’s mouth whilst her best friend’s hands are racing over the aforementioned husband to play with her breasts. As I suck him closer and closer to orgasm the girls take turns kissing each other and kissing Mike. My cock is rock hard again, the pleasure of sucking his dick working wonders. 

I stand up again and tell Adelyn and Kara to lick my cock, I want it slippery for what I’m about to do. Drool dripping off my cock I drop to my knees again, my cock against Mike’s, I tell Adelyn to pull one of his legs up on her side and Kara to do the same with the other leg. Both legs pulled up and spread wide I line the flared head of my cock against his tight hole and push, his virgin ass taking all six inches of thick cock until his balls are nestled in my trimmed pubes. As the head of my cock pushes deep into his ass it presses against his p-spot and he loses it. His cock, tormented beyond the limit twitches as I fill his hole, I feel his ass squeezing my cock as his orgasm rips through his body, no longer can the raw sexual energy be contained. Spurt after spurt of cum pumps from his cock, volley after volley landing on his chest, one even landing on his face. Muscles contracting, he stiffens like a board as he sees stars exploding.

I keep myself buried in his ass, the strong sphincter muscles working my cock like a firm handjob, as he starts to relax I start to pump him, I still need to cum and I am going to unload in his ass. Covered in his own cum, Mike just lays there as I use him as my fucktoy, the women on either side of him watching his body rocking back and forth as I bring myself close, one last thrust and I grunt, cum spurting from the head of my cock to coat the walls of his virgin ass. I hold myself in deeply, filling his ass with seed until I come down from my high. 
“Kara, your finest plug please”, I ask my host’s wife.
She returns quickly holding a large metal plug, she slides it along her own wet lips to lube it up and then as I pull my cock free of her husband’s cum filled hole she pops it in, my cum will stay inside him until Kara decides he can remove the plug.

Sitting back we notice that the porno we’d been watching had finished long ago, the room reeked of sex and there was cum everywhere. One last act, Adelyn uses her fingers to push the cum on Mike’s face towards his mouth before we all head to the shower to clean up.

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