Double Surprise

Your girlfriend had bought us both a new sex toy, it was a buttplug with a cock and ball ring attached to it. She knew that we have our porn nights, our little escape from our heterosexuality so she thought she would surprise us with matching toys. It turned out that she was the surprised one when she came home early and found us nude on the couch.

Our asses were filled with the toys, our cock and balls squeezed by the rings, our cocks together, shaft against shaft as we rubbed against each other, our legs tangled together. A fleshlight was threatening to split in two as we penetrated it in a slick duet, lubricant coated our shafts as we double fucked our simulant pussy.

So engrossed we were that we didn’t notice her standing at the door to the lounge room until she moaned, the sight of her partner and his taboo lover locked together in pure lust had turned her on immediately. Her moan caused by her own fingers snaking into her pants to slide along her moistening lips.

Initially we’d been embarrassed and had stopped fucking our toy but seeing her standing there, one hand in her pants, the other groping her breast, and a look of pure lust in her eyes, we resumed pumping ourselves in and out of our pussy, making alternate eye contact with both of us as we stood on the edge of the ultimate erotic trist.

A slight nod from you was all it took, she stripped off her clothes at the door, crossed the space between us, her eyes never leaving our dicks as she knelt on the floor, yanked away the fleshlight and then took us in her hands. Our cocks together, exposed, hard and under her control.

She took her time to inspect us, she’d seen your cock plenty but right next to mine she started to notice things anew. The way your cock curved compared to the thickness of my shaft, your tight foreskin and the absence of mine, the veins standing out on us both from the cock rings around us.

As she looked she stroked us, an animal hunger writ upon her face. She leaned forward and licked your shaft from your balls to the tip then across to the head of my cock and down to my balls. A twitch coursed through my body as your partner took her first taste of my arousal. We both twitched as she held us together tightly before trying to take us both in her mouth at the same time.

Her pussy was soaked as she played with us, she moved her body so that you could reach her vagina whilst she continued stuffing her mouth with our engorged heads. Your fingers slipped easily between her wet labia as you deftly found her wanting hole. She moaned as you fingered her, she groaned when you pulled out, then she purred as you pushed her ass in my direction.

Still on her knees with her head down low I could see her pussy between her slightly spread legs, her juices flowing freely from your fingering, I reached down with one hand to caress her ass, my fingers creeping closer and closer to her entrance as I looked for confirmation on your face. A thumbs up from you and I plunged into her, two fingers pushing deep into her to find her g-spot, my thumb covering her clit, her vagina squeezed me tight.

Her clit is hard, she couldn’t take our manual ministrations any longer. She stood up, took my hand in her mouth and sucked her own juices off of my finger as with her other hand she moved your hand to our shafts and squeezed them together. She turned towards you and straddled us both, your hand guiding both of us inside her. I felt myself being pressed against you as her pussy stretched itself around us, my cock felt like steel entering a forge, the heat and the pressure were intense. Slowly she lowered herself onto us, her body had to get used to two penises inside.

We could both feel her contracting as the extra girth of our combined manhood pushed her into an orgasm. She had collapsed forward onto you as the experience overwhelmed her, I sat up a little and pulled her back, my arms reaching from behind to fondle her firm breasts as you sat up to kiss her. I held her tight as we started to rock, my arms reached around further to hold you close to, your hands on my back as built up a rhythm. I’d kiss and nibble one side of her neck as you attacked the other, occasionally we’d swap sides, as we swapped a third time she told us to kiss. Something we’d never done before.

Your hands on my body, mine on yours, our cocks held together by her pussy, I felt your lips against mine as she moaned into her second orgasm of the night. Awkwardly we all kissed as we continued our piston pumping into her.

As she came down from her peak she begged us to finish soon, the pleasure was becoming exquisitely painful for her. With one last kiss I increased the tempo. Her eyes rolled back into her head as we pumped her faster, her head fell back against my shoulder as I groaned in her ear. She begged us again to cum together inside her. I watched your face as you watched mine, we’d watched each other cumming enough to know the signs.

My balls tightened up, and as they did I felt yours follow. We were both close. She was panting as I leaned forward, pulled your head down to mine and planted one last passionate kiss on your lips. The unexpectedly erotic feeling pushed us both over the edge. I push in as deep as I can as the semen in my balls boils up and through my cock to rocket forth from the head to coat her pussy and your cock with cum. As I was unloading inside her I felt your load coating me, as we kept pushing in and out our cum filled her cunt and spilled out of her well-fucked hole to cover our balls and the couch with our juices.

We came, a groaning, moaning, twisted pile of fucking flesh, our thrusting cocks lubricated with cum slid over and under, occasionally we’d pop out of her but her slick entrance accepted our re-entry easily.

As our orgasms abated we collapsed, she finally fell forward onto your chest, her body still twitching as she kissed you, I looked down to see her asshole looking at me, below it my cock, slick with our juices was softening inside her, a hint of your cock was visible. Complete exhaustion took over and we all fell asleep, still joined by our genitals.

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