Fireman Fuck

Just a quick one based on a suggestion from a friend.

Lisa had no idea where she was or what was happening but as she woke up she knew one thing, it was very hard to breathe. It felt like there were two hands around her neck, squeezing and pulling her around. She also felt like her sex was on fire, as she regained consciousness she became aware of someone with her, someone pinning her down. And that someone was inside her, spreading her apart. Opening her eyes she sees someone wearing a helmet, his face contorted in pleasurable pain, he’s breathing hard. She can smell smoke, the heat of a fire, is it her house? The last thing she remembers is falling asleep in her own bed but now it looks like she is in her backyard, flames tearing through her house as she struggles to breathe whilst being fucked. She reaches a hand out to the man inside her, he looks at her with burning lust in his eyes. He chokes her again, the spots forming in her vision as he sinks himself to the hilt in her pussy. How long has he been fucking her like this in her own backyard?

He loosens his grip again and she breathes deeply, she should be outraged but instead her body is willing her to enjoy this. She hasn’t had a man for a few months and now a fireman is ravaging her body, her knickers have been torn down her legs, still hooked around one ankle, her nightie has been hiked up to allow him free access to her wet cunt. He’s sliding in and out of her, his thick cock stretching her out as he pushes into her. His hands are on her throat, his face grimaces in pleasure as he chokes her, he sees her fear as she can’t breathe and he increases his tempo, her breasts bouncing in her nightie as he pounds her body. When he relaxes his grip he slows down, the lack of oxygen and the impressive girth are pushing her to orgasm.

The roof of her house crashes in, collapsing under its own weight as the fire eats through the support beams. As it crashes his beam feels like it is on fire inside her pussy, no longer caring about how or why but instead intent on making this man, this beast of a man, making him cum inside her. She needs to feel his cum coating her insides. She moans now as he fucks her, a total stranger, a fireman, his body covered in sweat. She’s close, she can feel it.
She begs him, “Please, cum inside me, I need you to put out this fire with your thick hose”.
He grunts, his hands once again close around her neck, he pushes her down into the dirt as he looms above her, massive muscled arms, a six pack that goes on and on, and a tight ass, all pistoning in and out of her. Just as she starts to lose consciousness again he cums. His eruption deep inside triggers her own release. He holds still, the cum boiling up from his balls, it pulses through his dick and sprays forth from the purpled head of his cock. She can feel him pumping inside her, the walls of her vagina suddenly whitewashed as he unloads his heavy balls inside her willing cunt. She screams, as best she can with his hands on her throat, as he thrusts in and out of her, each thrust driving more of his seed deep into her, his guttural groaning driving her own orgasm on. All she can do is convulse as he continues to fuck her, five, six, seven shots of cum and he starts to come down from his orgasm. Completely spent he pulls back, his cock pulling free from her well fucked cunt with a slop sound, a gush of semen rushes forth from her, spilling down between her asscheeks to pool on the ground below her.

He stands up, zips his pants back up and picks her up, his cum running down her thighs as he carries her to his fire truck. He offers her first aid as other firefighters arrive to help put out the blaze. Little do they know that a fire of passion has been started between her legs and water alone will not put it out.

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