GTA Buddies

We’d been hanging out as best friends for as long as I could remember. We lived on the same street and our mutual tastes in friends, games, and hobbies led us to be quite close. We shared everything together. As we reached puberty we even shared our porno collections. That first Hustler smuggled home from the older kids at school, our bond so close, we thought nothing of it when we first jerked off to it together. We certainly didn’t think of ourselves as gay, we just enjoyed jerking off and didn’t care if we did it together or alone.

Shortly after the end of high school Joey’s parents moved across town and he went with them. Our bond was split by distance but we still hung out as much as possible. Gaming was easier as we could play online, we still saw each other at the local college that we had both been accepted into, and we still shared porn, only now it was via the internet. Our mutual masturbation sessions were less often but we would often send each other some of the more choice finds as we trawled the internet during our boring classes.

We’d never crossed the line from watching each other to touching each other until after high school. The longer time spent apart between porn sessions had us wanting to have better and bigger orgasms. I can very clearly remember the first time he jerked me off. We’d always been competitive, especially in our gaming. I’d been over at his house one afternoon when his parents were out and we were doing speed runs in GTA. Joey suggested that his gaming skills were so good that there was nothing I could do that would distract him. The challenge thrown down, I accepted.

Looking around the room I spied our stack of old Hustlers in the corner. So whilst he started the race I opened one up, leant back in my chair, and pulled my cock out and started to masturbate. A pretty normal occurrence in Joey’s room. I positioned myself so that both the magazine and my dick would be visible in his peripheral vision. As usual I got hard pretty quickly and as I stroked myself slowly up and down I could see his attention was waivering. Trying to distract him further I moaned and groaned like the guys in porn as I jerked myself off. Flipping through the pages I looked at naked woman after naked woman and I soon forgot about Joey and the challenge to distract him and just focused on my own impending release. The head of my cock was slick with precum, the thick shaft throbbing and pulsing, my hand flying up and down. As I got closer I dropped the magazine and cupped my balls with my other hand, squeezing them gently before pulling them down as I stroked faster and faster. Grunting hard I came, creamy semen shooting forth from the purpled head, one hand still pulling my balls down hard, the other pulling and squeezing the shaft as volley after volley of cum arced into the air and lands on my stomach. It took less than than 10 seconds but felt like forever.

Finally I caught my breath I look over at the screen in front of Joey, his vehicle is motionless as the timer runs on. He is looking at me, a look of lust-fuelled longing evident in his eyes and a throbbing erection bulging in his pants. With a grin I declare myself the winner and head for the bathroom to clean up. Joey can only nod as I leave the room.

This is how we began our new gaming adventures. We would both attempt to distract the other by masturbating and watching porn. Our attempts would grow more outlandish as the bar for distraction rose. Unfortunately there is only so much that you can do to yourself that will distract the player.

One particular day I was trying to distract Joey again and I was getting nowhere. We’d both taken to going nude during our game challenges as sitting with an erection in your pants was a distraction in itself and we didn’t want to help the other person. I was doing my best to distract Joey, I was standing close to him, my erection pointed towards him as I stroked it. He wasn’t really watching me anymore as we had both seen each other masturbating like this enough times to be used to it. I could see that his cock was stiffening, the foreskin was pulling back a little to expose the head, but he was not throbbing hard. I was not distracting him enough. Seeing him getting closer and closer to the finishing line and to victory I did the only thing I could think of that would be guaranteed to distract him. I sat down on his left side and reached out with my right hand to grab his cock. We’d never crossed this line but as soon as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft it throbbed to life. As the blood rushed to his growing member his concentration was broken. Joey immediately crashed into a wall having dropped the controller as I started to pull on engorged cock. He looked at me, then back to the screen, then down to my hand, then back to the screen. A wave of confusion and emotion crashed over his face. We’d never touched each other before but we had spent years watching each other. I told him the challenge was still on and then I started to move my hand while I held my own member with the other. His face showed resolve to finish the challenge and to beat me, regardless of what I was doing.

Joey picked up the remote and resumed playing but he was definitely more distracted. Each time I squeezed him the steering would wobble or he’d miss a turn. I started to masturbate him in time with the race course. A chicane would lead to a twisting hand around his cock, a hard right to a hard squeeze. On and on he drove as I controlled him with his penis. The last lap came up and he was almost on time, he could make it if I didn’t do something special. Remembering everything I had seen in porn and the things I liked myself, I masturbated him as best I could. I pulled on his balls just the way that I like, I squeezed the head, twisted my hand, and ran my fingers up and down his shaft. I could tell it was working, his head was covered with precum and it was flowing down over my fingers. Swirling it around I used it to lubricate my hand. He was on the last corner as he erupted. It was amazing to feel him stiffen in my hand, the heavy moment hanging just before that first pump fired through him. I’d cum on myself before but this was different. This was another man’s seed spraying all over my hand. As he fired into the air and again dropped the remote, I simply held him as he thrust his hips up and down, fucking my hand. I’d not seen him have a stronger orgasm than this before, his first shot reaching his chest, the second firing over his head, followed by the third and fourth, trails of cum streaking over his body. As his pleasure washed over his body he continued to coat his chest and my hand in his cum. He stopped moving his hips so I took over, slowly stroking him as he returned to earth.

His orgasm abated, Joey turned to me, a red flush to his face. He complained it wasn’t fair, touching each other was against the rules. Triumphantly I pointed at the screen with my cum-soaked hand. The timer was still running. I left to clean up as he finished the race. Afterwards I threw the tissues at him so that he could clean up his own chest and the wall behind him.

The escalation of our relationship took some getting used to. Jerking off a friend in the heat of the moment was one thing but dealing with it after we’d calmed down was something else. Obviously there was a lot of homoeroticism in the things we had been doing, masturbating in front of a same sex friend is pretty gay but we weren’t gay, were we? We were both avid fans of breasts and we were just enjoying our mutual appreciation of breasts. But touching, that was crossing a line from pleasuring ourselves to pleasuring each other. What would this mean for us?

Things were a little awkward for the days following. The stream of porn sent back and forth slowed down, meetings in the courtyard at college were brief and usually accompanied by awkwardness. I was worried that my impetuous action had ruined everything. The Wednesday afternoon after I had jerked him off I got a message from Joey asking me to come over on Saturday. Our usual night for the challenges. I accepted and then spent the next few days worrying about what he would say, what I would say, what it all meant.

By Saturday I was a nervous wreck and walking into Joey’s room I felt sure he was going to get weird at me for what I’d done. Instead he threw me the remote control for GTA and started to take off his clothes. I must have had a funny look on my face as he turned to me, shrugged, and told me it was his turn for the challenge and that he would do whatever it took to win. It looked like he was cool with what happened last session and now I was feeling butterflies in my stomach wondering what would happen this time.

I stripped off my own clothes before sitting down on the couch nearest the TV. My flaccid penis was already stirring, thoughts of what happened last time mingling with the sight of him already getting hard and the porno he had playing on his laptop all worked towards my arousal. I hadn’t even started the race and I was getting distracted. I needed to focus. Setting my attention on the game I started the race. I focused on that game harder than I had ever focused before. I could hear him shuffling around behind me, the unmistakable sound of masturbation mingling with the game’s sound effects. He was masturbating but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before. He wasn’t trying very hard at all. I was blitzing the race, near record time as well. Coming up to the last lap I thought I had it in the bag.

And then he pounced. I had been so intent on the screen that I hadn’t noticed him on his knees crawling towards me. What I did notice was his tongue running along the underside of shaft, hot and wet all the way from my balls to the now engorged head. Crash. I lost total control of my body as he took me as deep as he could go. Admittedly it was not very deep but when you are not expecting your friend to have your penis in his mouth it feels very shocking. Almost like instinct I dropped the remote and placed my hands on his head. He moaned as I played with his hair as he bobbed up and down on me. He used one hand on my balls, pulling them like I pulled his, the other hand working my shaft as he licked and sucked on my knob. His eyes were closed as he went down on me, he moaned in pleasure, obviously enjoying himself. I moved my legs and I could feel his penis against my leg. It was hot, like molten steel, a trail of sticky precum coating my skin as I moved myself against him. I was close. I told him. He just kept sucking. I wasn’t sure if he had understood me or not but either way it was too late. My body twitched, paused for a brief moment, and then explosions. Explosions of pleasure everywhere. I felt it in my toes, in my legs, spreading upwards. I felt it in my head, my arms, my chest, like a wave it crashed from all parts of my body moving towards my core. Each wave crashed into the other, building and growing. The waves met at my cock. My throbbing, engorged, tumescent cock and it could not contain the pleasure anymore. Spurt after spurt of my cum pulsed forth from my body and straight into his mouth. It was impossible to tell how much he forced from my body but as I drifted back to consciousness he still had my penis in his mouth as he tried to swallow everything I had ejaculated.

Finally looking up at me he pulled back and my cock slipped from his mouth, a hint of cum sneaking out the corners of his mouth as he continued to swallow my sticky load. Looking down at him I smiled and conceded defeat. There was no way I would ever be able to beat this challenge. As he stood up I could see he was getting soft and there was a rope of cum hanging from the eye of his penis. The floor was covered in cum. He saw me looking. He sheepishly admitted that it was the hottest thing he’s ever experienced and the feeling of my orgasm filling his mouth had pushed him into his own hands-free orgasm.

Cleaning ourselves up afterwards I asked him what it was like to have a penis in your mouth. He smiled and told me I’d need to find out next week.

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