First Time on the Couch

Another typical Friday afternoon, I was dozing at work wondering what I was going to do that night when I got an SMS from my friend Joe. One of my closer friends, Joe and I often hung out on the weekends. We were both pretty nerdy, computer games and movies featured highly on our list of things to do. Unlike most friendships, ours also included a sexual side. We’d stumbled upon our shared interest in certain genres of porn during a drunken night of debauchery and since then we had occasionally indulged ourselves by watching it together and even jerking each other off. We never discussed our sexuality at any point, it was just something that felt nice to do and since we were both single there was nothing to stop us but ourselves.

Joe’s message was simple. “Come over tonight, I’ll leave the front door unlocked, pull it closed when you come in.” Looks like I had plans after all. I replied in the affirmative and then tried to get through the last couple of hours at work without falling asleep.

I got home shortly after 5pm, working close to the office did have its advantages. Showering quickly I pulled on some loose clothes on the off chance Joe had porn on the brain and I headed out the door. The light at his front door illuminated the entrance, I knocked once and let myself in and closed the door. It was pretty dark downstairs and I could see the soft glow from his TV screen coming down the stairs. I could also hear moaning. Female moaning. My premonition about Joe and porn had been correct, thank god I wore my loose pants. Taking the stairs two at a time I quickly got up to his TV room. As you come up the stairs you can immediately see his giant TV screen, the couch sitting with its back to the stairs. The high back on it almost completely conceals anyone sitting on it.

Standing at the top of the stairs I could clearly see that he had his favourite porno running, it had a delicious MMF threesome where the guys would occasionally touch each other. Dragging my eyes from the action on screen they slowly adjusted to the darkened room. I could see his pale skin in the light of the TV, he was nude already and sporting an impressive erection. The pool of penis that I had seen in person was very small but Joe’s penis was one of the more majestic. He wasn’t porn star huge but given his wiry frame his thick, curvy cock was not what one would normally expect.

Grunting a hello Joe indicated that I should get undressed and join him on the couch. I was already feeling the stirring of my own arousal between my legs, the porn on screen and Joe naked on the couch was sending a familiar pulse to my cock. Throwing my clothes over the back of the couch I plopped down next to him, our legs touching as the soft couch cushions rolled in under our combined weight. He swapped hands, rubbing himself with his left hand as he placed his right on my thigh. His hand was sticky, he must have been playing for a while as he was coated in his own precum. Mere seconds after I got myself comfortable he wrapped his fingers around my throbbing shaft. This was unusual, normally we would both play with ourselves for a while until our arousal made us feel more comfortable touching each other.

Not one to pass up a handjob, I leaned back in the couch, one arm resting limply at my side, the other falling around his shoulders. His hand went to work on my cock, having done this a couple of times in the past he knew just how I liked to be stroked. He was moaning gently as he pleasured me, I’d never seen him act this way before but I was enjoying it. He leaned down closer and closer to my crotch, I continued to watch the screen as he jerked me off so it came as quite a surprise when I felt his tongue running along the underside of my shaft from my balls to the head and back. I must have tensed up because he turned to look at me.

“Did you like that?” he questioned, nervousness evident in his voice.
“Mhmm yes”, I groaned.
Leaving the couch, he took up a position on his knees between my legs, his hands on my knees. Joe then ran his hands up my thighs, spreading my legs as he did so before moving in to take me in his mouth once again.

I’d had a couple of blowjobs in the past from various high school girlfriends but none of them were quite like this. I don’t know where he’d learned to suck cock but he was a master at it. Perhaps it was because he had a penis as well, he knew exactly how much pressure to use, how to play with my balls, when to lick and when to suck hard. I was getting very close to orgasm as his head bobbed up and down on me, I moaned to him that I was close. He pulled off of me and I started to calm down, he was still slowly fondling my balls as he reached out for the bottle of lube sitting next to the couch. We normally had some sitting around for use with our fleshlights or sometimes we’d use a buttplug so I assumed he wanted to use a toy. Applying a liberal dose to my cock, his hand felt even more amazing as he stroked me. Then he stood up and turned around.

Without a word he bent over, grabbed my cock again through his legs and then he started to lower himself down on to me. We’d discussed how far we’d go in the past and I’d said I was up for anything and here it was, anything was about to happen. I felt some resistance as he guided me towards his asshole and his muscles tried to deny me entry. He took a breath and lowered himself further until the purpled head of my cock popped into his ass. No giant myself, he still had to take it slow to adjust to the cock in his ass. Breathing deeply Joe slowly lowered himself further and further onto my cock. I just sat there and let him adjust to my girth, his ass slowly taking more and more of me until I felt his balls resting against mine.

At that moment when he was as stuffed full of cock as he could ever hope to be the movie wound down to a close. Moving gently he leaned over to the remote to select a new movie, not once lifting off me, the subtle movements still causing me great pleasure as he squeezed me. A new movie selected, Joe returned to the slow task of fucking himself on my rigid cock. His hands on my thighs, he pushed up for leverage and slid himself almost off of my cock. He left the very tip in before coming back down and taking me again. With each movement he gained speed and confidence, his ass loosening up enough to find the pain become pleasure.

Leaning back on me he started to grind himself onto my cock making small circles with his hips as he also moved up and down my shaft. We were both still facing the TV and not wanting to be a selfish friend I snaked a hand around his waist to grasp his erection. His knob was slick with precum, it was practically flowing like a fountain as my own knob stimulated his P-spot. I wrapped my fingers around him and gently pulled his foreskin back to reveal the sensitive head. He moaned and I ran a finger around the head, he begged me to stop, he was to close to orgasm already. I ignored his begging and did it again, only this time instead of a moan he just grunted and I felt the hot splash of his creamy white cum rocketing into my palm. Quickly I grabbed his dick and jerked out the rest of his orgasm, seven or eight healthy ropes of cum had fired directly up into the air and had landed all over his stomach, his cock, even over his thighs. My thighs coped a healthy coating as well, I could feel it running over my body. As his body twitched and convulsed my own orgasm built up, his already tight ass squeezing me even harder.

As Joe came down from his explosive orgasm I noticed that he remained where he was with my cock still buried in his ass. He looked back over his shoulder at me, “Cum in my ass. I need to feel it.”
Our current position restricted my ability to thrust into him so taking the initiative I rolled us forward off the couch. He landed on his hands and knees and I landed right behind him, our bodies still connected. Our new position allowed me to get better purchase on his body to really thrust in long and deep. I went gently at first, my hands on his hips as I pushed into him but as he grew to enjoy it I pushed harder. I hadn’t had sex with anyone for quite a while and the last time I did, doggy style was not on the menu. So finding myself in a position that I had always wanted to try and with a willing partner I found myself taking control. Moving my hands from his hips to be around his waist, one hand stroked his still hard cock while the other moved up to his shoulder so that I could better pull him back onto my penetrating member.

Reaching around to stroke him while remaining somewhat upright was a difficult position to maintain so I let my body drop onto his back, the skin to skin contact heightening our already electric sensations. Still jerking him off slowly as I pumped myself into him I felt the floor underneath us, it was soaked with his cum. My slow pumping had been stimulating his P-spot and leaving him in a semi-permanent orgasmic state. Holding myself still he started to back himself into me, begging me to fuck him hard. He wanted me to cum inside him. Hearing his words I let go of his pulsing dick, got myself vertical, took a hold of his hips and started fucking him as hard as I could.

My cock was like a piston in his ass, looking down all you would see is a blur. He dropped his face to the floor as I hammered into him for all I was worth. My orgasm quickly hit me, my vision waviered as I held him close to me and just my hips twitched in and out of his ass, my cum coating his insides with such force that I thought he would be able to taste it. He just lay there repeating the same two words over and over again, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

My own release complete I collapsed on top of him, his ass milking me to the last drop before I rolled to the side and my softening cock slipped from his cream filled ass with a wet plop as I lay down beside him. He toppled the opposite direction and we lay there just looking at each other, our post-orgasm glow highlighted by the sheen of sweat on our bodies and the brightness of the screen still playing in the background.

Looking at each other we both just started laughing. The realisation of what we had just done washed over us. Joe just looked at me and smiled, “Well that escalated quickly”, he scoffed before gingerly reaching back to feel his well fucked asshole.
“Shower time?” I asked, the stench of sweat and fucking hung heavy in the air.
“Race you there”, he chirped, “last one in has to blow the other!”
With stakes like that I opted to “lose”.

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