It Started Against the Wall

How it started has always eluded me but the memories of last night will be burned in my brain for the rest of my life. I would never have thought a game of Dungeons and Dragons would have led to my waking up in a different bed with two people next to me.

Yesterday started off innocently enough with an invite from my friend Anna to her house with her D&D clan. They were looking for some new blood and I was keen to get out of the house and meet new people. When I arrived we headed to the lounge room to await the last arrivals, I mingled with new people feeling slightly out of place, I was the new guy in a crowd of five people that had been playing together for months. I also stuck out like a sore thumb, I towered over the others and my sheer bulk made them look like small waifs, even the sole gentleman there looked innocently feminine next to me, his long silken hair contrasting against his soft creamy skin. My first impressions of the group proved true, they all worked office jobs with little to no physically demanding outside work at all. My own career had led me to working outside and loading and unloading industrial gear had caused me to muscle up.

As we moved into the game the snacks were consumed and beverages imbibed. Anna had warned me that after a few drinks the clan could get a bit flirty, D&D being a role playing game inspired the imaginations and the alcohol loosened inhibitions. Being outnumbered by the ladies, my petite male compatriot and I fought a valiant rear-guard action against the increasingly flirtatious role-players. I remember the point at which I lost the battle rather vividly, the ladies had been discussing the advantages of having a partner strong enough to pick them up and press them against the wall whilst being ravaged, fleeting glances at my shoulders not as subtle as they had thought. And then Anna suggested that I would be strong enough to pick up everyone in the room for a bit of rough and tumble against the wall. All eyes had been drawn to me, not wanting to give away the hint that the idea had aroused my curiosity, I stood up, turned to the young lady on my left and picked her up from her chair with one arm. Squeals of delight peeled forth from everyone else. Having placed the young lady back in her chair the others all begged to be picked up in turn. I made my way around the table until I came before George. Seeing my hesitation Anna led the girls in a shout of encouragement, George smiled, so I continued my display and I picked him up but instead of just holding him I spun towards the wall behind the table, pressed him against it in a firm hug and asked the girls, “Is this what you want?”

Giggles rang forth from the increasingly excited table, a red flush covering most faces, including George’s. As I returned him to his seat the look I got from Anna was dripping with desire, something about what I had just done had sparked something in her mind, and judging on the way she was squirming, it had sparked something lower down as well.

The rest of the afternoon played out with a similar theme, overt flirtation and the consumption of alcohol left the group distracted from the game. As the sun seat the game was called and the party disbanded, as I was the only one that had had to drive over and I had been drinking, I was offered a place to sleep for the night which I had gratefully accepted. As we prepared dinner we continued drinking the open bottle of wine, one of many that had been opened that afternoon. Standing over the kitchen sink Anna turned to look at me, lust filling her eyes.
“That was the hottest thing I have seen in a very long time”, she purred at me.
“Oh?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Yes, you picking up George like that, it was delicious”, she breathed deeply at me, her face flushed again.
“I talked to him about that earlier as we were walking some of the girls out. He liked it too.” She seemed nervous.
“Mhmm”, I replied, my affirmation without words giving her the confidence to continue without interrupting her flow.
“I want to see you do it again.” She blurted out quickly.
I hesitated in my answer, to be perfectly honest the flashy impetuous action had given fuel to a fire that had been burning in my most hidden desires for years.
“You just want me to hug him against the wall again?” I watched her face, “Or do you want me to fuck him against that wall?”
My words seem to stun her, the punch you get from the F word, the emphasis I had put into it, slowly and deliberately leaning on the F as we talked about what she wanted me to do to her husband.
“Oh god yes”, she almost whispered.
“So you want me to fuck him and I am assuming you want to watch huh?” I watched her face as she processed what I was offering to let her watch.

Without another word I grabbed her hand and pulled her along behind me, back to the table where George was still cleaning away the game. I deposited her in a seat then took my place behind George. Grabbing his wrist from behind I spun his slender form around, we were barely inches apart and he had to crane his neck to see me.
“Anna tells me you liked it when I picked you up.”
A simple statement, recognition dawned on him as I lifted his shirt, his arms lifting as I took the dominant role. His shirt discarded. I performed the same action on myself. I do not brag often but when your height nearly exceeds two metres and you work outside a lot you gain a certain manly appearance and standing before them both I could feel their eyes roaming over my body. 

Anna sat on the chair, ignored by George and I as I leant down a bit, my arms going around his body to pick him up, my hands holding each leg just under his butt, spreading as I lifted. With a soft grunt he exhaled as I leaned him against the wall, his pale skin stark in contrast with my tanned and defined muscles.
“Is this what you wanted Anna?” I turned slightly to ask her before returning my gaze to the man before me, his mouth parted slightly, a new yearning in his face as he reveled in the new desires our current position opened him up to.
“Mhmm dear lord yes”, they were the only words we could understand from Anna, her heavy breathing revealing her aroused state.
I dropped George back to his feet, leaving him standing against the wall as I dropped to my knees before him. Reaching up I undid his belt and dragged his pants downwards and off his body, his engorged manhood visible through the thin material of his boxers. I held my face mere inches away as I whipped them off, his cock bouncing up and glancing the side of my face as I dropped them.

With an approving grunt I reached out with one hand, wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock and took him in my mouth. I could already taste the salty sweet taste of his arousal as I took him deep. Cupping his balls, I slurped and sucked on his cock before pulling off. Still kneeling before him I sucked his balls into my mouth as with my hand I stroked his shaft, eagerly I watched as his foreskin pulled back to reveal his engorged head before snapping back over when I stroked him up again. I could hear him moaning as I blew him but in the background I could hear another moan, softer and lighter. I could also hear another sound, a slick and wetter sound. Turning my head I could see Anna on her chair, she had removed her clothes and she currently had one leg draped over the armrest, two fingers buried between her wet lips whilst her other hand played with her breast, fingers pinching her own nipple as she watched her husband getting serviced.

My hunger for blowing satisfied for now I stood up, as I did I heard movement behind me. Still pressed against George I felt Anna’s hands snake around my waist to undo my pants before she removed them for me. Standing face to face, my erection was suddenly next to George’s. Arousal was not to be doubted, we were both as hard as steel. His cock was slick with my saliva but mine, only just recently exposed, was not ready for what I wanted to do. I suggested this to Anna.
“Better get that ready if you want him to walk in the morning Anna”, I directed her to kneel next to us. With a hand on each cock Anna explored our differences, I was no monster but it was obvious that I was thicker than either of them had expected. Her face between our legs she went from licking one cock to licking another, in between she would rub us against each other, the heat from another man’s shaft severe in contrast to the wet warmth of her mouth and the cold air when her tongue left my dick. As much as we were both enjoying her ministrations there was something I wanted to do more.

I judged everything to be in order, lifting Anna to her feet. She leaned in and kissed her husband, as she did I reached towards her and pinched one of her nipples and spanked her ass before I wrapped my arms around George and lifted him high against the wall. This time was higher than I had before. I used my hands to pull his legs apart as I closed the gap between us, having him high in the air I felt his cock against my chest. Slowly I lowered him down until I felt the warmth of his skin against the head of my cock. Slowly, agonisingly slowly I lowered him further until I felt the pressure of his puckered asshole offering resistance. 
“Do it.” Anna commanded as she grasped my shaft, lining me up to perfectly penetrate her husband.
“Please”, George whispered in my ear as he felt her moving the head of my cock against his entrance..
Letting gravity work for me I lowered him further until I felt the resistance melt away, his tight ass snapping over the head of my cock. I held him to let him adjust before lowering further, holding again, then lowering until the full length of my shaft was buried inside him. 

We paused for a moment, the feeling of his ass clenching and unclenching along the length of my cock was exquisite, I wanted him to get used to me before we started to move. As I felt him relax into the moment I lifted him, pulling my cock almost free before letting gravity drop him down again. I felt his cock twitch against my stomach. Sensing his readiness I took up the rhythm and started to fuck him, sweat started to form on my back both from holding his weight and from my thrusting as I fucked him deeply. We were both grunting from the pleasure of our coupling, Anna was moaning and masturbating herself watching us in our intimate moment. 

I knew I wasn’t going to last long, it was an incredibly arousing situation, and lifting another man was taking its toll, my legs were burning almost as much as my cock was tingling, George wrapped his arms over my shoulders to hang on as I fucked him harder and deeper, my muscles rippling as I pumped in and out of him, I grunted deeply.
“I’m… not…  gonna.. Last… much… longer…”, I panted out.

George simply rolled his head back as I thrust into him. The tipping point was passed in excruciating slowness as I lowered the tempo, my cock gently thrusting in short movements until I felt the first spurt racing up from my balls, then I pulled him down as far as I could, the sudden filling of his ass with my girth forcing a moan from him as my first shot rocketed from the end of my cock to splash upon his inner walls, my head spun as I unloaded my balls into his contracting ass, his own cock was throbbing between our bodies as I pushed myself against him. Pulse after pulse of cum left my body, my knees buckling as my orgasm subsided, I dropped to the chair that Anna had pushed close behind me, still buried in George’s ass as he sat astride me, our arms enveloping each other, his legs wrapping around my body as I held him in my lap. I looked up to see Anna now standing behind George, I loosened my grasp as she took some of his weight, one hand softly playing with his hair, the other resting on my head as I lay my head upon his chest. As I felt her supporting him I dropped a hand between our bodies to grip his still rigid cock and I stroked him softly. I could feel his asshole clenching around my softening cock as I jerked him closer to orgasm, Anna leaned down to kiss his face as I encircled a nipple with my tongue. His cock was slick with precum, my hand slid up and down it with ease until I felt the muscles in his body tense up, without thinking I looked up, moved my other hand to rest on Anna’s thigh and then I leaned in to kiss him, his lips slightly salty from the passionate sweat of our fucking. His tongue probed my mouth, more forceful than I was used to having never kissed a man before. I’d had no desire to but the exceptionally intimate occasion almost demanded it. He came as I kissed him, my hand stroking out spurt after spurt of his cum. His first load splattered our chests as we gyrated together, my cock still buried in his ass, a fluke shot even landed on our faces as our bodies moved to and fro. Anna was still standing behind George, her mouth softly kissing first one side of his face and then the other, then it all merged to a group kiss, lips and tongues making and breaking contact as George shivered through the last of his orgasm, the salty taste of his seed mingling with our sweat and saliva.

His orgasm achieved, I took stock of the situation. I was sitting on a chair, covered in another man’s cum, my cock buried in his ass holding back my own load in his body, and his wife standing behind us, the instigator of this moment. As George stood up I was pulled from his body with an audible plop, a torrent of my cum raining upon my lap and down his thighs as he shakily leant against Anna. I moaned, “thank you”, to them both before suggesting a shower..

We must have looked a right mess, sweaty bodies covered in sticky cum, our cocks becoming flaccid but retaining that plump thickness so common post-orgasm. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air. Anna pulled me up out of the chair and first grabbing George’s cock and then mine, led us both to the shower like a couple of puppies on a leash. Her hand pulling upon my spent manhood caused it to react, a brief throb was all I could manage as I stumbled along beside George. Anna deposited us on the edge of the bathtub and she went to turn on the shower, the hot water quickly steaming up the room. I watched as she pulled her husband into the shower first to delicately wash him down, she started at his mouth and I watched, enraptured, as she began to wash his face, his neck, and down to his chest, her hands holding a soft bar of soap, fingers delicately caressing his body as she cleansed him of our fucking. I watched as she bathed him, an intimate affair between husband and wife. A twitch jolted through my cock as I watched her turn him around to soap up his back. His slender form glistened under the hot water as she continued her work, she paid particular attention to his firm ass, my cum was still leaking from his well fucked asshole. I watched as she slid a soapy finger inside him before moving down further to chase my cum down his thighs.

When he was deemed clean she reached out a hand to beckon me over, I stood at the steamy door of the shower, not sure I would fit but she pulled me in with her hand on my manhood. Having just watched her sensual bathing I then got to live the experience. With George standing in a corner of the shower Anna adjusted the showerhead to reach me in the opposite corner as she stood between us. Her hands on my body felt hotter than the water streaming over my body. I felt her washing my chest and stomach, it was evoking some very hot, very fresh memories as she cleaned her husband’s cream from my body. Lower still she went until she had both hands on my cock, her soapy fingers circling my shaft, running up and down as I began to stiffen slightly, her fingers twirling around my balls and between my legs until a single soapy finger pressed against my ass. She locked eyes with me and pressed her advantage, her finger pushed inside as I grunted in affirmation.

I looked over her shoulder to see George standing to attention, his rigid shaft catching the spray of water bouncing off of Anna’s back as his hands now held her hips. I felt my own body responding to Anna and George, unexpected given the power of my recent orgasm. I reached out to place my hands on George’s as he held his wife before me, I caught his eye and gestured. As one he and I moved together to press our bodies against hers, she was as they say, the meat in our sandwich. I felt her breasts pressing against my body as my stiff manhood pressed against her stomach, with a gentle motion I turned her to face her husband, her smooth skin caused me to gasp as the overly sensitive head of my cock felt every single inch of her flesh as she turned. George dropped to his knees before her to plunge his face between her legs to lick deeply between her delicate folds. I stood for a moment, my cock caught between her ass cheeks before I too dropped. As George held her hips I moved my hands to her cheeks and I parted them, I then plunged my own tongue towards her centre. As George ran his tongue over her clit I licked the delicious line that ran from her asshole to her pussy, my tongue acting the part of an eager erection trying to find its way in. Anna had two men kneeling below her, hands on her hips and butt and two wet tongues hungrily eating her pussy and her ass. Having just watched her husband getting fucked she was already close to the brink, two men devoting all their efforts to her pleasure was too much to handle.

With a whimper and a twitch Anna came, her legs buckled as her heart pounded, her eyes rolled back and her breath became short. She rode the wave for what felt like hours as the men ravaged her, their tongues assaulting her most intimate spaces, battling to bring her more pleasure than she had ever experienced before.

Anna sank to the ground, her limp form supported by both men as we sank back on our knees until her body was nestled between us. As the water continued to stream over her face I saw her contented smile, perhaps she felt deeply comforted being held between her menfolk, our arms wrapping around her small form as we embraced each other, three lovers cradled together, Anna coming down from her powerful high, the men still aroused, their cocks still erect. Her legs started to hurt, Anna shifted slightly to get more comfortable, George and I sensed our chance and moved ourselves too, interlocking legs with a right leg on top of a left leg, we moved closer together until I felt the heat from his shaft against mine. Four hands on her body again, Anna found she was being moved in a supported position, as gravity and the water streaming over her pulled her down; she felt something unexpected between her legs. Two very hard, very engorged heads pressing against her lips, we held her right at the point of penetration awaiting her consent, with a nod she was lowered down, her wet lips opening up as the two purpled heads vie for attention, her tight entrance and slippery condition causing neither to succeed. I reached down below Anna and wrapped my hand around both throbbing appendages, holding them close together so that we may both enter heaven together. Stretching her further than she’s felt before, we lower her down inch by intense inch, each delicate texture of her inner walls making contact with my shaft on all but one side, that side pressed up against George, the combined feeling of hard and soft flesh, the duality of our sexual coupling causing us all to whimper as our double penetration filled Anna completely.

We rested for a moment, unable to move as the intimacy of our pose overwhelmed our senses before I felt a faint twitching, George was flexing his pelvic floor muscles and I could feel his cock moving against mine. Responding in kind I also flexed, our twitching cocks pressing against each other, their movement constrained by Anna’s tight muscles. With the wet tiles below I start to slide back and forth, ever so slightly, the movement causing me to slide in and out of Anna, the head of my cock rubbing up and down George’s shaft, pleasure beyond description as I feel the tightness of Anna squeezing me tightly against George as his girth changes along his length. George starts sliding too, in time with me so that as I slide out, he slides in, two hard pistons pumping Anna’s soaking hole, her head rolling back to lay on my shoulder as George lays his head on my other. I turn from one to the other and back, hungrily kissing them both, savouring the differences between Anna’s feminine lips and George’s masculine mouth. 

Each time we enter her, Anna clenches, the rhythm we have built up is driving us to our peak. I am hovering on the edge of orgasm when Anna whimpers, “Unload inside me boys, fill me with your cum”.

I feel George’s leg spasm as her words of encouragement tip him over, he drives in deeply as a look of pure ecstasy washes over him, with my shaft pressed tightly against his I feel his first pulse run from base to tip before suddenly I feel myself coated in his hot, white cream. I felt spurt after spurt gushing forth as he wrapped his arms around us both, the flood of cum triggered my orgasm, following George’s lead I push as deep as I can go and empty my balls into Anna, my load mixing with George’s, lubricating our cocks as we both twitch and spasm inside her convulsing cunt, our orgasms flooding her body had pushed her over the edge as well, an orgasm was tearing through her body as George and I both found our awareness floating away in our euphoric states.

Coming back down to earth I feel Anna’s relaxed body against mine, her smooth wet skin against my chest contrasting with the coarser flesh of George’s legs on mine. The water was still raining down as I encouraged Anna to stand, my softening cock pulling free of her well fucked cunt at the same time as George’s, our cum gushing down to land on our spent appendages. We all stand, finally soap off and head to bed, our bodies exhausted and our minds content.

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