Spanking the New Girl

He’d been with the company for years. He was a stern gentleman, everything was ordered and always in place. He was ruggedly tall with broad shoulders. His no nonsense manner brought him much respect, when he spoke people listened. Unlike the typical alpha male he did not need to continually display his control, with a softly spoken word and a piercing stare he would get exactly what he wanted with little fuss. Other alphas paled under his stare.

She was his type, she was tall for a woman, her dark hair was shoulder length and straight. She had alabaster skin covered with the finest of fashions. Considered curvy, she had bountiful breasts that he needed to experience. They were large, larger than any he had seen before. They complimented her body, her waist was accentuated by her bust and her ass rounded out her hour-glass figure. She was an amazingly sensual woman, the first time he’d seen her he had felt the blood rush from his body to his groin. He tried to deny his base instincts but he knew he had to have her. Their introduction had been quick, she was the new girl in the office, he was a long term employee. She wouldn’t work in his department but as they both worked on the same floor they would somehow keep coming into contact. An occasional break room chat turned into regular, flirty conversations. Each day they flirted more and more, they would approach the line between harmless fun and sexual talk. And each time they got closer they both found they were getting aroused to the point of distraction. One lunch time conversation turned to the topic of spankings. After an imagined misdemeanor he had suggested taking her over his lap and giving her a spanking, the look in her eyes said more than her giggles.

A few days later she had playfully misbehaved again while they had both stayed after hours to finish some work. Looking deep in her eyes he had pulled his chair backwards away from his desk and told her to get herself over his knee. They had joked about it before but this time she would get the spanking that he had flirtatiously suggested earlier. Sitting back he looked at her, his eyes seemingly searching the depths of her desires as they dared her to receive her spanking. She stared back at him, the tension in the room as heavy as the decision on her mind. Unable to withstand the power of his stare, she stood up and walked over to his desk. Seeing his lap she bent down before finally slipping over his lap with her ass in the air. He smirked to himself as he placed one hand comfortingly on her back as he rubbed the other hand over her upturned ass. Gently he pulled her business skirt higher and higher until only the sheer material of her panties were the only thing protecting her sensitive flesh from his powerful hands. She shivered in anticipation as he ran his hand over her smooth skin, he warned her one last time that once he started, she would receive twelve firm swats. She nervously nodded her head.

He moved his hand away until he judged it to be just right, and then he made contact. She flinched as his palm made contact, a jolt of electricity shot through her body as he laid his hand upon her. The stinging pain on her soft cheek caused a wettening that she had not expected. Before she knew it he had spanked her again. This time on her other cheek. Both cheeks were starting to turn pink as she stayed balanced on his lap. Whack, whack. She cried out as he spanked her again, his hand making perfect contact with her reddening skin. Two more quick swats had her halfway through her punishment. Tears were streaming down her face as he gently ran his hand up and down her back, the air was thick with the smell of her arousal. She never thought it would happen but this spanking had her wetter than she’d been before.

Six more until he was done, she wanted it to stop but the teasing he was doing and the throbbing between her legs had her moaning for more. The way he was grazing her inflamed skin with his fingertips, what would normally be just a slight tickle was excruciating as the heightened nerves felt everything he did. She whimpered when he moved his hand away, it was a noise that spoke to him of her anticipation, of her longing for his touch, and also of her apprehension of the contact.

He decided it was time to finish her punishment, with little warning he quickly spanked her six more times. Three swats on each ass cheek. She cried out in pleasurable pain with each hit as he relentlessly spanked her. Each smack brought her closer, the throb between her legs turning into a heavy pounding as she felt the pressure inside her growing. The last strike pushed her into an orgasm, it tore down the walls like a flooding dam. As she came she felt like her energy was coursing through her body and out between her legs.

Done with her punishment he stood her up and held her against him, comforting her with his arms around him. As she cried against his chest he whispered to her, “Are you going to be my good girl now?” Meekly, barely above a whisper she squeaked out a “Yes”. “Good girl, now back to work”. As she walked back to her desk she could feel the sheer material of her panties sliding over her sore ass, as she sat down on her desk she noticed how wet she was. Her thighs were damp, her face was flushed and hot, and her nipples were hard enough to be noticeable through her bra. He had made her cum without even touching her pussy. She’d had no idea that her body would react to the punishment that she had just received but she knew she needed more. Perhaps tomorrow they would need to both work back late again, she giggled to herself as she began imagining what transgression he would punish her for.

You can also find an Audio version of this story here.

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