A Honey Covered Treat

For this story I was given a challenge. It had to be a scene that included handcuffs, a zucchini smeared with honey, and a blindfold. There must be three totally naked people and one must have a multiple orgasm.

Here is what I came up with.

Jessica had been walking around the Fruit Market for some time, contemplating the various phallic objects available for purchase.  Her thoughts drifted to the naked and helpless husband she had locked to the four poster bed with her handcuffs that she had left at home. He was in for a surprise when she found a suitable vegetable. She was in a state of great arousal as she paced the aisles, her thighs were damp as her nectar oozed from her inflamed pussy. Pausing before the zucchinis she moaned as a throb of excitement crashed over her body, she knew this would be the object that would suit her purpose. Gathering up three of various sizes she headed towards the checkout, collecting a jar of honey on the way. If only the checkout chick knew of her plans.

While queued for the checkout she struck up a conversation with a ruggedly handsome gentlemen who had a basket full of fresh fruit. Eying her selection he enquired as to her meal for the night. She passed him a sultry look and whispered, “Honey covered zucchini and sausage”.  Seeing the look of curiosity in his eye she whispered her plans to him, a bulge growing more noticeable through his tight jeans. She noticed a gasp of excitement when she asked if he was free for the night.

Arriving home a few minutes later, she opened the door to allow her guest entry to her kitchen. She noticed that his bulge had not diminished during the short ride to her house, clearly stuffing her soaked panties into his pocket while he loaded his groceries into his car had done the trick. She unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free of its material cage. Pulling out the first and smallest zucchini she dipped it into the jar of honey before wrapping her hand around his erection and leading him into the bedroom where her nude husband, Dean was handcuffed to the bed, face wrapped in a blindfold as he lay on his stomach with his legs spread and his ass in the air. He could barely move his head in the position that he was in so when she spanked his bare ass he thought it was just her present. She lubed up his ass with a dollop of lube before announcing the imminent intrusion of a zucchini in his puckered asshole.

He moaned his approval of her invasion as she parted his ass checks and lined up the errant vegetable with his virgin ass. Pushing against him she felt the vegetable slip through his tight, inner muscles. His rectum providing resistance before quickly acceding to the invader and opening up, taking the zucchini deeply. Throughout this penetration her male guest stood out of sight, his cock hardening further as he wrapped her panties around his shaft and lightly started to stroke.

Silently Jessica looked at her silent stranger and beckoned him over, while sliding the zuchinni in and out of her husband’s ass she reached out and wrapped her fingers around the throbbing cock this stranger had presented to her. Still unaware of his presence, Dean groaned as she went deeper.

Drunk on lust and feeling the gratifying pleasure of the zucchini deep in his virgin bowels, he moaned out to her, “Yes, fuck my ass with your cock”. The words sent a bolt of excitement through her body, straight to her clit, it was like a tap had been turned on inside her. Throbbing with excitement she leant over him, pushing the zucchini deep into him and whispered in his ear, “I have a man with me right now, he is stroking himself in the corner and he wants your ass”.

He tensed up in confusion, momentarily squeezing the zucchini until he heard the deep voice of the stranger, “Your wife has offered me your ass.”

Shock at first and then devilish submission swam through his body. Almost against his own will he pushed himself back further on to the zucchini that she held. One movement and Jessica knew he wanted it. Pulling the vegetable from his ass she positioned him for the ultimate experience. The stranger got into place between his legs, Jessica kneeled behind him and wrapping her arms around him, she used her hands to lube up and guided the throbbing cock into the waiting asshole of her loving husband.

He felt the head entering his back passage, spreading him apart like he had never felt before. Taking a breath he steeled himself for the invasion he was about to experience. Two manly hands gripped his hips as he felt the pressure in his bowels increasing. He could feel the muscles of his sphincter snap over the bulbous head as the stranger pushed his cock in, guided by Jessica behind him. Fuller and fuller he felt as the thick meat pushed its way into his bowels. Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more he felt the strangers balls’ resting upon his, gently swaying as they both rocked together to experience the closeness.

Completely full he felt such peace until the stranger pulled back, his cock withdrawing and leaving him feeling empty. He tried to go with, to keep the feeling of fullness but his restraints prevented him. Pulling almost all the way out the stranger teased him, his cock only just in his ass before plunging in again completely. Again and again he did this, driving his cock over Jessica’s husband’s prostate, the magical button that would push him on to orgasm.

He started to gush precum as they built up a rhythm. He could feel Jessica behind them, one hand wrapped around the stranger, the other he assumed was buried between her legs.  He could hear the faint sounds of her masturbation as her fingers plunged into her now soaking pussy.

As they built up speed they built up pressure. His cock was like hot steel but he could not touch it. The anal stimulation was milking his prostate, he could feel the cum leaking from his tormented member.

Suddenly the stranger grunted, his hands gripping Dean tight as he pushed in deeper as his orgasm came closer. He couldn’t take any more, one last push and he came, spurt after spurt of thick, ropey cum shot forth from his aching penis deep into the ass of a man that he only knew the name of.

Dean had not been able to touch it himself and no one else had thought to offer. It was the sensation of the cock in his ass that had pushed him so close to orgasm. As the stranger removed his spent cock from Dean’s ass, a flood of cum came with it and ran down over his balls and down along his cock. Jessica saw this rush of manliness and reached out to touch it, as she did she stroked the underside of Dean’s cock and that was all it took.

And it was not just one orgasm, Jessica slowly stroked his cock stimulating him until it was almost painful, milking more and more cum from his twitching balls. The puddle below him was growing with each subsequent orgasm as Jessica and then the stranger took turns softly stroking his twitching cock and his cum-coated balls.

Dean had to beg for a break. The stranger was still hard even after his orgasm inside Dean. He wiped his cock clean with Dean’s blindfold and the he grabbed the honey, and drizzled it over his body as he encouraged Jessica to lick it up.  Starting with his chest he drizzled the honey lower and lower until she was licking it off his cock, cleaning him up and taking him in her mouth. The ass fucking he had just given should have him spent but the euphoria of the experience had him close to the brink again, her oral ministrations pushed him over the edge into orgasmic bliss as she snuck a finger inside his ass. He could feel his balls throbbing as he pumped a second load into her hungry mouth as Dean listened on, still handcuffed and blindfolded.

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