At the Nightclub

Trevor hadn’t been to a nightclub for quite a while, in his twenties he’d been a weekly visitor but having just hit thirty he’d found less and less time for it. Standing at a respectable 6 foot tall, he was skinny despite his bachelor diet of takeaway food and beer. Long brown hair ran down just past his shoulders when he didn’t have it pulled back in a ponytail for work.

He hadn’t been to this nightclub before, it had multiple floors all dedicated to a different genre of music. He was on the metal floor as he was expecting company. Being single, he’d taken the plunge and downloaded a dating app on his phone. Whilst browsing through it during a particularly dull day at work he’d stumbled upon Kristie. A fellow IT professional, she was also nearing thirty, was single, used to go to nightclubs, and was interested in revisiting the scene of her youth. When Trevor had first sent her a message he’d felt nervous. He’d berated himself for feeling that way, people do this all the time so why was he nervous about asking a girl out. Once he’d broached the dating topic she’d suggested the nightclub and he’d happily accepted.

Trevor scanned the room again, he was standing in a corner looking towards the door and his nerves were building. Kristie had known the layout and come up with the best meeting point. He’d arrived 45 minutes early, his nerves getting the best of him, he had left his house early so as not to be late. They’d both arranged to wear a glow in the dark hoop on their heads so that they would have better luck finding each other in the dark. Nervously he looked down at his phone, she was overdue by five minutes. No message yet. He didn’t want to send anything in case he came across as too desperate. Suddenly she was there, framed in the door by the light from outside the room. He watched her scan the room until her eyes found the glowing hoop on his head. She thread a path through the heaving mass of people as they all jumped to the rhythm of the music.

He tried to say hello but they both quickly realised that trying to have a conversation in a nightclub would be next to impossible. Instead Kristie grabbed his hand and dragged him onto the dance floor. Song after song they moved together, jumping when the beat was high, grinding when the beat was low. They moved together amongst the crowd of people, the room was filled to capacity. Sweat poured off them as they frantically contorted their bodies to the beat.

Grabbing her hand he motioned drinking to her, she nodded and he led the way to the bar. Without words he ordered two bottles of water. Turning to pass her the bottle she leaned in and yelled something to him. He assumed it was thanks so he smiled in return. She grabbed his hand and dragged him back out onto the dance floor. As they danced again Trevor noticed that she was grinding up against him a lot more than before, specifically he noticed her ass pushing against the front of his pants. He wasn’t sure how he hadn’t noticed it before but her ass was very appealing to him. Her buns were tight and round and they felt firm against him. As she thrust her ass back into him he felt the familiar stirrings of an imminent erection forming. As much as he tried his body was going to betray the lust he now felt. Trevor couldn’t imagine a way that Kristie hadn’t noticed his hardening cock.

The music had calmed for a bit, between songs it was slower to allow the beats to be mixed over and in that break Kristie was standing in front of Trevor, facing away from him with her ass pressed firmly against his cock, she turned her head back to look at him as she reached back with both hands to grasp his fly and slowly started to unzip it. Feeling this intrusion, Trevor’s heart skipped a beat and started to pound as her hand snaked in and fingers snaked around his shaft. Her touch was like fire to his body. He found himself holding her hips as she fondled him awkwardly whilst the room surged around them. Bodies were bumping and grinding around him and over him as she stroked his dick in the middle of the dance floor. With her other hand she started to tug her skirt upwards, his hands moving from her hips to the hem of her skirt to help her. As his hand slid up her bare skin he discovered that she was not wearing anything underneath. Kristie parted her legs and stretched up onto her tiptoes, as she did Trevor realised what was happening and before he committed he mouthed the word “Condom” to her. She just smiled and nodded and then without warning she bounced up and then down on his cock.

Pleasure shot through his body as he felt the tight embrace of her pussy running along his shaft until her feet were both planted firmly on the ground again. Kristie remained motionless as her body adjusted to Trevor’s cock. His concerns over safety were resolved as he realised she had come prepared with a female condom. Realising this he moved his hands to her waist and started to thrust into her as they resumed their dancing. Looking around whilst he was buried to the hilt in her he realised that no one else had a clue what was happening right next to them. Kristie was impaled on his cock with complete strangers standing next to them, he expected the chance of being caught to dampen the mood but instead it only inflamed his passion further. Trevor wanted to be caught, he wanted people to know that he was fucking this beautiful woman that he’d only met tonight in such a public place. As he savoured the sensations coming from his cock as they thrust into each other he looked at the other couples dancing near him. How many of them were fucking each other just as he was fucking Kristie? Could he be part of an orgy and not even know it.

Looking around his eyes were caught in the gaze of a woman at the bar. She stared intently at him, her lust visible on her face. Did she know he was having sex? She left the bar and moved out on to the dance floor. She made a beeline straight for them, Trevor pointed her out to Kristie who just smiled back at him as they continued fucking. The stranger stood beside them, moving and grinding against them, her hands running down Trevor’s chest and up Kristie’s back, each time going lower and lower to maintain more contact. As her hand went over Trevor’s stomach he shivered in anticipation, wondering how low would she go. He felt her hand pass over his belt and then she was under Kristie’s lifted skirt. Kristie smiled at her and then Trevor felt it. Her hand was wrapped around his cock as he pumped in and out of Kristie’s pussy. He was getting a handjob from a strange woman whilst fucking an almost complete stranger on a packed dance floor.

The stranger looked to Kristie, turned her own ass towards Trevor and the look on her face could only be interpreted one way. Bouncing up Trevor suddenly felt naked with his cock standing to attention but he quickly felt the sensation of a condom being rolled over the purpled head as the stranger stood before him, her ass perched delicately just like Kristie’s. Placing a hand on her waist he felt Kristie’s hands on his shaft guiding him in and then he felt the familiar pleasure but also slightly different as he fucked a second woman. Kristie leaned in and kissed him as she fondled their new partner’s breasts, then she alternated kissing. Trevor continued to pump himself in and out as the girls kissed and made out. He wasn’t going to last long, all three of them were close to orgasm already. The thrill of getting caught had turned them on so much that even the short timeframe had them on the cusp of cumming. Trevor leaned forward, his head near both women as he grunted a warning. He was close.

The stranger acknowledged his impending orgasm with her own, she tried not to scream out in pleasure as he fucked her in public, her pussy unleashing a flood of nectar as he continued to pump himself closer. With a selfless attitude the stranger rose up and his cock bounced free from its hot, wet cage, the condom was peeled off quickly and then he plunged into Kristie. Kristie was ready to cum, having watched their new friend cum on his cock, she was ready. Trevor fucked her as hard as he could while trying desperately not to make any noise. Kristie ad to stifle her moans as Trevor started to twitch inside her. He felt the pressure start at his hands and his feet, a tingly anticipation as the feelings rushed inwards, through his chest, down his abdomen, up his legs, over his ass, all heading directly towards his balls. They felt huge as he thrust one last time and he felt the energy coursing down his cock as the first volley of cum shot forth into Kristie. Her pussy milked and squeezed his cock as she kissed the stranger and pressed down on Trevor. He held her tightly as he unloaded his seed into her pussy, the female condom not sitting tight against his shaft allowed cum to gush forth and down her legs as he kept fucking her. Four, five, even six spurts and he felt completely drained. It was one of the most amazing orgasms he’d ever had. Lifting up again, Kristie stumbled forward into the stranger’s arms as Trevor’s cock snapped to attention before he was able to manhandle it back into his pants.

Redressed again, the trio made their way to the door to stumble out into the cool night air, both women hanging off of him for support as they made their way to a hotel to continue what had started on the dance floor.

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