Picture Me Naked

Claire had been stuck in meetings all week, as the company came up to the end of financial year they’d been running over the budget. Claire was not a critical member of the finance team but as the head of a department she was required to sit through the tedious week long meeting to discuss which teams were getting what money. Monday had left her drained, Tuesday had sapped the remaining will to live, Wednesday and Thursday were just a blur of faces and graphs. Friday was shaping up to be just as bad as the rest but at least she had the weekend to look forward to now.

The only thing that had kept her sane were her brief SMS conversations with Tom during the breaks. Tom and Claire weren’t dating but there was some attraction between them and their conversations were flirty, even occasionally sexual in nature. Today was no exception. Their conversation had started off innocently enough this morning, just as Claire was heading into the meeting she’d texted him.
– More meetings, oh god my brain is going to be mush. C
– You can do it, I know you can. And if all else fails, just picture me naked 😉 T
– Now there’s an idea… C
They’d joked about it before, each often telling the other to picture something sexual just to distract the receiver of the message, they’d both shrug it off with a laugh but today Claire’s mind latched onto that mental image. Tom wasn’t an overly attractive man, he was tall and wiry, his hair was cropped short to match his tightly trimmed facial hair. Somewhat typical of most nerds he was amazingly thin considering his intake of fast food, his arms were not overly muscular but he had definition to them. He had two redeeming features in Claire’s eyes, the first was his butt. It was not overly large but had a roundness to it that just made her want to grab it. The second was his eyes. Deep blue with soft eyelashes, when he looked at her there was an intensity behind them that sometimes took her breath away. As she sat in the large recliner office chair Claire found her mind repeatedly wandering through thoughts of his body. What did he look like without a shirt on, did the definition in his arms continue down his chest, was his back toned, how did his ass look like without pants on? What about his cock?

Shaking her head she forced herself back into the real world. It was just in time, she noticed that the other people in the room had stood up for a break. Skipping the morning tea biscuits she stepped outside into the fresh air. It was a cold winter’s day, the wind had a hint of ice and snow to it, blowing up from the mountains to the south. She’d neglected to bring her cardigan with her and her light blouse and pencil skirt were doing nothing to stop the wind hitting her body. Like a cold shower, all sexy thoughts were banished. Claire lasted a minute outside before running back inside for warmth. The meeting was due to start again as she pulled her phone out.
– I did it you know. C
– Did what? T
– Thought about you naked. C
– Naughty girl. T
As she looked down at her phone she noticed something on the edge of her peripheral vision. Quickly covering herself up, she realised with shock that the cold air had caused her nipples to harden into solid nubs that were clearly visible to anyone who walked by. The warmth from her hands flowed through the material of her top as she felt a shiver of pleasure run through her body as she covered her nipples. Thinking back to Tom’s earlier text she formed a devious plan. Pulling her hands away, her nipples were once again visible through her top, less obvious than before but still erect. Pulling out her phone she snapped a quick selfie and sent it to Tom.
– Try not to think about me naked either. C
She waited with baited breath for his reply.
– It looks like you need a mouth on those. T
Her heart skipped a beat. As the meeting was called to order again and she put her phone down her mind raced with mental images. She could almost feel his mouth sucking on her breast, his penetrating eyes staring into her soul as he rolled his tongue over her pink nipples. His hands cupping her, his fingers barely managing to hold her expansive bosom as she twitched in pleasure from his oral ministrations.

No matter how hard she tried to concentrate on her surroundings, the throbbing inside her wouldn’t let her. Adjusting in her chair she realised she was wet, her knickers were soaking. It might have been her imagination but she suspected that she could even smell her own arousal. Also sitting in the board room were five other department heads, all male, the CEO, the CFO, and two people from finance, one of whom was a woman. Looking at their faces she sought out any hints that they could sense what was happening between her legs. No one showed any signs as she drifted back into her dream world, thoughts of Tom’s hands exploring her body as he suckled at her breasts. Closing her eyes she sank further into her fantasy, she could barely hear what anyone was saying as her dream Tom ran his hand down her body to between her legs, his fingers brushing against her pussy sending explosions of pleasure through her body. Claire could almost feel it as she pictured him pulling her knickers to one side as he slid a finger into her well-lubed vagina, his knuckles pushing into her as he pressed his fingertip against her g-spot.

Claire could hear coughing, opening her eyes she started with shock as she saw everyone looking at her, the woman in finance, Jessie, repeated her question. Claire managed to stammer a reply and then the meeting once again turned to the slideshow on the wall. Excusing herself for a moment, Claire stepped out for a drink of water. She needed to calm herself down. Before she had closed the door Jessie had followed her out.
“Are you ok Claire? You look very flushed”, Jessie asked, concern written on her face.
“I’m fine, just need a drink”, Claire stammered out.
“Ok, take a few minutes and come back in soon”, Jessie replied as she headed back into the meeting.
Finding herself alone Claire fired off a quick text to Tom.
– I’m to distracted Tom, thanks for making me picture you naked. C
– I’m not sorry at all, in fact, I think this might help even more. T

Wondering what he was talking about she watched as a Picture message arrived on her phone. The image was slow to load but as it came in she could see it was a selfie of him. She recognised his face, then it continued to load, there were his shoulders, his stomach was bare as he had lifted his shirt up to expose his very toned stomach. She felt a throb between her legs as the picture continued to load, he had the sexy V happening that drove her wild. She sighed with relief as she saw the beginnings on a belt wrapped low around his waist, the image kept loading showing his dark denim jeans. Suddenly her face felt hotter than the sun, she was staring at the phone in disbelief, staring right back at her was Tom’s cock. The shiny head was deep purple in colour, the thick shaft was jutting out from his fly, rudely drawing her attention. She savoured the sight of his body, her mental images became more solid as she absorbed this salacious picture.

She knew she had to go back into the meeting, she couldn’t just leave, but there was a pounding in her ears from her racing heartbeat.
– Fuck you she texted back.

Slipping her phone back into her pocket she picked up her glass and headed back in. Sitting down she briefly apologised for the interruption and then tried to focus her mind. As she listened to the CEO droning on her mind snapped back to Tom’s body. She wanted to run her hands over his stomach, to have her fingers trace the muscular V that lead from his torso to his crotch. She wanted him to stand before her as she kneeled, she wanted to pull his jeans down to expose more and more of the V until his dark pubic hair was exposed. She’d lean in and inhale his musk as she continued to tug down on his jeans, her face pressed against his stomach as his erection snapped free from its cage, bouncing up against the side of her face. The heat from his cock would be like fire on her face, his pants completely pulled down she would turn her head to the side to kiss his shaft, her hands running up his legs, one to hold his penis, the other to run around behind him to make sure he could never pull it away. Taking him in her mouth she would moan as the taste of his precum coated her tongue, the sweet saltiness causing a flood of pleasure to wrack her body. He would place his hands on her head and control her speed and depth. She wanted to feel his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, her hand wrapped around the throbbing base as she squeezed his ass. She would twist her around him as she sucked him, she wanted his cum and she wanted it now. Her own sex was slick with her arousal, she felt that her own orgasm hinged on his. She had to make him cum in order to make herself cum. His movements would grow faster as she got him closer, low grunts would escape his body as she moaned around his cock. Her hand would squeeze his ass tight as he finally tipped over the precipice, his orgasm thundering up from his balls and through his cock. Just as she felt the first jet of cum hit her tongue she groaned aloud, her own orgasm overwhelming her as she collapsed onto the table.

The cold desk on her face brings her screaming back into reality. Opening her eyes she sees that everyone is staring at her. As her orgasm tears through her body she can only sit there and twitch as everyone wonders what is going on. As soon as her legs allow it she bolts from the room, covering her mouth to feign sickness. Racing to the bathrooms she hides in the stall as the meeting descends into chaos. How could she have lost control of herself that much that she’d had an orgasm in a room full of work colleagues without even touching herself?

A knock at the door brought her back. It was Jessie, she’d come to make sure that Claire was alright.
“Are you ok in there? You rushed out awful fast after that big groan and all that twitching. What was that all about?” Jessie asked.
“Err I err don’t feel so well, must have been something I ate”, Claire replied as she stepped out of the stall.
“I hope I get to eat that too”, Jessie smirked, “It sounded more like you were having an orgasm than being sick.”
Claire’s face turned bright red, her embarrassment confirming Jessie’s suspicions.
“No need to worry, the men had no idea. But I could tell, the look on your face, the twitching. The smell.” The last word was said with great emphasis.
Claire looked helpless and scared.
“I’ll do you a deal.”
“Yes?” questioned Claire.
“I won’t tell a soul that you just came in a finance meeting as long as you teach me how to do it.”
“I’m not sure I know how I did it but I will tell you everything I did”, Claire responded, not quite believing what Jessie was asking of her.
“Good, now I will smooth this out with the boys and later on, you and I are going to talk about this more. But for now, clean yourself up and head home.”

Ten minutes later Claire left the office, as she climbed into her car she called Tom on the hands-free.
– You would not believe what happened to me today…

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