Movie Night

Friday night was movie night for the gang. Three couples would rotate houses to watch a movie and keep in touch. We’d been doing it since leaving high school, three school friends and their partners. We’d all met our partners in uni many years ago and we’d just kept up the tradition as long as we could.

James and I had been best friends at school, he is a slim built man, about average height with short-cropped hair, and he is rather nerdy. Not much to look at if you believe social media’s opinions but he was attractive to the fairer sex. His greatest feature was his tight stomach. We’d spent many an afternoon hacking away on our computers, working on various software projects all while downloading and looking at porn in the background. He had met Kristie shortly into his Computer Science Degree at uni. She is equally nerdy, shorter than James and with shoulder length brunette hair. Even after fifteen years since high school her handful sized breasts were still perky and her ass tight.

I’d had a crush on Jane all through high school and even though we never dated, we always remained friends through various relationships. Her height is the only thing she had in common with Kristie, Jane has long blonde hair, an expansive chest and a round ass that you could watch walking away from you for days. She’d met Clint in her Bachelor of Arts degree as they were studying to be chefs. Clint can best be described as a jock, it sounds mean to say it but that is the first impression you get from him. He’s tall and well muscled, his broad chest makes you wonder how many times he could bench press you. Once we all got to know him we learned he had a softer side to his physical persona. He’s our giant teddy bear.

I am the tallest of the group, so tall that people often ask me what the weather is like up here. Whilst not as broad as Clint I still have enough fitness to maintain my love of jogging each morning. Nothing feels better than running along with the wind racing through my long hair. I met Claire in my fitness class at the local gym, my attempt at uni didn’t go very far but Claire’s did. I wound up spending a fair bit of time on campus running around the grounds between marathon sex sessions with Claire. We both loved to chase the running high and we found that sex complemented that high beautifully.

There’d always been a certain amount of sexual tension amongst the group, on our wilder nights of drinking the topic of sex usually came up with revelations of various fantasies and stories of kinky sex. Whilst we’d never had threesomes or orgies, the flirtatious nature of our conversations indicated that most of us had thought about the others in a sexual way. Claire and I had wondered if we would one day invite the others into our bedroom activities.

This Friday night was like most others, we’d all gathered at James’ house for a double feature. Dinner was at 7 but those of us who had shown up earlier had cracked open a bottle of wine or two, a perfect way to start relaxing after a long week at work. We gorged ourselves on a delicious roast that had been prepared by James and then we started migrating into his den. The den was a dimly lit room with three couches running the full length of the back wall, low coffee tables sitting between each couch for resting drinks on, and mountains of cushions all around the place. His TV was a thing of glory, I always loved movie night at James’ house. The middle couch could take three people, the two on the side were for couples who didn’t mind a snuggle.

Normally we would have had James and Kristie on their middle couch, Jane and Clint on one of the couple’s couches and Claire and I would take the other side but tonight it was a tighter squeeze as one of the couples couches was out of action. An earlier incident involving a sporting match, an excitable viewer, and some jumping had left the couch in a state that was not fit for use.

As we finished up dinner, Kristie and I volunteered to clean up whilst the others went in to pick out some movies to watch. In the kitchen we could hear a heated discussion from the others over what movie we’d be watching first. The two contenders were the new Star Wars and Nymphomaniac. An interesting choice and a decision that I was happy to be staying out of. After much yelling it was decided to watch Nymphomaniac first. The wine was still flowing freely and everyone had settled in. James, Clint and Jane were all snuggled up on the big couch and Claire was on the smaller couch. Leaving the kitchen first I plopped down next to Claire just as Kristie walked in. Noticing that she had nowhere to sit I offered for her to sit on my lap, not expecting her to smile and immediately drop into my lap. James just laughed, Kristie would sit on anyone’s lap if it was ever offered.

Finally all situated the movie was started. Unbeknown to us all, the movie was significantly racier than we had expected and combined with the wine, was starting to have an affect on all of us. It was roughly fifteen minutes into the movie and my arm was starting to get a bit painful as I had it up and over the back of the chair to give Kristie room, I had to move it so I let it slip down so my right arm was now resting on her leg, my hand grazing her bare skin just above her knee. Her smooth skin felt like silk, I had been struggling already to maintain my composure thanks to the movie but this innocent contact was threatening to leave me in a hard position. Closing my eyes I started counting as fast as I could, I was starting to succeed as well until I felt Kristie re-adjusting. She was grinding her ass right into my lap. She hadn’t meant to do it but feeling that tight ass against my crotch caused a throbbing erection to grow and lodge itself right between her ass cheeks. I could feel my heartbeat pounding, all I could hear was the thump, thump, thump in my ears as I prayed to the Gods that she hadn’t noticed.

Finally she stopped moving around and seemed to lean back into me a bit further, my head resting on her shoulder, almost nuzzling into her neck but in a non-romantic way. The only hint that I had that she had noticed what was now lodged in her ass crack was that she moved my hand from her knee to her thigh, on top of her skirt and tantalizingly closer to her sex. My mind was buzzing as she left her hand on top of mine, her fingers slowly stroking mine. Feeling bolder, and drunker, I moved my left hand to her upper thigh on her left leg whilst my right hand smoothly glided upwards and under the loose fitting shirt that she was wearing. Her skin was smooth as I slowly, almost imperceptibly, moved my hand upwards. With each stolen centimeter she made no move to stop me. I was almost holding my breath as I felt my fingers graze the underside of her breast.

Holding steady I waited, my fingertips tracing that forbidden line between her stomach and her breasts. Still she made no move to stop me. Throwing caution to the wind I moved upwards, my fingers sliding over the round flesh, I felt her nipple, hard with excitement. As I passed over it I tweaked it a little, her breath sharp before I let it go and continued to cup her gently. Her breast fits my hand perfectly, her hardened point poking my palm as I squeeze her womanly flesh. My cock is throbbing, as I squeeze her she starts moving herself around. Barely noticeable to the others, the movement drags the material of my shorts back and forth over my erect member, still delicately buried between her ass cheeks. I regret free-balling it tonight, in the summer months I often wear just shorts to help keep myself cool but tonight I wish I had more layers to hide my awkward state.

For her part Kristie seemed to be enjoying the movie. My left hand was still on her thigh when she placed her own hand on top of it again. Only this time she started to slide our hands higher and higher along her inner thigh, dragging her skirt upwards as well. With her right hand she placed it atop my hand on her breast and indicated that I should take my hand off of her breast, as I lowered it she caught me before I could remove it from her shirt. Fingers entwined she slipped our right hands below the stretchy waistband of her skirt and instantly into the downy soft forest of her pubic hair. My fingers felt the heat emanating from her sex, there was a delicious moistness as we slipped lower and lower, her hand pushing mine closer. Pausing just at the edge of her pleasure zone she turned her head towards mine, hidden from the others in the room by my profile, and she licked my ear whilst moaning so softly that no one else would hear. Squeezing her fingers between mine I pushed us down, our fingers slipping over her wet lips, grazing her clit as we ran along her wet slit. Dipping my finger tip between her labia I gently probed at her opening, she shivered in anticipation as I circled around in concentric circles, closer and deeper until I slide my finger in up to my first knuckle.

Holding still I look around, no one has noticed that I am fingering the woman on my lap. Each face is drawn to the action on the screen. Kristie is trembling as I wriggle my finger around inside her, pulling it out occasionally to run along her lips and over and around her clit. The hood has drawn back completely, she is aroused beyond my wildest expectations. Her engorged clit reminds me of my own throbbing appendage, currently nestled between her ass, only two layers of material separating us. With a careful adjustment with one hand I am able to pull the waistband of my shorts low enough to expose the head of my cock with Kristie still sitting on me. As she shifts around in my lap more and more of my cock is exposed and, to my delight, more and more of her leg is exposed as her skirt lifts higher and higher. After what feels like forever, the bare skin of Kristie’s ass is now making contact with my steel hard cock. Like a sword in a furnace, my tumescent cock is burning with a furious need nestled between Kristie’s ass. The heat and wetness from her pussy against my balls had me leaking like an old tap.

We were so close. It is something that we’d all talked about throughout the years. Partner-swapping was a common topic and we’d all agreed that one day, if the mood ever struck us, we’d give it a go. And now, here we were, mere inches from copulating whilst our friends and partners sat in the same room watching a movie about sex. Would we do it, would we take that final step? Should we have asked our partners first? Claire and I had a fairly open relationship, we hadn’t taken the final step but we’d discussed it many times. I wasn’t sure about Kristie and James so I decided to let her take the lead. Still rubbing her clit with my hand she rubbed herself against me, sliding up as high as she could go until my erection bounced forth from under her ass to stick up straight in the air between her legs. As she slid back down I could feel her wet lips lubricating the top of my shaft. Kristie adjusted her skirt, lifting up slightly to do so. As she sat up she reached down, grabbed the base of my shaft, angled me towards her hole and slid down, my purpled head spreading her as she sank down until I was buried to the hilt.

By the gods, the exquisite pleasure from her throbbing cunt as we sat together, connected in this most primal way, the combined effects of wine, a very sexy movie, years of attraction, and the thrill of fucking in public had us on the edge already. We didn’t move, it was all I could do to sit there and not explode inside her. Kristie was not having the same issue. From the way her pussy was pulsing around my shaft I could tell that she was having an orgasm. Her breathing was short and sharp, her body quivered as she adjusted to having me inside her. I could barely move, the pleasure was almost painful as I felt my balls tightening up as I edged closer to orgasm. Her own release was still rushing through her body, every minute movement felt like an explosion of sensation. I needed to cum but we couldn’t move, if we did everyone would notice. Wrapping an arm around her waist I squeeze her, she knew I was close. Without thrusting I sat there, on the brink of absolute pleasure with no way to experience it.

And then I feel it, her pussy was contracting around me in a slow rhythm, squeezing my shaft as she sits motionless on top of me. Squeeze, release, squeeze, release, she’s masturbating my cock with her vagina just like I’d use my own hand. My impending orgasm breaches the dam, I let out an explosive breath as I erupt inside her. Spurt after spurt of cum boils up from my balls and pumps deep into her clenching pussy. I see stars from holding my breath for so long trying to remain silent as I flood her cunt with my seed. As I come down from my high I look to my left, my eyes widen as I find Claire staring right back at me, a look of intense concentration on her face. She is flushed and almost sweating, As I hold her gaze I see her shivering, I look down and see her hand between her legs. Leaning over I kiss her as my cock starts to soften inside Kristie.

As we near the end of the movie and our mutual orgasms, Kristie shuffles around again to “get comfortable”. As she lifts up I feel Claire’s hand reach under her ass and run along Kristie’s lips to pull my cock free, as she does a dollop of my cum gushes from Kristie’s pussy into her hand. Kristie suddenly turns her head in shock, like mine, her eyes widen as Claire sucks her fingers clean, savouring the combined flavours of my essence and Kristie’s. Slipping myself back into my pants Claire helps Kristie to pull her skirt down as the movie credits begin to roll before standing up and asking if anyone needs a drink. Kristie jumps up and offers to help leaving me sitting on the couch alone, my now flaccid penis still coated in Kristie’s nectar and my own spendings.

Everyone starts discussing the movie as we wait for the drinks, no one notices the extra long time that it takes. I check my phone for the time to see an MMS from Claire. Opening it, I see her face buried between Kristie’s legs, her tongue buried deep. The text attached to the message simply reads: Thanks for the tasty cream pie, my turn to sit on your lap next..

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