Catch A Load

I really enjoy the thought of us taking off our clothes, you sitting on my couch and me kneeling between your legs, running my hands up your thighs until I reach your thick cock and your full balls and then wrapping my fingers around your shaft and lowering my mouth onto your shiny head, licking around the tip, and then taking you deep into my mouth.

I want to be the best cock sucker that you’ve ever had. I put my hand right next to my mouth and around your shaft making my mouth feel deeper. As I move up and down my hand twists around your shaft, your hot skin slick from my saliva.

With my free hand I reach out for yours, I need to feel your fingers in my hair as I worship your cock. You are hesitant, you’ve never been forceful with anyone but I guide and encourage you. I feel downward pressure from your hand and I moan around your cock, you stroke my head and I whimper in pleasure. My encouragement works, you use both hands on my head to hold me steady as you start to thrust into my mouth.

You feel huge in my mouth, my hand barely covering you as you continue to push your way into me. My other arm hangs limply, occasionally brushing against my own erection as you rock my body back and forth. I touch myself, I’m hard and slick, precum flowing freely from my engorged head. A cock in each hand and one in my mouth, I am in heaven.

I sense you are getting closer, your thrusting is faster and deeper. The head hitting the back of my throat. I gag a little which only turns you on more, no one has ever deep throated you and the sensation is indescribable. I stop touching myself and focus on you. I cup your heavy balls, I know what is in them and I want it now.

I look up at your face, you’re breathing hard and fast, your orgasm is close. I am holding my breath waiting for you to explode. I pull on your balls and twist my hand around your shaft and then I see it. The look of relief about to spread over your face. And then I taste it. Salty. The first pump is short, just a teaser to the main course. The second, more powerful, more volume. Third pump and my mouth is already close to full. Then you push my head down low, your cock is in my throat and I can feel you pumping into my throat. I swallow it. I have no choice. You grunt loud and deep, I am moaning and groaning on your cock as you ‘force’ me to take your cum. Even without touching myself I can feel my own orgasm racking my body, I’m making a mess on the floor between my own legs as I twitch and writhe on the floor while you cum in me.

Your orgasm abated, you stand and pat me on the head, your softening cock slipping from my messy mouth. It leaves a trail of saliva and cum over my cheeks. You look down at me, tell me I’m the best little cock sucker in the world and then you leave. I collapse, kneeling on the floor with my cum covered face on the couch.

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