Letters Home

I’ve been away for so long, posted to this remote corner of the world for my research thesis. I miss you Tim, and our new girlfriend, I hope I can inspire you to some naughty fun with my words.

I want you to think about your ass filled with our favourite buttplug, your cock wrapped up tightly by a cock ring, me wearing the same thing. Our legs are entwined, my right leg over your left, your right leg over my left, our cocks together pressed together, shaft rubbing against shaft as Katie pulls and pushes on the buttplugs inside us, her tongue running over both of us, trying to take us in her mouth at the same time, causing us to twitch and shiver as she sucks on the heads of our leaking cocks. Her pussy is soaked as she plays with us, two firm cocks in her hands. As she strokes and licks us we both reach behind her and slip our fingers in and out of her. Both holes accept our slippery digits, she moans loudly on our cocks as we play with her labia, engorged and hot with her arousal.

Her clit is hard and exposed, her pussy is open like a flower to the sun, she can’t take our teasing any more and she stands up. Our cocks, still pressed together, are both pointing straight to the sky as she steps over us. Dropping to her knees she lowers herself until we can feel the heat from her sex. Sinking lower and lower she lines us up with her hand and impales herself on the both of us. Her pussy is stretched beyond anything she has felt before, the girth of our cocks complement each other, the thick base of yours, my thickness near the head. She screams in sudden orgasm as she comes to rest with us buried to the hilt. Our digital stimulation had her on edge, the penetration forcing her over. We can both feel the walls of her vagina contracting around us, the intense pleasure of your cock against mine inside her is pushing me to my limits.

You’re thrusting now as she kisses you, her breasts pushed into you as she starts to rock on our poles. I sit up a little as I reach around her body, one hand running up and down her side, the other making contact with you. Little by little we build up speed, our cocks taking turns to fill you, first you withdraw a little as I push in deep, then I pull out as you push in, her pussy never feeling empty but instead feeling stretched as we both fill her together.
She’s begging us now, “cum together, cum inside me boys, please”.
I look around her and I catch your eye, you know I’m close, you’ve seen me like this before. I feel your balls against mine, slick and coated in her juices, I can feel them as they tighten up and I know you’re on the edge too. I thrust, as deeply as I can and a groan escapes my body. The semen in my balls boils up, pulsing through my cock and out the engorged head, “I’m cumming”, I grunt as my orgasm washes over me. Katie moans her approval. You just twitch, your own heavy balls feeling the pressure erupt as your cum mixes with mine in Katie’s pussy. Katie can feel us pumping our seed into her at the same time, it tips her into another orgasm. We become a groaning, moaning, twisted pile of fucking flesh, our thrusting cocks now lubricated with our cum slide over and under, occasionally we pop out of Katie but her well fucked cunt accepts our re-entry easily, she’s so turned on that we slip in and out with ease. As our orgasms abate we collapse, Katie falls forward onto your chest, her body still twitching as she kisses you, I look down to see her asshole looking at me, winking as she feels the aftershocks of her orgasm rippling through her body, below it my cock, slick with our juices is softening inside her, a hint of your cock is visible as she twitches. Complete exhaustion takes over us and we all fall asleep, still joined by our genitals, one perfect loving human experience.

Until I can make it back home, I will picture this as I pleasure myself. Three months to go..

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