Day Dream

My mind is wandering today, I’m bored and horny, and when I see your name pop up online, this pops into my head.

You on your hands and knees, me on my knees behind you, hands on your waist as I line the head of my cock up with your asshole. The way I’d slowly lean forward, the pressure against your ring growing until it opens to allow the entry of my purpled head. As I mount you I sink into you, my arms around your sides as I crawl over you, entering you deeply. My chest against your back as I come to rest, my balls against yours, my chin over your shoulder, my flesh against your flesh.

I’d be biting your shoulder as I felt your ass squeezing me. Of course, more of a nibble. A gentle bite whilst I fuck you. I’d have to slide a hand down your body and wrap my fingers around your rock hard cock, the head is shiny as you leak precum constantly. I flex my dick inside you, eliciting a moan of desire. 
You’re sick of me just filling you, you want to be fucked. You need to be fucked. You push back into me and rock your hips. As you rock your hips your cock slides through my hand. I squeeze it tighter and pull own hips back. I start thrusting in and out of you. You’re close already, the pressure in your ass and my hand on your cock is driving you wild. And being mounted by a man has you aching to cum. Your moans encourage me, your tight hole is squeezing me closer to my own orgasm as we speed up.

I can feel you throb in my hand, a wet spot under you from the constant stream of precum, I use my other hand to catch some to taste. Licking my fingers clean I catch some more and feed it to you. The sweet taste of your impending orgasm hits your taste buds as I reach my orgasm
I’m thrusting wildly now, your ass taking me all the way to my balls.

The first shot volleys from my cock to coat your insides as I feel your own cock twitch in my hand. I use my free hand to catch the creamy white liquid currently gushing from the eye of your prick, it feels like the cum I am emptying into your ass is coming out through your cock.

As our orgasms subside we slump forward, my softening cock still in your ass, holding back the flood of semen. My other hand is sticky from your spending, I lick it up as you continue softly moaning as my cock moves inside you. We lay like that for a few minutes until I feel the call of nature. Knowing it is a fantasy of yours I let go and start pissing inside you, giving you an impromptu enema. The pressure inside you builds until I am done, then I pull free and my cum and piss shoot out of your well fucked asshole.

We both agree, it’s my turn next.

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