First Date

This is a collaboration story that I wrote with a friend of mine, Adelyn Diamond, who is new to the erotica scene. I initially wrote the story based on a late night conversation which she then edited to insert her own flavour. I then went through it again, added a couple of final details and here we are. We both hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it.

I’ve been looking forward to this date for months. We’ve both just come out of rough relationships and the support we got from each other is all that got me through. There’d always been a strong sexual attraction between us, ever since we first met at work years ago, yet I wasn’t one to admit it in its entirety until much later in our friendship. His marriage was hard, and not fair to him, but I wanted to continue to be there for him. Mine was just dwindling away and I was unsure of what to do, he was there to pick up the pieces when I finally made that hard decision. Now, with two separations complete, a new relationship can begin – though I have to admit, after fifteen years in my last relationship, I was a little nervous.

I checked the time, five minutes until he is due to arrive. The children are being looked after; a rarity, as they’ve never left my side unless for work; girls nights out were just not a priority. I still remember how hard it was on my first girls night when my eldest was six months old and his dad messaged, not even half an hour after getting to dinner, just felt like it wasn’t suited for me to have me time.

My hair is done, makeup on; not too much but enough for me to feel pretty. I wear a high waisted knee length skirt with a button-up blouse, at his request; to showcase my hourglass figure. A quick glance in the mirror again, I’m starting to feel like me again, my new found confidence I once lost. The time runs quickly, as I check the mirror there is a gentle knock at the door. Like a giddy schoolgirl I run to the door to see his face waiting expectantly for me, butterflies of nerves fill my tummy and my cheeks blush as he hands me a gorgeous bouquet of purple and white carnations; something he remembered from all those years ago, my favourite colour and one of my favourite flowers. He escorts me to his car and as he holds the door while I get in, he compliments my look for the evening, a flutter of nerves swarms through me again; I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

The restaurant is impeccable, he’s gone all out to spoil me and make me feel special, definitely something that hasn’t happened in years; and it feels nice. The tables are set just for two, overlooking the city, the beautiful setting of plush curved seating allowing me to sit right next to him and get cosy whilst being able to take in the view together as the sun sets.

I struggle to concentrate on the menu, he’s sitting so close, I can feel the warmth from his body and smell the cologne he sprayed on after donning his suit. He leans in close to whisper in my ear, he wants to know if I’m ready to order, the warmth of his breath and gentleness of his tone sends shivers down my spine. We order the same, not something I’m used to, but feeling like a schoolgirl on a first date with a very long time crush, I couldn’t focus.

As the waiter takes our orders back, he lays his hand on top of mine on the table, electricity sparking between us. For the moment, we sit in silence looking into each other’s eyes. What is he thinking, I’m scared; I know how he’s always felt, but this moment is so surreal. The gentleman that he is, he strokes my cheek softly, and asks permission to kiss me. I nod, not game to give voice as my nerves may overwhelm me. He leans in for a tender kiss, the first of many he hopes to give me. The feel of his lips against mine, our tongues gently probing, exploring each other. Coming up for air his face is flushed and red, my own breathing is quickened by the passion in our kissing, it was breathtaking and romantic, what I’d dreamt it would be. He’s sitting on my right side and as he turns towards me he pulls my hand as well, lowering it below the table to rest upon his thigh. He moves in for another kiss, as he does he pulls my hand with his, higher up his thigh. Higher and higher until I feel his bulge. His fingers interlocked with mine, he’s wanted to show me for years how I made him feel, and I was so naive that I scarcely believed him. I couldn’t believe that this was real. This wasn’t something I would do on a first date, but years of chemistry, had me breaking boundaries.

Breaking the kiss again he tells me how much he wants me, he wasn’t about to apologise for it, he needs me tonight. His words make me tingle all over, my ears are pounding, my heart thumping, my body shivers and tingles and I tell him I want him too. The waiter arrives with the first course, I leave my hand high on his thigh, as it just felt natural. I thank the waiter and turn to him to kiss him again before we start to eat. It feels like I’ll need the energy from the menu tonight.

My mind really isn’t on the food right now, but do I finish fast enough to kiss him again, or enjoy it; am I going to fast for him? Wine is good right now, but I need to drink slowly, this beautiful man doesn’t want me tipsy. The waiter clears the table after we finish our meals, and as I take another sip from my glass, I can feel his eyes watching me and every move I make. Is he studying me for what we can and cannot do on this first date?

For years I’ve wanted to run my hands through his luscious locks of hair, I’m so glad he grew it back to the way he liked it. His confidence makes me happy, I would be happy with any hair style as long as he is happy. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought and shared my point of view, he smiled shyly at me and I couldn’t help myself, I put my left hand on his right on the table, interlocking our fingers and angled myself to run my right hand fingers through his hair. I could see the desire in his eyes as he enjoyed it, he cupped my chin with his left hand and leaned in to kiss me again, slowly and tenderly, savouring the moment.

Our hands on the table fall back into his lap, I could feel his arousal again, which surprised me still; he had always told me I made him feel that way but I lacked the self-confidence to believe him. I couldn’t deny the feeling I had creeping up on me, I felt my own arousal heighten as I squirmed a little in my seat. I could feel the entire outline of his girth through his pants, I wasn’t expecting him to feel this thick; it’d been a year since I had slept with anyone and my body had forgotten the feel of a real man, I’d grown used to a dildo I’d had hidden away at home. The thought made me flush as he just kissed me again, it’s like he knew what I was thinking and wanted to wash away the worry.

Looking up I see the waiter coming, I want to move my hand away but he stops me. He knew my comfort zone years ago and that it was complicated and he wanted to challenge me and test my boundaries tonight. The waiter sets the main course in front of us, but I clearly had other things on my mind as I moved my hand, gently stroking, while the waiter refilled our wine glasses. I watch his face as he thanks the waiter who then leaves, my movements become more deliberate and I watch the desire in his eyes for me until he closes them and tilts his head back as my fingertips trace up and down his pants, tracing the shape of his hard erection, driving him wild, to show him how much I’ve always wanted him too. He grabs my wrist to stop my teasing and whispers that we’d better eat instead of making a mess of the inside of his pants.

Fearing I’ve taken it too far in a first date, I agreed and adjusted my position and became more aware of my own arousal. So focused on him, I didn’t even notice how hard my own nipples were, how sensitive they are pressing hard against my bra. I’d usually wear something with padding, but I remembered his love for lace so I splurged and got myself some new underwear. As I felt my nipples, hard and sensitive against the lace of my new bra it also dawns on me, my underwear is feels soaking wet. He finishes his course first as I take the last two bites of mine and a sip of wine. His hand brushes upon my thigh breaking me out of my reverie. He pulls my skirt up with his hand as he tickles my inner thighs with his fingertips, his left hand perfectly positioned as I feel his exploring fingers make contact with the lace between my legs. He moans in my ear as he feels how much I want this. He rubs up and down, feeling my lips moving behind their lace barricade. A finger teases the outline of my underwear daring to enter, a fresh wave of arousal soaking my already wet knickers.

His hand still resting against my lace, the waiter comes over to clear away the main course. One last course he whispers as the waiter leaves. Dessert. His index and thumb lift my chin and he kisses me so delicately he takes me breath away, while with his other hand, his fingers are making their way past the barricade. Finally he slips his hand inside my panties and his middle finger immediately finds its way between my lips, making me ache for more. I almost cum as his finger slides deep inside, I have never felt this much passion for me before, he’d always said that one day I would. He moves his finger with great deliberation inside while I squeeze him trying to get him to go harder. As he rubs me deeply, I go to reach for him, to grasp his shaft and wanting to undo his fly to return the favour. He stops me, he wants me to feel what I haven’t before, my head falls back in the chair as I run my fingers through his hair again. He moaned at the feeling of my fingers across his head which sets me off, his guttural sounds almost pushed me over the edge. His pleasure, his desire, his fire for me has me so close. Dessert is approaching and he senses my trepidation, but he keeps teasing me as my orgasm is building. The waiter is almost at our table before he stops, he withdraws his finger and tries to calm himself down, taking a drink from his glass. He looks at me and smiles sheepishly as I try straighten myself out.

As we both eat dessert, I snuggle in closer to him, my hand occasionally brushing the very evident bulge in his pants. Keeping him on edge, I ask him what he thinks of his dessert so far. He grunts that what is on the plate is not what he wants to eat the most. He finishes his dessert and resumes his massaging of my most sensitive spot. The waiter comes quickly and clears the table, as he leaves he mentions that the restaurant will be closing up shortly and that he’ll be out back, if we need anything just give a yell.

Nodding our acknowledgement, we thank the waiter who also left the bill at the table. He is still teasing me making me want to not be selfish. I try to undo the fly of his pants but he stops me, instead he picks up a stray spoon from the table and drops it on the floor. Flashing an evil grin he drops to the ground to get it and quickly disappears under the table. I can feel his hands on my legs gently tugging at my underwear as he pulls them off, then feeling his hot breath against my pussy. I jump but he holds me down as he runs his tongue all the way along my lips up to my clit. He buries his nose in my cropped pubic hair as he pushes his tongue deep inside of me, savouring the taste before encircling my erect clit. It’s never been something I had enjoyed, I always wondered what was wrong with me but as he sucks on my clit as he slides two fingers inside, I close my eyes, letting go, forgetting completely that we are in public as he tongue does things no one else has done, leading me into my first decent orgasm in months. I explode like I never have before, juices gushing over his face as he keeps licking and sucking at my plump pussy. Eventually I have to push him away, his passion for my body overwhelms my senses.

He returns to his seat, wiping his face with my lace underwear, his cock still engorged and now more visible, the outline through his pants stark in the light of the restaurant. Looking around and seeing no one, I undo his fly, he no longer objects. I start stroking him, he is already really close just from having his second serving of dessert, another quick glance around and then I dare to get completely out of my comfort zone, lowering my head, taking his swollen, throbbing cock in my mouth. As I keep stroking the shaft with my hand, I start swirling my tongue around the head, the sweet taste of precum getting stronger and stronger as he approaches his orgasm, he moans in absolute pleasure, feeling the rush as his cum pulses up the shaft to fill my mouth. I swallow quickly, and wait until I feel the last pulse of pleasure before looking up at him. He wasn’t expecting that and the look in his eyes has me suggesting to head home, he agrees as he kisses me tenderly while my body still trembles over what just happened on our first date.

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