Together at Last

You feel his arms around your shoulders, your head rests on his chest, listening to his heart beating. The warmth of your embrace keeping you cozy. One hand resting in his lap, the other behind him as you embrace him. His hand on your hip, the other caressing your head. Occasionally he leans down to kiss your head, he whispers sweet nothings to you between kisses. The deep murmuring thumping through his chest.

The TV you are both watching is turned down low, it’s a romance film, the title you’re not sure of but it’s a gentle distraction from the thoughts running through your head. Could it be real? Sitting here with the man of your dreams, finally he is yours. Years of torment for both of you, unhappiness experienced from dwindling marriages, the strength you got from this man sustained you. And now he’s yours, whispering his love to you right now.

You remember that first night together, the awkwardness and tentative exploration as you both gave in to your primal desires. And now, months after, you’re sitting here together. The kids are away for the weekend, you can do anything you like. And right now all you want is to feel him surrounding you.

Thoughts flick back to that first night. You’d talked about all the things you wanted to do with each other for months, years even, but when it came down to it the nerves hit you like it was your first time again. You sigh as you remember the way he reacted when you gingerly removed your shirt and bra for the first time. Three children had been nourished by your breasts and yet his heart quickened and the blood flowed south as he was seeing the woman of his dreams, and despite all her self perceived flaws, she was sexy as hell. The confidence boost you felt that first night still causes a skip in your heart, butterflies in your tummy, and a throb between your thighs.

Back to the present, you purr into him, feeling completely content with the memories swirling around. He looks down at you as you turn your head towards his, finding his lips with your own, a gentle kiss filled with yearning to stay like this forever. Without thinking about it, the hand in his lap comes to rest upon his slowly lengthening manhood, his kissing has reminded him of certain things too. You give him a squeeze through his loose shorts eliciting a sharp intake of breath before he returns to showering your head with kisses. You wait a while before squeezing again, you can hear his heart rate increase as you deftly tease and squeeze him. The movie has at least an hour to go and you’re going to enjoy every minute of it. 

The material of his shorts lays loose upon his body, in the flickering light of the screen you can see the shadows cast from his member, as you tease him to full hardness the material shifts around. He had been sitting comfortably but now his pants feel tight as he points to the ceiling, your hand grazing his stiffness occasionally. As you continue to innocuously stimulate him he lets out a moan after you squeeze the head and then run your fingers along his length. Looking down you notice a darker patch at the peak of his impromptu tent, his arousal has progressed from hard to dribbling. 

As you massage him you can feel his hand on your hip still, shuffling around, trying to find its way under your clothing as subtly as he can manage. As he gets the tips of his fingers under the band of your pjs you squeeze him hard, this is all about him right now. He gets the point as you resume your stimulus when he removes his fingers. 

The movie is drawing to its climax as you ramp up your movements. No longer are you grazing your fingers over him, they are now wrapped around the shaft of his achingly hard cock through the material of his shorts. The strength of your fingers around his girth with the texture of the cotton of his shorts is driving him towards climax. He is no longer watching the movie, his head is thrown back over the couch as your fist pumps his cock faster and faster.
He grunts, “babe, you’re gonna make me cum in my pants!”
You just smile and increase your tempo. Then you see it, the dark wet patch suddenly increases and he moans, longingly, as his cum boils up from his heavy balls, pulses through his cock, then rockets from the eye to meet the cotton barrier of his clothing. As you milk the cum from his balls you see it seeping through his shorts. The dark material suddenly white with his semen, the smell reaching your nose, completing the sensory stimulation of your own body. You can see his cum, feel it coating your fingers as you continue to stroke him, and now you can smell it, that strong musk of the man of your dreams. 

Sitting up you offer him a taste which he politely declines before you wipe it off on the leg of his shorts.
“Seems you’ve made a mess of yourself there you naughty boy. Better get cleaned up.”
He just grunts as he stands up in a daze.
“Oh, better get me a drink and some snacks for the next movie whilst you’re up”.
He stumbles from the room as you get into a comfortable position, noting in passing that you haven’t felt this wet from watching a movie with someone in a very long time.

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