Happy Birthday Baby

Claire had been a typical country girl moved to the city. Living out west she’d dreamed of one day moving to the big smoke to live amongst the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Sitting in a small kitchen in the little apartment that she shared with her boyfriend Bonham, she sipped her tea as she considered his latest request. Both had had limited sexual experiences before they met but since discovering the pleasure of shared sexual moments they had made an effort to try new things.

Bonham’s latest request was also his most bold request. He wanted a threesome. With Claire and her friend Natasha. As Claire drank her tea she was texting Natasha about meeting up for coffee so that she could broach the idea.

Natasha was a petite little blonde, her small form was often eclipsed by her larger than life personality. Claire was nervous at first, talking to Natasha about Bonham’s fantasy and how she could was thinking of making it real for him, but as she spilled more and more Natasha’s face showed a burning desire. When Claire had finished Natasha had sat there silent for a moment, until she sensed Claire’s nerves returning and she leaned closer and admitted that the idea had made her wet with longing to help fulfil this idea. The taboo of it all had her nipples pressed hard against the material of her top, visible for Claire to see.

Natasha had all sorts of ideas for how Claire could go about it. Claire’s confidence grew as they plotted together. On one adventure to a Sex Shop Natasha and Claire picked up a couple of porn dvds that focused around threesomes and later that night they had sat down to watch it and take notes. With a glass of wine in one hand and a pen in the other they hit play on the first dvd. A scene showing a man being serviced orally by two women wearing skin tight latex appeared on the screen. They sipped their wine and commented over the on-screen action. More oral and swapping from one mouth to the other followed this first scene as the screen flickered in transition to the next. The girls were feeling underwhelmed, they both agreed to try one more scene before aborting this DVD.

Fading in from black the the newest scene had a man lying on a bed, his arms and legs restrained with fluffy cuffs to the bed. He was blindfolded and his manhood was exposed and erect. Claire and Natasha both looked at each other, their pulses quickened as they realised a shared desire. That positioning, that situation, that is how they would help Bonham realise his fantasy.

They continued to watch the on-screen affair, taking notes, sipping more wine. The note taking slowed down as their arousal took over. The low lighting from the single desk lamp in the corner, the red wine, and the raw sexual arousal from the film was having an affect on both ladies. Neither woman was aware of it at first but they had both been absorbed into the scene and half a bottle of red had lowered some inhibitions. Under the cover of the low lighting, first Natasha and then Claire had both stopped taking notes and were instead sliding a hand below the elastic waistbands of their pants. Rubbing themselves through their underwear, both women were focused on the film but their peripheral vision assured them that each woman was not alone in her masturbation.

As the scene progressed each woman brought herself closer and closer to orgasm, not once removing any clothes but gradually moving aside underwear and feeling fingers on flesh, their arousal lubricating their fingers, their clothing muffling the slick sounds of finger fucking. The DVD was approaching its crescendo as the two women in this scene stroked the man faster and faster, his impending orgasm evident from his bright red, swollen cock. As the man tipped over the edge into orgasm his moaning pushed Claire into an unstoppable wave of pleasure. She grabbed at her breasts, her legs shook, she pushed another finger into her clenching pussy as she abandoned all pretense and she screamed out her orgasm as Natasha watched both the screen and Claire. Claire’s orgasm almost subsided, Natasha felt the final tickle in her clit that precipitated her own orgasm. Having just seen the visceral display of sexual abandonment from Claire, she didn’t hold back. Legs quivering she grunted as she slipped another finger into her pussy, her other hand entering her pants to rub on her clit so she would feel full and get the stimulation she so badly needed. Two fingers buried deep and curling towards her g-spot, she flicked her clit as hard as she could and it was there, her orgasm ripped through her body. She thought all her muscles were going to pull free from her body as wave and wave of pleasure crashed upon her. Not even realising she was doing it, sweet nectar was gushing forth from her hyper-stimulated sex. Claire just watched on in amazement as her friend came on her own fingers.

Afterwards both girls turned off the movie to just sit in the quiet glow of their mutual masturbation. Natasha had soaked her pants so Claire offered her a spare pair and a shower. While Natasha showered Claire found herself thinking about the scene and now she could see herself fulfilling Bonham’s fantasy. She found herself looking forward to it.

Claire could vividly remember the first time she had met Bonham when she had joined his company over a year ago. He worked in the engineering department, she was in marketing. He had bumped into her in the break room, coffee spilling down his shirt, baked beans over her’s. They’d both headed to the unisex bathroom to clean up, he had removed his shirt as the coffee was boiling hot and while washing it in the sink, Claire’s reflection in the mirror had startled him. She was on the other side of the bathroom, on the unofficial ladies side. She had also removed her top, exposing a lacy bra that she had felt was the most business like bra she had. She hadn’t wanted the baked beans from her lunch to stain the white satin material and not being used to a unisex bathroom and being in a hurry, she had forgotten Bonham was in there with her.

She had caught Bonham staring at her. Looking down she realised that he was staring at her perfectly rounded lace covered breasts. Claire had coughed to get his attention, not realising that by coughing she was jiggling in an erotic way. His cheeks flushed crimson at being caught staring, he had grabbed his wet shirt and headed to a stall as quick as he could to avoid further temptation.

He was busily blowing on his shirt in an attempt to dry it when Claire had locked the bathroom door. She caught him as he ventured a peek through the gap on the stall door. Sitting on the countertop next to the sink was Claire, her breasts exposed, her bra sitting idly next to her.

Claire had noticed Bonham in the reflection of her own mirror, she had seen the way he was staring at her. There had been raw animal lust on his face as he devoured her body with his eyes. She had known it was a risk, it was a new job and she really needed it. But she was also single and really wanted the satisfaction of distracting a man. A well-toned, muscled man. And there he was, staring at her. She had been single for years, her last boyfriend had been an arsehole who was lousy in bed. So when Bonham had displayed such desire for her, her body had responded, her breathing had quickened, her heart pounded harder, and her pussy had moistened. She had thrown caution to the wind when she turned around and coughed.

She had startled Bonham though, he had quickly ducked into a stall. She was left with a decision to make, to advance or to retreat. She had gone with an aggressive stance and had removed her bra completely. All she had to do now was push open the door to Bonham’s stall and present herself to him. She leaned heavily against the cold laminate panelling, her sensitive nipples hardened further as their heat made contact with the cold icy surface. Bonham hadn’t locked the door so it swung open as she pressed further into the stall. As it swung open it revealed Bonham sitting on the toilet with the lid down, his wet shirt in his hands and a very obvious bulge in his pants. He looked like a deer caught in Claire’s creamy white headlights, he was frozen to the spot as he drank in the view of her heavenly, heaving bosom. As he looked up at her she saw a damp patch forming on his trousers at the peak of his bulge. So great was his lust for her that precum was flowing freely from his throbbing, caged erection.

With her chest pushed out and his focus upon her erect nipples, Claire kneeled down before him silently. She placed her hands on his knees and slowly ran up his inner thighs, the fingers coursing over his muscled thighs as they journeyed towards his crotch. As they drew closer his breathing quickened as she felt between his legs. First her right and then her left hand found their target, she could feel the heat from his erection through the material of his trousers. Finding the zipper she silently slipped it down, closer and closer she came to revealing her prize. The zipper would go no further and yet he was still tucked inside. Grasping the elastic of his boxers with her left hand, she pulled away from his body and with her right hand she dove in to wrap her fingers around Bonham’s throbbing cock. Pulling him free it was now her turn to hold her breathe, his cock was magnificent. He stood tall, a proud 6 inches in length and quite meaty in her hand. The purpled head was shiny from precum, he had an overwhelmingly musky man scent that made her feel light headed and dizzy. Gently she lifted him up by his penis and she removed his clothing. With unfettered access to her prize she looked up at him, gazing into his eyes as she lowered her head and as she sensed the heat from the end of his cock she parted her lips, running her tongue over them before sinking down on him. The taste of his arousal sent shivers through her body, the atmosphere was charged with a sexual energy that both were tapping into. As she sank further and further down he moaned in ecstasy as she reached the limits of what her mouth could hold. She felt him throbbing in her mouth before she started to come back, one hand holding his balls, the other wrapping around the shaft as his penis withdrew from her mouth. With great patience she worshipped his penis with her mouth, each bob sending a bolt of energy to her engorged genitals, her panties completely soaked and she could feel her arousal pouring down her legs.

His balls tightened up as he got closer to orgasm, she wanted his cum but her body needed him elsewhere. Still without a word she stood up, pushing her breasts into his face as she went. He looked scared, his eyes questioning her sudden change when he was so close to orgasm. She turned around and unzipped her skirt. Bending over slightly she started to pull it down exposing her white panties. The smell of her arousal was overpowering as she dropped the skirt to the floor, he hooked his fingers into her panties and pulled them down. Her aroma drove him wild. With barely a thought for the consequences she sat herself down on his cock, feeling it spread her apart as she came from the sudden intrusion of his throbbing dick. She took a moment before moving, she had to get her breath back. Still facing away from him she put her hands on his knees and lifted herself up and started to rock back and forth on his lap, his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. The head of his cock almost leaving her before she would slide back down, the muscles in her pussy squeezing him. She worked herself into a frenzy as he reached around and pawed clumsily at her breasts. He tweaked her nipples as she drove them both closer to orgasm. He grunted, indicating that he was close, she was close herself. Pushing up and down, feeling his cock piercing her, she felt him start to twitch. Throwing all caution to the wind she bounced up and down on him as she felt him start to cum. He grunted and groaned as her pussy milked his orgasm from him, her crescendo peaked as all her muscles twitched at once. The spurting of his seed inside her set off a final explosion within her. Her body was covered in sweat, the stall reeked of their coupling, and they were both breathless. As their orgasms washed over them she collapsed back onto him, his cock softening inside her. Without a word still she stood up, a gush of cum spilling from her well-fucked pussy as she picked up her clothes and stepped out of his stall and into another one to get dressed again.

Her memories of that first meeting still inspired her during her solo missions to this day and now she planned on making more hot memories. Claire was stuck on how to arrange for Natasha to join them. Weeks after Bonham had first broached the topic Claire had had no further luck with finding a way to make his fantasy come true before his birthday. As it was his 25th birthday Claire had been organising a big party in the city, they would hop from a restaurant to a bar then to a karaoke bar to round out the night. As an added bonus, Claire had booked a hotel room in the city so that they could party on late and not have to worry about how to get home. As the night of the party drew closer her focus was pulled from fulfilling his fantasy to getting everything organised.

The restaurant was an inner city Brazilian affair, complete with belly dancers. Everyone enjoyed the show as much as the food, the tantalizing hints of femininity added an air of sexual tension to the group. Bonham was sitting in the middle of the table, Claire to his right and Natasha next to her. Natasha knew of Bonham’s fantasy and had already said yes to Claire. Seeing the alcohol flowing and the curves on display, Natasha leaned over and whispered a suggestion in Claire’s ear. Blushing profusely, Claire leaned over Bonham and asked his brother, James, who was sitting to his left if he would mind swapping so that they could talk and catch up for a moment.

James vacated his seat and Natasha took up a position to Bonham’s left while Claire stayed to his right. As Claire spoke with James about mundane things like his job, the weather, and any other such topics, she snaked her hand into Bonham’s lap. Rubbing his thigh, fingertips dragged lightly over his crotch, a growing bulge bringing a smirk to her face as she tried to remain focused on James. Bonham could do nothing but smile, the beer he’d consumed was making it harder for him to concentrate. Looking towards Natasha for a moment, Claire nodded as her hand rested on Bonham’s pulsing erection. Suddenly her hand was enveloped by Natasha’s small hand, her fingers running over the back of her hand and then over Bonham’s lap. Hands moving over and over, Natasha and Claire teased him under the table. Bonham was in a state of shock, he looked to Claire. Claire just smiled and nodded.

As the dessert course was being served Claire and Natasha, working in tandem, managed to unzip Bonham’s fly and first one, then the other, snaked their hands into his pants to fondle his throbbing cock and heavy balls. Someone asked him how he was enjoying his birthday party, all he could do was moan as Natasha ran a finger over his purpled head. The table erupted in laughter, assuming his pleasure was drawn from the sweets on the table not knowing that he was receiving a handjob from the two women on either side of him.

After the meal had drawn to a close, the girls quickly withdrew their hands and Claire announced it was time to move on to the next venue. After the bill was paid up everyone made to stand up, Natasha leaned over and reminded Bonham that his fly was still undone. Embarrassed, he sat down again, his erection still evident. Zipping himself up as discreetly as possible, he awkwardly stood and made for the door, hoping against hope that the darkness outdoors would hide his aroused state. Claire smiled as he ducked past, pleased with her work and thankful to Natasha for her suggestion.

Walking down the road Claire fell in beside Natasha and asked her how far she was willing to go. With a cheeky grin Natasha confirmed again that she was ready, willing, and able to go all the way in their little endeavour. Arriving at the pub the group set up in a spot in the corner with loads of chairs and comfy couches to wait it out until their karaoke booking was available. Claire hadn’t noticed Natasha darting off to the bathroom but as she sat next to Bonham she noticed as Natasha sat next to him and then widened her eyes as she say Natasha press her recently removed panties into his hand and then move his hand to his face. Watching him inhaling the scent of another woman turned her on. Seeing the boldness of Natasha, Claire decided to replicate. Darting off to the ladies, she stood in the cubicle, pulling her black, lacy panties down under her dress over her smooth legs. Holding them in her hand she could feel how damp they were, it felt like there was a fire between her legs and the cool air against her exposed lips was only fanning her desire. Practically running back to Bonham and the group, she sat down gingerly on his lap and while reaching for his hand, she deposited her moist panties in his hand and watched as he lifted them to his face, smelling her as he had just smelt Natasha.

Claire could feel his erection through his pants as she squirmed on his lap. Occasionally she would manage to get just the right spot and a shiver of pleasure would run through her body. The urge to grind herself against him was strong, the drinks she had already consumed were breaking down her wall of inhibition. Claire looked around and found Natasha, her eyes silently screaming her desires. Natasha moved up to Claire, offered her hand, and motioned towards the bathroom. Claire was torn, the pressure against her pussy was driving her wild but the look in Natasha’s eyes as she motioned towards the Ladies left her wondering.

Darting into the first available cubicle, both girls squeezed themselves in. As soon as the locked slid to “Engaged” Natasha had Claire wrapped in a loving embrace as she kissed her. Claire fell into the kiss, the soft touch of another woman’s lips on her own, the smooth skin as opposed to Bonham’s hairy face, the raw arousal of the night all had her melting. Then she hit the shutter sound. Opening her eyes she saw Natasha snapping a selfie of them making out and then sending it to Bonham. Instantly a response was received, a single emoji of a thumbs up.

Claire wanted more, she wanted to tease Bonham to distraction. Reaching behind Natasha she found the long zip on her cocktail dress and slid it down far enough for her bra to be exposed. Taking a hold of one breast, she got out her own phone and snapped another selfie of her fondling another woman and sent it to Bonham. Another enthusiastic response and the girls got raunchier and raunchier. Breasts were exposed, nipples were teased, sucked, and pinched. Hands ran everywhere until Natasha ran her hand up Claire’s thigh, under her dress, and over her bare pussy. Claire felt Natasha slide a single finger over her clit, down between her lips and into her vagina. Spreading her legs further Claire pointed the camera at herself and snapped off a final picture to Bonham.

Cleaning themselves up and redressing, the girls returned to the party as if nothing had happened and resumed their seats next to Bonham. He nearly gave himself whiplash as he looked from one woman to the other and back again as his lust merged the pictures he had received with the live signals his eyes were receiving. To complicate matters further, Natasha leaned over to wipe away an imagined crumb of food from Bonham’s mouth slowly, making sure he inhaled the scent of his girlfriend on her finger.

After dinner the party goers stumbled from the restaurant and made their way to the karoke bar. Only two blocks over it took them almost half an hour of laughing and giggling to make their way. Shuffling down the dark stairs and into their private booth, songs were quickly queued up and missed notes were yelled out as everyone had a good time. Sitting on the faux leather couch between songs Bonham found himself the centre of attention again between Claire and Natasha. At no point was his cock unattended as the girls took turns rubbing him through his pants. Darkness in the room combined with flowing booze saw the eventual release of Bonham’s cock from his fly, his zipper was discreetly lowered and the head of his penis pulled free to poke through. Feigning sleepiness, each girl took turns with her head in his lap, their mouths somehow finding a way to slip his sensitive member into their hot mouths. After a solo from Claire, Bonham noticed that his party guests had started to dwindle, the lateness of the night forcing some to retire early. The group continued to get smaller until it was only himself, Claire, and Natasha in the room. Queued songs kept playing but no one was singing any more. Claire noticed at the end of her song that Natasha had pulled her top off and was guiding Bonham’s mouth onto her sensitive nipples. Leaning over and locking the door she turned to Bonham and whilst he still had Natasha’s breasts in his face she started to strip. The song playing in the background was not sexy but Claire getting naked in a public place was turning him on. His cock, already poking through his pants started to grow further, more and more revealing itself until Natasha moved to be between his legs and pulled down his pants completely exposing his arousal.
Giggling at Claire she said, “Looks like we have a naughty boy here Claire”.
“I agree Natasha, how should we punish him?”
“He will have to fuck us both.”
His eyes wide, Bonham watched as Claire walked over to him, straddling his lap and then started lowering herself down.
“Be a dear Natasha, guide that cock into my pussy, I can’t seem to get this thick thing inside” purred Claire.
Natasha dutifully reached up and held the base of Bonham’s shaft and ran the head up and down over Claire’s hovering lips before she finally positioned him just right for Claire to drop down. He groaned out loud as his cock was buried in her wet pussy, Claire maintained her slow pace until she felt her ass resting on his balls. Moving behind her, Natasha reached out and held Claire’s hips and then started moving her body, grinding Claire’s pussy down onto Bonham’s steel-hard cock. Her breasts were pressed into Claire’s back, as she wrapped her arms around her, one hand snaking down to play with Claire’s clit, the other running over Bonham’s chest.

Claire unbuttoned Bonham’s shirt as she started to ride him, thrusting back and forth on him as Natasha played with her clit. Lifting herself up and forward a bit, more of Bonham’s cock was exposed to Natasha’s line of sight, taking advantage of the new position Natasha leaned forward and started to suck on Bonham’s balls as Claire continued to ride him. His balls tasted of manliness, a hint of sweat, and then there was a new flavour. Much sweeter, Natasha realised it was Claire, her pussy was practically gushing and it was all running down Bonham’s shaft and over his balls into Natasha’s mouth.

Bonham was getting close, the grinding on his cock was driving him insane and Natasha’s tongue on his balls had him close to orgasm. Claire sensed his impending release and stood up, his cock popping free from her wet hole leaving his balls in Natasha’s mouth. Stroking Natasha’s hair as the woman hungrily lapped at her partner’s balls she said, “It is your turn honey, get some of that dick, it feels so good inside”.
Standing up with a squeal, Natasha turned herself around in place and promptly dropped herself down onto Bonham’s upright dick, his purpled head parting her wet lips like a hot knife through butter. Sinking herself down onto his cock Natasha let out a long groan as he filled her wanting pussy completely.

Claire sat back on the couch opposite Bonham as she watched her partner being fucked by another woman. Instead of the jealousy and conflict she had feared she was instead filled with pleasure and excitement. Her night teasing Bonham by playing with Natasha and fondling Bonham’s erection throughout the night and in public had her wetter and more turned on than she’d ever been before. And the icing on the cake was this moment, sitting on a couch in a dark karoke room watching her favourite cock sliding deep into her friend’s pussy. Natasha was moaning and groaning, Bonham was getting close, Claire could tell. His balls were tight and his face was flushed. Claire got on her knees between the pair’s legs, with one hand on his balls and the other on his clit she whispered, “Cum inside her Bonham, fill her dripping wet cunt with your seed while I finger myself to orgasm on my knees”.
As Claire moaned into her orgasm it was like a bolt of lightning hitting a rod, his cock twitched into life as her words hit him. His balls erupted into Natasha’s waiting cavern, Claire looked up and took Natasha’s nipple in her mouth and bit down hard, Natasha responding with her own orgasm, her pussy squeezing Bonham’s erupting fire hose. The night’s teasing had served its purpose well, Bonham had been so horny, his hormones so stoked, that this release was proving to be the biggest he’d ever had. Natasha continued to bounce wildly as Bonham pumped load after load into her, Claire could feel his cum running over her hands as she continued to hold his balls. Bonham collapsed back as Natasha suddenly found herself standing, a feeling of satisfaction along with emptiness. Reaching down between her legs she could feel Bonham’s load. Claire remained on her knees looking up at Natasha’s well-fucked pussy, brutal evidence of Bonham’s ejaculate was clearly visible.
“You’ve not had a taste of this yet”, moaned Natasha as she moved forward, holding Claire’s hair with one hand as she guided her mouth between her legs.
Natasha, still caught up in the aftershocks of her orgasm almost collapsed when Claire’s tongue flickered over her ravaged sex, Claire was hungry for Bonham’s cum and she searched thoroughly with her tongue.

Finally satisfied that she had cleaned Natasha she stood up and kissed her deeply, the taste of Bonham still evident on her lips as the ladies shared one last kiss before looking down at the softening form of Bonham. Throwing their clothes back on Claire looked at them both, “I can’t wait to get back to the hotel..”

The End.

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