Standing Up Meal

I’m picturing us in your room, I’m taking off your clothes, first I pull your shirt over your head, then pull your pants down, reaching around and unclasping your bra, feeling your breasts fall free against my chest. Pulling the bra free and stepping back I take in your body before dropping to my knees, hooking my fingers into your panties, sliding them all the way down your legs before running my hands back up the insides, parting them far enough for me to run my tongue along your moist slit and then using my fingers to spread your lips so that i can encircle your clit with my mouth.

Your knees buckle as my tongue connects with your clit, my hands go to your ass to support you as I continue to lick and suck. Your wetness increases as I pleasure you, your hands on my head strive to direct where my tongue makes contact with your pussy. I strive to make you cum as I try to get my tongue deeper inside you as I stimulate you. As you stand on your own again my hands are free to squeeze your ass cheeks, I creep my fingers closer and closer together as I attempt to reach your centre, still licking and sucking on your clit, one finger lightly brushes over your sensitive asshole as my other hand slides around your body to probe your wetness, first one finger, then two, enter you releasing a fresh gush of wetness coating them. Then you feel me pushing against your back door, reaching down yourself you pull your cheeks apart allowing me to sink one finger deep in your ass.

Three wriggling fingers in two holes with one tongue attacking your clitoris, I don’t know how much more you can handle. I can feel you getting closer, the pressure on my fingers tightens so much that I can feel my digits rubbing against each other. Eager to make you cum I start masturbating you with both hands as my oral attack continues, I can feel your thighs flexing around my arm as you reach the precipice, I snake a second finger into your asshole and the sudden intrusion pushes you over the edge into orgasm. Your legs spasm, your pussy contracts for a second and then an explosion from deep inside rips through your body, I try to keep my fingers moving inside but you cum so hard that I am ejected as you squirt all over my face and chest. All I can do is hold you upright as you give yourself over to the exquisite pleasure of your orgasm.

Coming back down to earth you look down at me, my shirt is soaked with your squirt, my beard is sopping wet, there’s a huge smile on my face and a massive tent in my pants. You let go of my head as I stand up next to you, thanking you for letting me experience your orgasm.

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