Picturing You

“I’m picturing it..”

It being you playing with your dildo

“And what else?”

I am seeing you on your bed, your face flushed, your nipples hard and pointing through your nightie, pulled up the slightest amount to allow your hand access between your legs. I can just imagine how wet your lips are as they part to allow your dildo access to your tight, wet, pussy.

The look of pleasure on your face as you slide it in and out as I stand in your room and watch, the murmur of your moaning, the smell of your arousal, the visceral pleasure of your exhibition

“What else?”

The sounds of your pleasure, the wet sound of your pussy being fucked, the movement of your arm… the way your mouth is parted slightly, your tongue wetting your lips as you look at me, standing against the wall, my pants tenting right out as the blood from my body focuses on one point.

“What’s your next move?”

I stand against the wall, throbbing with desire as you masturbate on your bed, I moan as you moan, your eyes fixed on mine as you lift up your nightie to expose your breasts, your nipples teasing me with their hardness. I want to reach out and touch them, taste them with my tongue, to suck them.

But I obey your rule, no moving without a command.

You sit up and take your nightie off completely, your breasts swinging free as you lay back down… I can finally see how wet you are with the glistening dildo buried between your legs. My aching cock is dribbling precum as it throbs and twitches in its material prison, begging silently to be released.

“And will you release him?”

“Only if i am allowed.”

“It’s not fair if you only get to watch me.”

You summon me closer, to see more as you continue to pleasure yourself, you reach out and stroke me through my pants, giggling as I groan from the teasing. You take one of my hands and place it upon your breast, the warmth of your skin sends a lightning bolt to my strained cock. You drag my hand down over your stomach until my fingertips graze the top of your pubic hair, the heat already setting my arousal on fire.

You slide your dildo out with one hand and with our fingers intertwined on the other, I get my first feel of your sex, the slippery, hot, wet folds of your labia parting eagerly for our fingers as we both push inwards. I whimper as I feel the raw strength of your pussy clenching around our probing fingers. You look at me, I’m so incredibly turned on, and you take pity on me, telling me I can remove my clothes but I am still not allowed to touch my achingly hard cock.

One handed, I remove my clothes and stand next to you, our fingers still inside your wet hole, my cock pointing straight out, the head glistening and wet with my arousal. You tell me to massage your breast as you release my hand, my finger still buried inside you. With your hand now free you reach towards my erection. I watch, spellbound, as you wave your fingers closer and closer.

Will you just tease me as I bring you to orgasm with my finger or will you finally touch me?

As my fingers find all the right spots you tip over into your first orgasm, your hand snatched away as you convulse.. I feel your orgasm subsiding and as you come down I feel your fingers wrapped around my shaft. I let out a big grunt as you give one, long, slow pull.

“I feel like I am about to cum.”

“You’re not the only one.”

I warn you of my impending orgasm and instantly you release me, my cock bouncing up and down. I keep fingering you, post orgasm twitches getting you closer and closer to another explosion. You reach out and pull on my balls, grasping them gently with your fingers and then pulling down firmly. The sensation pulls me back from my orgasm. Explosion averted you wrap your hand around me again and start to stroke. Slowly, so slowly that you can feel my heartbeat in my shaft.

I want to last as long as I can, to enjoy the sensation of your hand on my body but i know it is hopeless, your teasing has me on the edge of a very high precipice, to delay the inevitable now would be wasting time. With a smirk you look up at me and tell me that when I cum I have to clean it up. Then you start stroking me in earnest. 

My finger slips from your pussy as my head rolls back, I can feel this orgasm tearing through my body, my balls tightened. I grunt, I moan, I growl. The cum floods through my body from my balls, along my shaft, then out of the eye of my cock. Spurt after spurt gushes out of me. After the last twitch tears through my body I slump backwards a little, your hand on my cock holding me steady as the last dribbles of cum splash down upon your body. 

I open my eyes, flashes of light still visible from my intense release. I look down and see your breasts are coated with my creamy white cum.
With a cheeky smirk you release my cock and tell me to start cleaning up. Naturally I go for the tissues, you tut tut and tell me to use my tongue. A throb pulses through my now softening cock as you cradle my head as I lean down to lick your body clean of my ejaculation. You tell me I did a good job obeying the rules and then let me kiss you, sharing the taste of my orgasm with me.

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