Movie Night

Friday night was movie night for the gang. Three couples would rotate houses to watch a movie and keep in touch. We’d been doing it since leaving high school, three school friends and their partners. We’d all met our partners in uni many years ago and we’d just kept up the tradition as long as we could.

James and I had been best friends at school, he is a slim built man, about average height with short-cropped hair, and he is rather nerdy. Not much to look at if you believe social media’s opinions but he was attractive to the fairer sex. His greatest feature was his tight stomach. We’d spent many an afternoon hacking away on our computers, working on various software projects all while downloading and looking at porn in the background. He had met Kristie shortly into his Computer Science Degree at uni. She is equally nerdy, shorter than James and with shoulder length brunette hair. Even after fifteen years since high school her handful sized breasts were still perky and her ass tight. Continue reading “Movie Night”

At the Nightclub

Trevor hadn’t been to a nightclub for quite a while, in his twenties he’d been a weekly visitor but having just hit thirty he’d found less and less time for it. Standing at a respectable 6 foot tall, he was skinny despite his bachelor diet of takeaway food and beer. Long brown hair ran down just past his shoulders when he didn’t have it pulled back in a ponytail for work.

He hadn’t been to this nightclub before, it had multiple floors all dedicated to a different genre of music. He was on the metal floor as he was expecting company. Being single, he’d taken the plunge and downloaded a dating app on his phone. Whilst browsing through it during a particularly dull day at work he’d stumbled upon Kristie. A fellow IT professional, she was also nearing thirty, was single, used to go to nightclubs, and was interested in revisiting the scene of her youth. When Trevor had first sent her a message he’d felt nervous. He’d berated himself for feeling that way, people do this all the time so why was he nervous about asking a girl out. Once he’d broached the dating topic she’d suggested the nightclub and he’d happily accepted. Continue reading “At the Nightclub”

First Time on the Couch

Another typical Friday afternoon, I was dozing at work wondering what I was going to do that night when I got an SMS from my friend Joe. One of my closer friends, Joe and I often hung out on the weekends. We were both pretty nerdy, computer games and movies featured highly on our list of things to do. Unlike most friendships, ours also included a sexual side. We’d stumbled upon our shared interest in certain genres of porn during a drunken night of debauchery and since then we had occasionally indulged ourselves by watching it together and even jerking each other off. We never discussed our sexuality at any point, it was just something that felt nice to do and since we were both single there was nothing to stop us but ourselves. Continue reading “First Time on the Couch”

GTA Buddies

We’d been hanging out as best friends for as long as I could remember. We lived on the same street and our mutual tastes in friends, games, and hobbies led us to be quite close. We shared everything together. As we reached puberty we even shared our porno collections. That first Hustler smuggled home from the older kids at school, our bond so close, we thought nothing of it when we first jerked off to it together. We certainly didn’t think of ourselves as gay, we just enjoyed jerking off and didn’t care if we did it together or alone. Continue reading “GTA Buddies”

Angela’s Seduction

Chris was a shy guy, not traditionally handsome or attractive to the ladies, he had had a few high school girlfriends who had made out with him but since hitting university his time had been taken up with study and work. He still noticed the fairer sex but they didn’t seem to notice him. It was until his economics class in his 2nd year that he started getting noticed. Not by a lot of women, just one in particular. Angela was a perfect 50s pinup girl. Perfectly styled hair, intense makeup, big boobs, wide hips, narrow waist, and an impeccable 50s dress sense that somehow was also ultra modern. Chris was a nerdy guy, short and skinny, he often wore shirts from the metal gigs he’d been to with his dark, baggy trousers. He had no idea why she was attracted to him but since the start of their class together she’d been working her way to him getting closer and closer. She would volunteer to be on his team for group projects or he’d find her sitting next to him in class. He found her exceptionally attractive but was to shy to act upon it. Angela finally made her move during a two person group project when she realised his shyness was stopping him. Continue reading “Angela’s Seduction”

Early Morning Sunshine

I open my eyes to realise I am in a sunlit room on a white bed, the sheets crumpled up in one corner barely covering my naked form. I can feel the sun warming my skin. The door creaks open and I see him walk in. I don’t know who he is but I do notice his chest. Bare and catching the sunlight. He walks towards me as I take in more of his naked body, my eyes linger over his thighs, sleek and powerful as they bring him towards me.

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Another of my older stories, this one is also a short piece. As I’ve written these short stories I’ve picked up little tips at how to better develop a story, how to avoid going straight for the sex and to instead indulge in the creative side of things, build up characters and plots.

I always see her nude on her hands and knees facing away from me. Her bare ass looks so very inviting to me. Her pendulous breasts sway gentle as she slowly crawls away from me. Each movement revealing more of her pussy. I crawl over and on top of her, my arms pinning her down as my throbbing cock nestles between her legs. I can feel the heat from her sex radiating against my belly. I angle my hips to bring my erect member towards her glistening opening. She arches her back to allow me better access to her pussy as I run the head of my cock along her moist lips. Finally I take the plunge into her, her tight walls gripping me as I invade her most sacred of places. Cupping her large breasts I start to thrust in and out, as I pull out she moves with me not wanting to feel empty after having my thickness inside. As I push back into her she pushes back at me, forcing me deep into her. I lean back a bit and grab on to her hips for balance. To take a bit of control back I wrap my hand in her hair and pull her head back as I spank her once, soundly on her taut ass. She loves the rough handling and pulling on her hair brings her closer to orgasm. A few well timed thrusts and a spanking pushes her over the edge. I feel her whole body quiver as I keep fucking her, her pussy milking my cock, pushing me on to orgasm. She looks back at me and tells me to cum inside her. Her dirty talk pushes me over the edge and I feel the cum boiling up from my balls and start pulsing down my shaft. I hold back as long as I can until the cum bursts forth from my swollen cock, coating her insides. I cum so much that as we keep fucking it starts leaking from her well fucked cunt.


This is one of the first stories I ever wrote, it is close to 12 years old now and shows the inexperience of a fresh out of high school boy trying to express a sexual fantasy. It is short and is not the best work but I’ve always liked reading it and seeing how I’ve grown as a writer from this beginning. I’ve included it here so that you may see where I started and how I’ve grown as an author.

Sitting around my room, I stare at the two women lazing on my bed. My girlfriend, her gorgeous ass barely covered by her short skirt, our friend lying next to her, her heaving breasts barely contained by her new lacy bra. I try to hide my arousal as the girls read the erotic letters contained with a porn mag. Discussing the models bodies, their breasts and glistening pussies being critiqued by the girls.

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